I think this is my first post for the whole month. For some reason I’ve just been finding life hard and frustrating this last month. I don’t actually have a proper reason to feel like this, just lots of illness in the family – even the dog! Has left me feeling exhausted and without any Mojo. I’m hoping that putting up lots of twinkling fairy lights and the Christmas Decorations this weekend, will put me in a better mood? In the meantime here’s some photos I’ve taken this last month. Hope you like them!



Winter in the Fens

Much like most of you we’re inundated with snow and it’s getting pretty cold at night. This morning I was trying to de-ice the car and it was -8, took me a while! The Fens are so beautiful in the snow, peaceful and calm. I will try and get out an take some better photos than the ones snapped on my iPhone. Here are some photos that pretty much encapsulate my week so far, snow and my new coffee machine. An early surprise present from my lovely husband. Thank you love xx


Winter Wonderland

We’ve been really lucky and escaped most of the snow that’s engulfed the UK in the last couple of weeks, we’ve only had about half a centimeter and that’s long gone . This morning though we woke up to a beautiful if very severe frost.   The car was -9 when I went to de-ice it,  I had to take a shot of it the dashboard as I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so cold! I also took some photos on my dog walk this morning as the park was so pretty. What’s it like where you are?

Bonfire Night

Happy Bonfire Night! I hope you all have a great time tonight. It’s raining here, so we’ll be watching from out the window. Our local display is next Saturday, and I’m hoping for a dry cold night so we can feast on Jacket Potatos and Sausages after we’ve seen the fireworks.  Have a great time! (Explanation of Bonfire Night here for my international readers)

Anything Goes Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

My email box often get’s lots of strange emails from PR’s and other sites – Baby Beauty Pagents, wellies, all sorts of oddness.  But yesterday I received a helpful and yummy bunch of recipe’s from Considering that it’s the worst winter for about 30 years here and you can make this from pretty much anything you have lying around I thought I’d share this Shepherd’s Pie recipe with you – you may need to make it if you can’t get to the shops!. So over to AllRecipes This is my “anything goes” recipe, which means you can use whatever you have handy in the cupboard or fridge! Ingredients 4-5 large potatoes 500g minced lamb 1 onion, finely chopped 12 […]