Rugs from Carpetright

I spent about three months looking for a new lounge rug , and bought one about a month ago.  Then I had an email from Carpetright asking me if I’d like to review their new range of rugs, I didn’t know they did rugs and it never occurred to me that they would!.

I have bit of a soft spot for Carpetright, all the carpets from our first two houses came from them and they are cheap and hard wearing. So I was quite interested to see what they had one offer as finding a nice stylish rugs is much harder than you’d think, especially having wasted hours looking for one!  I was sent a pretty decent selection to choose from and I went with the charcoal patterned rug.

Yes I know this pattern is everywhere in the American blogs, but it’s next to impossible to get it here and I’d loved it for ages.

The rug looks nice in my lounge, but is a smidge too small.  I’m just making over the office and I’ll think it’ll look good in there, it’s lovely and thick so should be good to keep the room warm in the colder months.  But I’m super pleased with it, I look forward to seeing what other rugs will be on offer in the coming months.


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Going Grey Gracefully?

Apparently I’m nearly 40.  In 4 months I hit the big old milestone my mother’s generation dreaded and to be honest it doesn’t feel like the big deal I always thought it would.  I feel about 28, but other parts of my body are starting to tell another story!

I’ve noticed in the last few months especially that my hair especially in the front is starting to go grey, in kind of a glamourous Caitlin Moran way it’s bit of a streak. It’s not a horrid grey, more a sexy silver fox which in some light looks blond, but in my very dark hair is getting quite noticeable.   So the question is should I start dying my hair every 10 weeks or just go grey gracefully?

Spot the Grey!


My Nan bless her had the dark hair when she was young and had it coloured the moment she started going grey and carried on until she died when she was 97. She’d drag me to hairdressers in her 70’s and 80’s to show them the colour her hair ‘should be’ and demand they colour it the same, she resolutely refused to ever be ‘old and grey’. My Dad on the other hand has embraced the grey and accepted it as who he is, my Mum was blonde to start with, went grey and now back at blonde – obviously her’s is all natural 😉

I don’t know if I want to or not?  On the one hand I see photos like this on Pinterest from an inspiring blog called Going Gray Looking Great

And think ‘YES!, grey hair can be glamourous and gorgeous’ and then I think, ‘well she’s a model and probably 60 odd and has always looked wonderful’.  I might just look a bit crap on the school run with a head full of salt and pepper looking prematurely old.  Obviously I’ve discussed this with my husband who bless him feigned interest for a good 10 minutes and then told me to ‘do what I’m comfortable with’ – so he doesn’t mind one way or another LOL!

I don’t know is grey a state of mind? Am I going to look in the mirror and think ‘where the hell have I gone?’  Was my Nan right, if you let yourself go grey did you suddenly start acting like an old lady?  Or is dying your hair a desperate grab a youth gone by?

As you can tell, I’m conflicted! Do you have grey hair? If so what have you done?  Done grey gracefully or denied the grey and dyed it?  I’d love to know!



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