Apple Fair

Saturday was the best day of the year in this house ‘Apple Fair Day!’.

Seriously L and I love it more than Christmas. There are tents with Medieval Storytellers.

Giant apples, seriously never seen such amazingly huge apples. I should have gotten some to make a pie but got distracted by Mulled Cider!


There are stalls selling apples, apple cakes, fudge, heavenly apple juices, ciders, crafts and most importantly for us a huge HogRoast washed down with hot apple juice.


If you have a local Apple Fair in the next couple of weeks, pop along and support it. 

British Apple Orchards are making a tentative comeback. Since the 1950s 60% of British Orchards and all the biodiversity that came with them, have been destroyed. But in the last 5 years new planting schemes are slowly bringing them back. If you have a spare patch of garden plant an apple tree, you won’t regret it!


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The Queen’s Visit

I was a very proud Mummy this morning.  Miss L’s year were selected along with some other children from local schools to greet the Queen and Prince Philip on their visit to celebrate Ely Cathedral’s 900th Anniversary.

Picture 28

They must have been standing out there for nearly 2 hours, and it was really windy and cold and they were all so brave.   I got there with Miss L’s digital camera (which is annoyingly better than mine!) only to discover that there was no battery – argh! So I have to take all these pictures on my iPhone. I’m hoping some of the parents in the crowd managed to get some better photos than I did.

Picture 29

The kids were entertained by the local police, filmed by the local news, had their pictures taken and apparently Miss L was interviewed by Heart FM radio station! I’ve not been able to track it down though, I’d love to hear it.  So they had a whale of a time!

The video above shows how tight security was.  We were told about the trip and the kids being involved at the last minute and there were police everywhere, something our very small City is not used to!  But they did a very good job, on what looked like a massive operation.

Picture 30

Prince Philip arrived first and came over to talk to the children. Miss L says he spoke to her – I actually caught it see above! But she can’t remember what he said – kids! 😉

Picture 31

Finally the Queen arrived but because of the cold and wind she was ushered straight into the Cathedral, while all the children cheered.  Later one of Miss L’s classmates gave the Queen a posy from all the children at their school, it must have been a lovely moment for her and her family.  I’m so proud of all of them!

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Christmas Cathedral

Miss L had her Nativity play at the Cathedral this year and it looked beautiful all decorated for the holidays.  The Cathedral is a thousand years old and building started in 1083 and went on till 1349.  So when you’re in there you can almost feel the people that came before you  I’m not a religious person but it’s a possibly the most serene place I’ve ever been.  Here are the pictures I took during the Nativity play,  I thought you might enjoy them.


Stained Glass Window


The Octagon built in the 13th Century of wood and is 170ft high!


The Cathedral Tree


The hand-painted Cathedral Ceiling

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