Pumpkin Picking

We had a great time at the weekend pumpkin picking with Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow. I’m very lucky in that she doesn’t live far from me and we often meet up for coffee and a chat, but Saturday we got our families together and she took us all off to a field in the middle of nowhere to pick some Halloween goodness.

I swear I wouldn’t have found this place in a million years, so I was very impressed that she knew where it was!   Our girls loved it, ran around and had the best time picking the pumpkins they’ll be carving this week.  I’m sure they’ll be some better photos over on Kat’s blog as she sensibly took her big camera, I forgot mine and just had my trusty iPhone – doh!

But here’s Kat and Miss L checking out the pumpkins.

When the pumpkins were picked, and our poor husbands had lugged them to the cars we got doughnuts, hot chocolate and for me pumpkin pie (yay!) I’d like to thank Kat for suggesting the trip in the first place, we had the best time and look forward to doing it again next year! x


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Pumpkin Carving

We’ve been taking it easy this half term as Miss L’s still getting better, so we’ve spent most of the week making Halloween decorations and pumpkin carving.

We used a template from a book we bought and then got scouping and carving. These we made for my Mum and her neighbour, and we’ll make more for our house tomorrow.

To see more fabulous pumpkins check out Mediocre Mum’s Pumpkin Carving Competition – some fabulous entries!

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{Book Review} Witchcraft – Halloween Craft Fun

I was sent this book a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to look at it until now.  Miss L is still off school, much better than she was and is now bored out of her head so this book has come in handy for Halloween craft ideas.

It’s a collection of over 25 ideas from Bloggers and Etsy Store owners like PeculiarMomma, Knitting with Floss and EmandSprout amongst others.  I love the idea of a book of Blogger inspired goodness, it really made me smile.

As you’d expect the ideas are fresh, stylish and fun, and more importantly for a non crafty person like me – easy to make!  If you’re a knitter there are some cute patterns for mini witches, Dracula’s candy bow,  knitted bones and my personal favourite the ‘Vampire bite’ necklace – which is so cool!

We’re going to make the graveyard cupcakes, ghosts toasts (to pop in soup), the cute tangerine pumpkins and some bottled ‘potions’ to give to Miss L’s friends.  If you’re into Halloween Crafts or want some projects to keep the kids entertained over half term it’s a fun book.  I’ve just added to the Violet Posy Amazon Book Store and it’s £6.99 (normally £9.99 in stores) but check with your local library – they may have a copy.

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Yesterday my family were really sweet and let me have a nap, while they popped to the supermarket. And they bought me a present back, this fabulous looking pumpkin.

Which is a really, really perfect pumpkin with a difference

It’s tiny!

I’m dying to get more of these and make them into mini lanterns for Halloween, the are Munchkin Pumpkins from Waitrose but at 99p a bit pricey. So I’m hoping that when we go pumpkin picking this weekend we’ll find more the same size and not just massive ones. Wish me luck!

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Link Love – The Halloween Edition

Forgive my absence this week, but it’s been manic.  I’ve been making all sorts of blogs beautiful check out Tales from the Village which is the latest one to go live and I have another going live on Monday.

It’s been Harvest Festival this week as well, so Miss L and I were busy putting together a beautiful box. Also this year the new school had a competition, the children were asked to make a bread shape for Harvest and there would be an award for the winner. Miss L decided that we should make the cathedral out of dough – no small task!  We had loads of fun doing it, I don’t think for one minute we’ll win but it was hilarious, dough and flour everywhere!

We’ve also been getting into the mood for Halloweeen, as you can see by the blog. A huge thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn and her talented team for the images – I couldn’t have made better. Check out her Shabby Blog Store I adore it!  I also found the Martha Stewart ‘Halloween’ magazine in WH Smiths – it’s fantastic with all sorts of ideas for decorating, parties and food. So with that in mind here are my favourite Halloween inspired posts from my Google Reader this week.

13 Free Halloween Printables from Living Locurto

From Fantasy to Fete Fright Night – Coco + Kelley

Best Cake Topper Ever – Jan’s Gems

Creepy Candles – The Summer Kitchen Journal

Halloween Cupcakes 101 – Tip Junkie

32 Creative Ways with Pumpkins – Tip Junkie

How to Preserve your Jack o lantern – Tip Junkie

Halloween Countdown – Martha Stewart Blog

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Halloween Bookmarks

Miss L is making these for her classmates to give out Friday as a little Happy Halloween present from her.  I found them on Yellow Moon, which also has lots of really good Christmas Crafts for kids (ideal for Half Term projects!). When you pay you can also search for your child’s school and a percentage of the bill will go to them if they have subscribed for fundraising.

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Monday Link Love

I have a pot of coffee on, the housework is done and now it’s time to chill with my Google Reader and share with you my favourite blog post of the last week.



India Knight now has a blog, and boy am I loving it!  She stayed at Kirstie Allsops, beautifully restored and refurnished Meadowgate property that some of you will remember from Kirstie’s Homemade Home Read India’s review here and go subscibe to her feed you won’t regret it.

Melissa at Inspired Room – Quick Fall Nesting

Julia at Hooked on Houses – Beach Cottage Makeover

Tsh at Simple Mom – The Best Kept Secrets to a Clean Home

Callie at Grayson: a diferent shade of grey – Hot Colours

Linda at Restyled Home – Bountiful Table (Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to Linda!)

Classic Style

Tina at Luphia – Pure Grace. Stunning vintage photos of Grace Kelly proving that style and grace transend time.


Emily at Maternal Tales from the South – Love for my Stepdaughter had me in tears. Beautiful.

Emily at Remodeling this Life – Special Moments

Josie – Sleep is for the Weak great blog for those still in the throws of non sleeping children!


Debs at Carrots and Kids – Cow Parsley Passion (stunning photography!!)

And remember the Violet Posy Halloween Party starts this week (shameless self promotion!)



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Halloween Blog Party

I love Halloween!

I know it’s not very British but one of the delights I’ve discovered of being a Mummy has been dressing up with Miss L, decorating the house and celebrating All Hallows Eve. I’ve discovered that I have a talent for pumpkin carving (thanks Waitrose for the templates!) and here’s my attempts at doing a Martha Stewart style pumpkins from the last couple of years.

So I’m throwing a Halloween Party here at Violet Posy for all of you to join in.

All you have to do to join in the fun is, add a direct link below to your Halloween Posts (any to just your main site will get deleted). You can have as many as you like, about what you like be it dressing up, parties, cooking, decorating I don’t mind it just has to be about Halloween and the fun you are having at your house 🙂

Also the British Mummy Bloggers Halloween Carnival is up at HotCrossMum

I can’t wait to here about your celebrations!



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Pumpkin Carving

I love pumpkin carving it’s one of my favourite things to do with Miss L.  I discovered a couple of years back that I have bit of a talent for it (as long as I have a template! You can buy them in supermarkets or download them) and this year I have actually taken a couple of orders for pumpkins.

Martha Stewart (of course!) is my main inspiration for the pumpkins, this year I’m going to do the lace pumpkins that are on her site.

Here are a couple that I did last year, I’m repeating them this year for my Mum and her neighbour as they wanted them again

The Vampire Pumpkin
Vampire Pumpkin Lit
Vampire Pumpkin Lit
The Cat and the Spider Pumpkin
Ghost Pumpkin
Ghost Pumpkin

But I’ll post this year’s nearer Halloween as I need to make sometime to do it ,and to get my hands into training for all that scraping out! 🙂

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