Day Out at Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour

My parent’s very kindly bought Miss L (and us!) tickets for the Harry Potter Tour for doing well in her school exams.  To be honest none of us knew what to expect, everyone I knew who’s been said it was ‘good’ but no more that that really.

We headed down to Leavesden where Harry Potter was filmed, and it was horrible! Driving rain, freezing cold your average British Summer, ick!   From what I could tell, you need to book in advance. We had to show our booking confirmation to the parking lady, and then she told us to park right next to the main building which was a god send as we then didn’t get utterly drowned running to the building.

You have to get there about 20 mins before your allotted time but once you’re through you can spend as much time as you like at the exhibits until it closes, they suggest 3 hours for the tour but I’d say you could comfortably do it in 2 hours.


Miss L was somewhat overwhelmed, she was ever so quiet walking into the Hogwarts Main Hall and I was slightly concerned that we’d come and she was too old for it now. But that wasn’t the case she was just amazed to see it all in person, and that was the same all the way round. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since we got home and is dying to go again!


It was wonderful seeing the Weasley’s house, complete with magical moving furniture.


It’s basically a giant Harry Potter movie museum, and wow what a museum. The depth of craftwork on all the exhibits is amazing. Even if something had three seconds of screen time, it’s immaculate. I loved the detail on the Remembrall and Golden Snitch, it must have been very helpful for the young actors to be immersed in the world of Harry Potter to have such ‘real’ props.


As you can see you can take as many pictures as you like, and the staff are more than happy to use your phone or camera to snap a family picture for you. In fact I’d say this is the closest I’ve come to ‘Disney World’ levels of customer service in the UK. The staff in the shops we went to were very knowledgeable about the films and were really helpful, offering up information and chatting to Miss L about everything Potter.

Hogwarts Express

The gift shop as you can imagine is amazing, and yes I did get a Gryffindor T-Shirt….for me!! Miss L had saved up and chose a Ravenclaw T-Shirt, Ravenclaw Book (yes she is Ravenclaw!) and Snape’s wand.  There are a good selection of wands from all the character’s except ‘He who shall not be named’ you can’t get his!  But there are items for every budget and you could go utterly nuts in there if you are a Potter Household, Paul sensibly dragged us out after 10 minutes!.

Talking of clothes, let’s not forgetting the costumes they are beautiful. I especially loved Hermione’s ball gown from the ‘Goblet of Fire’ I think L will want something similar for her Year 8 Prom next year – better start looking now!



It’s a great day out and thanks Mum and Dad for the tickets xx

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Despite the cold weather we had a really good weekend. Miss L went over to my parents for the weekend and we got cracking on the kitchen. Last week I did lots of filling of cracks and holes left behind, in fact I think most of the wall where the cupboard was is now polyfiller!  Paul sanded where I’d filled and then I popped some base coat white on. He also sanded down the door frames where Betty had tried to eat her way out of the kitchen when she was a puppy, so all I need to do now is gloss that.

Check out the difference!  I have to add top coat this week but I’m really pleased with how much lighter the room looks.  I have the electrician and the plumber hopefully coming in this week so fingers crossed it’ll be done before Christmas.

After all that hard work we decided we’d had enough and went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Miss L  didn’t want to see it as she thought the trailer looked too scary.  I think Miss L was right to self censor herself and not go as there were some scary bits in there for younger kids who are a little sensitive.  However we really enjoyed it,  the three leads acting has come on a treat and they pretty much carried the film on their own. I’m so looking forward to the last one in May now.  Did any of you see it?  If you’ve not seen it, here’s the trailer well worth seeing:

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