Strawberry Lemonade for a Drinks Dispenser

I needed to make some non alcoholic drinks for my BBQ. I had a quick look on Pinterest and found some lush looking recipes and went with Strawberry Lemonade.

I found this great recipe on an American Blog, but it was American products in American sizes and I never understand them!

So here’s my lazy British Version, this is enough for a large Kilner drinks dispenser, warning that’s a LOT of lemonade!. Take the amounts down for smaller containers.

You will need:

A large drinks dispenser or punch bowl

1 carton of Tropicana Lemon and Lime Juice

1/2 Carton of Innocent Strawberry and Banana smoothie

1/2 Carton of water – I reused the Tropicana carton

1 Large Bottle of Sprite

Cut up Lemons, strawberries and lots of Ice

Tip in the Tropicana

Refill the Tropicana carton half full with tap water, and tip that in.

Add half a carton Strawberry Smootie (you might want to strain this if you can, the drinks dispenser gets a big clogged up & you have to shake it. But if using a ladle for drinks don’t bother)

Tip in the Sprite and add fruits and ice.

Give it a good stir

Close the lid and you’re done.


We did have some problems getting it to come out. Would pour fine for a while and then clog, so we just gave it a good shake.

A more runny water like drink would work perfectly, so flavoured ‘Spa’ water or Pimms would be fine.

Looking forward to trying those next!

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