Apple Fair

Saturday was the best day of the year in this house ‘Apple Fair Day!’.

Seriously L and I love it more than Christmas. There are tents with Medieval Storytellers.

Giant apples, seriously never seen such amazingly huge apples. I should have gotten some to make a pie but got distracted by Mulled Cider!


There are stalls selling apples, apple cakes, fudge, heavenly apple juices, ciders, crafts and most importantly for us a huge HogRoast washed down with hot apple juice.


If you have a local Apple Fair in the next couple of weeks, pop along and support it. 

British Apple Orchards are making a tentative comeback. Since the 1950s 60% of British Orchards and all the biodiversity that came with them, have been destroyed. But in the last 5 years new planting schemes are slowly bringing them back. If you have a spare patch of garden plant an apple tree, you won’t regret it!


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Apple Fair 2011

Sorry this isn’t a post about the iPhone4s (wish is was!) it’s about the old fashioned apple.

Who knew there were this many types of apple?


My favourite festival in our little town is Apple Fair which is in October every year. Pretty much the whole town turns out and we celebrate Apples in all their forms – fruit, cider, juice and even better sauce in a Hog Roast!  Last year we missed it as Miss L was in hospital so it was extra special this year and we celebrated with toffee apples.

We had a beautiful warm sunny day for it too, which I think bought out more people than usual, so there was a large audience for the Elizabethan Music, Morris Dancers and Folk Bands, all of which were lots of fun to watch.  I think it’s fantastic that they all still exist and give their time for events like these.

I think these are the apples in our garden, but I’m not sure. I’m hoping that next year I’ll have some left so they can have a look at them and tell me what they are?  Ours are a little less yellow than these.

We loved these crochet fruit, Miss L treated herself to a crochet doughnut with her pocket money. She liked to use them to pop her needles in when she’s sewing.  She also enjoyed a go on the Apple Shy, didn’t win anything this year but came very close hitting it a few times.

The highlight of my day (apart from the hog roast) was the warmed Apple and Spiced Elderberry Cordial Juice from the Watergull Orchards stand. In fact I’ve managed to get through a bottle in a day, and having just looked up their website I’m really pleased to see they do a home delivery service. So if they don’t have it on their farmer’s market stand I can still get hold of it, hurray!  Lovely drink for cold winter days.



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Apple Fair 2009

Apple Fair is my favourite celebration held in town and we had a great time this year. It wasn’t as sunny as usual but I managed to get some good snaps to share with you.

The Stalls

The Stalls had a great selection of apple juices from local orchards, plants, woodturning, cider making, knitting and other country crafts.

apple collage2

One interesting stall was the orchard locations in Cambridgeshire and the heritage apples they produce.  Sadly a lot of these varieties are being lost as orchards are sold off for farm land and housing developments.

Miss L and I were fascinated by the apple peeling contest, how good are these?

There was also yurt there (sadly I didn’t get a photo) with information about Ely becoming a Transition Town which aims to help lower reliance on fossil fuels, deal the with consequences of Peak Oil and to lower the city’s Carbon Footprint. It was very informative and I’m very proud of Ely becoming such a city. Find out more about it here

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Apple Fair 2008

In front of the Cathedral
In front of the Cathedral

Yesterday in town we had our annual Apple Fair. Pretty much the town green in front of the Cathedral is taken over by stalls dedicated to celebrating all things apple. It’s one of my favourite things about living here, I think it’s just an adorably eccentric idea.

This year though I made the slight mistake of walking down with Miss L on her scooter supervised by Paul and me walking Betty. This meant that when we got there it was impossible to really go and look at anything with a 5 year old wanting to scoot off in all directions and a 70lb dog who didn’t understand that most people didn’t want to share their hog roasts!

The Apple Shy

So I didn’t get to shoot any really good photos this year which was a shame. I saw some great shots as well, and then Betty would see another dog or some food…

The Knitting Circle
Miss L at the Lucky Dip
Miss L at the Lucky Dip

But I have learnt my lesson for next year, no scooters or hounds 🙂

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Apple Festival

Apple Festival is probably one of the highlights of the year in my small town. It always seems to be on a sunny, late autumn day with crisp cool air which encourages you to buy a hot apple drink and eat a hog roast (not that we ever need an excuse for that!).

Here are some pictures of today’s Apple Fair.

Cathdral and Apple Fair

Pumpkins at the Apple Fair

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