{Review} Not on the High Street

A few weeks ago now the PR for Not on the High Street contacted me asking if I’d like a £50 voucher to use on their site for anything I wanted – how cool is that? So feeling a little bit like a kid in a candy store I trawled their website. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Not on the High Street, it’s a little like Etsy. Lots of small businesses sell their goods through them, so there is lots and lots of choice of everything from home goods to cute baby presents and it’s all pretty much hand made and very individual.

I’ve always really liked the goods on the site that are personalised, so I went for a Betsy Benn Personalised Destination Print. It looks like the old routemaster bus destination blind. I had it made up with all the places we love and that mean something to our family.   I put the order in and had the PDF proof of what I wanted within a couple of hours and it was delivered 48 hours later.

It’s not a standard size so I had to send it to my local framers but I think that Ikea might do a frame which would fit it but I’m nowhere near one so that idea was out.


But I really, really love it and I’ve put it in the lounge above Paul’s chair so I can see it from the sofa. It makes me smile everytime I see it.  Thank you Not on the High Street!






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{Review} Mini Build a Bears

As most of you know Miss L has a ‘Build a Bear’ addiction, she saves her pocket money so she can buy fabric to make them pretty outfits and they have the best made beds of any bears in the country.  So when Build a Bear’s PR asked me to review their new range of mini bears I couldn’t really say no (she can read my emails now!).

The new bears are much smaller version of their larger brothers and sisters and available in normal toy shops for £5.99. The bears come with a little top and some stickers to customise them and our little bear has now had a little outfit made for him.  Also if your kids play Bearville there is an online code which you can use on there too.

It puts them at the same price point as a Club Penguin Puffle, and cheaper than a Club Penguin Penguin which is £7.99 at our local supermarket. So in my mind they make a great quickly sourced birthday present for L’s friends or for a Christmas stocking stuffer.  It also means that L can buy her own bears from her pocket money rather than having to save up £20 for the larger bears which takes her a long while. Off to help make some cute outfits for this little one!


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{Review} Minted Christmas Cards

Sorry this is becoming bit of a reviews blog at the moment, but frankly not a lot else is going on unless you count endlessly hoovering up Betty hair – seriously how that dog isn’t bald I don’t know!. I’m also finishing off a few blog designs and working on Thrifty Christmas – who knew doing a post a day was such hard work? Thanks for all those generous bloggers who have come to my rescue!  I’m off to the new Hobby Craft in Cambridge on Saturday so hoping to find some inspiration there, I saw some little silver buckets on their website that I have an idea for…anyway back to my fabulous Christmas Cards!

For years my American friends (Patricia and Jen!)  have always send us the most amazing personalised cards. I’ve seen similar cards in Martha Stewart and other American magazine and I might have just a little bit lusted after having some of my own.  So imagine how much I squealed like a small child when Minted asked me if I wanted to try their cards this year.

I know it’s a bit sad, but I have a life long obsession with stationery and I’ve still not gotten anything that’s letterpressed so personalised Christmas cards are frankly the next best thing in my eyes.

So off I went to the Minted site with my $100 dollar voucher and trawled through both the Holiday Cards and the Christmas Cards (there is a difference!) I was there a while, like hours actually…seriously I was like a kid in a toyshop!  There are so many types of card you can choose from there are classics, moderns, vintage you name it. You can pop in a photo of the kids or family and see what each one looks like, I pretty much drove everyone in the house mad asking which ones we should have.

I finally chose a picture of Miss L wearing a red top, in a folded card. American’s it seems go for flat cards a lot – makes sense I guess if you are doing a lot of long distance posting, so had I gone for flat I could have gotten a lot more for my money.

I’ve ordered folded 25 cards, I’ve added nine photos on the inside and a plain ‘Happy Christmas’ message.  I could have added a ’round robin’ explanation about our year but nothing that interesting has happened, so I didn’t bother. But it’d be fantastic if you’ve had an eventful year or have a new baby or wedding to announce. I’ve also added a skinny sticker for the outside of the envelopes as these will be going to friends and family who live overseas – a lot of them will be going back to the US as well as Canada and New Zealand.

The whole order came to $93 (£58) so it is bit of a luxury item but not terrible as it works out at £2.28 a card.  I really wish I’d had them the year Miss L was born or two years ago when all my Aunts, Uncles, Paul’s Grandmother and my Nan were still alive, they would have really loved them.

Time wise I ordered them November 3rd from the US, I approved the proofs on the 4th and they estimated for delivery 11-14th November but were delivered TODAY the 10th November! And it looks like they were packed by a nice person called Pat – thanks Pat!


I am honestly and truly thrilled with them, they look fantastic and are of a nice thick paper quality, in fact I don’t really want to sent them now I want to hoard them forever, but as it says 2011 on it I might look a bit stupid 😉

If you are interested in getting your own Minted Cards you can get 15% off using this code READERS16 and that ends 28/11/11



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{Review} Clarks Kids Autumn Shoes

It only feels like five minutes ago that Clarks sent us off to get some school shoes for Miss L! Recently they asked us if we wanted to try their Kids Autumn range, now my daughter is a shoeaholic so the answer was a huge ‘yes!’ from her.  Seriously I have never met a child so into shoes, I don’t know where she gets it I literally have two pairs of Converse  – god help me when she’s a teenager!.

We had a £40 voucher to spend, so popped along to our local shop where a lovely lady called Denise measured and fitted Miss L’s feet (they hadn’t grown – phew!) and Miss L decided that she needed a new pair of boots. Pretty good call as her’s were too about a size small and the heels had worn through and we’d been arguing about getting rid of them for a while!

There was a large selection but as my girl has wide feet, we know that what we see on the shelves isn’t always what we can have.

And that was proved on the first pair she tried (above) although they were really lovely (I wanted a pair!) and fit her feet fine they were way too tight around her calves, she wouldn’t have even got tights past them – poor girl has inherited my legs.

Thankfully we were luckier with the second pair and they fit perfectly – they are unzipped in the photo below but they were looser than the other pair. She really liked that they looked like riding boots and she loves them to bits.

The boots were £48 so I only paid £8 towards them which was fine but does in my opinion put them into the pricey category of kids boots which would be a birthday treat or maybe a practical Christmas present?  I’m hoping they will last her now until well after the winter, but you can never tell with growing feet!


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I am a lucky girl, the PR company who work with ‘Wicked’ in the West End asked me if we’d like to go and see the show – ummm YEAH!!  I’ve wanted to see Wicked since my friend Patricia saw it years ago on Broadway and told me how good it was.  She’d also sent me the book which I read when L was a baby, but having a small child, and the expensive of the tickets and the train journey into London meant that I’d never gotten round to it.

For those of you who have missed ‘Wicked’ it’s basically a prequel to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ it’s about the Wicked Witch of the West and how she became Wicked.

(From Wikipedia)

“The musical is told from the perspective of the witches of the Land of OzElphaba, the misunderstood girl with emerald-green skin, and Galinda, later Glinda, the beautiful, ambitious and popular blonde. Wicked tells the story in which these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and theGood Witch of the North while struggling through opposing personalities and viewpoints, rivalry over the same love-interest, reactions to the Wizard‘s corrupt government, and, ultimately, Elphaba’s public fall from grace. The plot begins before and continues after Dorothy‘s arrival from Kansas and includes references to locations, events, characters and situations from both the 1939 film and Baum’s novel.”

So as we’re still on half term, Paul, Miss L and I went down to see the show yesterday in London. This was Miss L’s first trip to the theatre (I’m seriously not counting ‘Tweenies Live’!) and she was super excited.  We had lunch at Victoria Station and then off to the theatre opposite.  The thing I loved about the actual theatre itself was because it’s art deco it fits so well with the 1930’s feel of the story and the stage was tied into it too.  Even the female ushers has 30’s uniforms and makeup – not sure if that was deliberate or just the style they have? They all looked authentic and fantastic though.

As you can see from the moment Miss L sat down she was enthralled with the complex set, her favourite thing was the map of Oz, you can’t really see it in the photo below but the detail was amazing.

My favourite was the dragon who’s above the stage and comes to life at the beginning of the show.

The show was really good, the two leads Rachel Tucker as Elphie and I think it was Chloe Taylor as Glinda yesterday were just stunning. How do such large, beautiful voices come out of two such tiny women??    Their performances really made it for me, and even I was quite teary at the end.    But the rest of the cast, especially the chorus who worked their butts off the whole show were brilliant too.

The funniest thing was Paul commenting that the only fault he could find was the music sounding too ‘perfect’ and that it would be better with an orchestra….when he spotted the orchestra pit and the conductor about 30 seconds later!  We did giggle 🙂

So thank you for the tickets, we had the best time and most importantly Miss L had a very spectacular introduction to the magic of the West End, hopefully it will give her a lifetime love of it.


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{Review} Photobox Canvas

There is a photo I took on our holiday to Vancouver that I love.  It’s Miss L skipping down the beach on her own, with the city behind her.  It’s probably my favourite photo of her, I think it really captures her childhood.  So I was pleased when Photobox offered to let me have one of their Canvas Prints to review, because it was my chance to get that photo finally up on my wall where I can look at it all the time.

The Original Photo

The photo wasn’t brilliant as it was taken on my first gen iPhone in 2008, but with a bit of Photoshop magic I managed to get the res up from low to medium quality – that’ll do for me!  Normally if you have any sense you’ll just use a high quality image from a more modern camera rather than digging out something ancient.

The site was dead easy to use, sign up for an account – choose the product – upload an image you like – agree to it and then off to the checkout. It literally took 5 minutes to do.  My budge from Photoboxt was £40 and for that I managed to get a 30.5cm x 20.3cm Classic Canvas (no wrap) and a packet of 3M Command Strips to hang it, plus delivery for £38.98.  Which isn’t too bad for a really special photo if you’re getting it for home or as a present for someone.  I’m intrigued by the command strips, I’ve used them for fairy lights before but not for photos – will they hold it up and for how long?

Three days later my canvas and Command Strips arrived:

I think it’s really, really lovely and the fact it was taken on my iPhone kind of makes it look a bit like a watercolour which I like.  At the moment I’m toying with where to put it, bedroom or lounge? So it’s living on the sideboard until I can decide – but I can feel a new photo wall coming on!


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{Review} Clarks Shoe Shop

Now I get offered all sorts of weird and wonderful things to review on Violet Posy, but occasionally I get a product I can’t refuse because I love what they sell. Last month Clarks asked me if I wanted to review their school shoes and they would pay for them so I thought why not?

I wore Clarks shoes as a kid, Mum and I would have knock down, drag out, screaming matches in Stead and Simpsons as to what my school shoes would be. It’s only as I head towards 40 without bunions and perfect feet that I can thank my mother. She made me wear them until I was 15 – oh yes you can imagine the shame – 80’s wedge heal anyone?. Thankfully they are now far more stylish and even my little fashionista will wear them without complaint, and trust me that doesn’t happen often!.

I normally get Miss L’s school shoes from our local independent shoe shop which is excellent and there is always a choice of Clarks or Start Right. The ladies in there have known her since she was a baby and they are excellent at measuring and getting just the right shoe, but it can be bit of a bun fight at ‘Back to School’ time.

We went to the Store in Bury St Edmunds which is about a 45 minute drive from ours, for about 9.30am as we walked in we were greeted by the manager who gave Miss L a 3D mini magazine (with glasses) to keep her occupied and me a number to wait in line. He wasn’t expecting us and looked a bit blank when I told him why I was there, but fair enough I had a voucher so I wasn’t that bothered. The magazine came in handy while we were waiting to be served and we only had to wait a few minutes before the fun began.

They had a fancy machine to measure her feet rather than the plastic ‘foot’ and measuring tape we’re used to, it said her feet were just over size 1.5 and nearer a 2. So the nice fitter, asked me what kind of shoes we wanted and listened to the fact that I didn’t want any with dolls in, the one and only pair we’d ever had last Easter didn’t even make it to half term, the inner soles disintegrated – I wasn’t best pleased!

He came back with 3 pairs for Miss L to choose from, all of which were suitable for school and she chose a cute pair which should last into November/December when no doubt her feet have grown again. As she’d gone up a full size, I also asked for some trainers (which were on special offer £5 off) and he duly listened to what I wanted and bought me back the right thing, her school are incredibly picky about them being white or blue . It was very sweet as he was fitting Miss L he was asking her about school and she was giving him a full rundown of everyone in her class LOL! Thankfully were were done in record time, and could get out of the shop which was by now really busy.

The shoes and the trainers came to £57.00 (I had a £50 voucher and I paid the £7.00), which was less than I usually spend as the trainers were on offer. We had a great experience and it wasn’t anything like as stressful as some school shoe shopping trips I’ve been on. Most importantly Miss L loves her new shoes to death – thank you Clarks!

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{DVD Review} Tangled Mini Review

This has been the half term from hell, I’ve caught a coughing virus and have been really ill all week – it turns out not being able to breathe and coughing your lungs up all week is a complete bummer when you have a small child off school. I feel awful she’s not even been to the park or shops all week, we’ve not done any art or gone to the beach. I have huge Mummy guilt for her crappy half term.

So Disney sending me their new release Tangled has been an utter godsend. She’s watched it to death and for a kid who’s not exactly into princesses – she’s more of a pirate girl – she really enjoyed it. It’s the story of Rapunzel updated and Disneyfied, as you can imagine the animation is beautiful and while there aren’t the memorable songs of ‘Aladdin’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Alan Menkin’s score is fun and right on the mark. There aren’t any majorly scary bits and it’s I think one of the better Disney films of the last few years – more Pixar like with it’s humour and pace.

Here’s the trailer:

And there are some nice little games on the website to play as well – check them out if you’re kids are into the film.  I hope you’re all having a better half term than us x

(*Full Disclosure – I received a copy of Tangled for free*)

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{Mini Review} Feather and Black

Feather and Black sent me some Pajamas for Miss L to try as they have just launched a new kids range.   Miss L’s just gone into age 9-10 clothes despite being only just 8 (tall like her daddy!) and finding appropriate clothes for her age in that size is getting harder and in some shops.  She’s still of an age where she wants snuggly PJ’s and nighties which are pretty – not the easiest thing to find anymore I’ve discovered!

So Feather and Black asked her to choose a pair from their new range of girls pajamas and she chose the Lola Pajamas which in her size are £20 and £19 for younger sizes.

Image from Feather and Black

I liked them, they are of similar quality to White Company and Boden PJ’s and at the same price point.  I think unless she has another massive growth spurt (please no!) we should have about a year’s wear out of them which is what we normally get from White Company and Boden. I’ve washed them 3 times so far – seriously if there’s tea or jam about that child can get it all on PJ’s! – and they have come up just fine each time, even on a 60 degree boil wash.  They are a little more modern and less ‘little girly’ which Miss L liked, but they have a nice selection so check out their range for boys and girls here






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Dance Juniors for Wii Review

The PR company sent me a copy of this ages ago and I feel awful I’ve not reviewed it before. It pretty much kept us sane and warm through the horrid cold wet February half term.  I think Miss L is on the edge of being too old for it but most kids from 3 – 8  would have a great time.  I got all excited because some Wiggles songs were on it, I miss them! Miss L however was more impressed by The Jackson’s ABC being on there, she’s cooler than me, what can I say?. The songs on the game, were spot on for the younger age group and they were sung by kids – except the Wiggles ones – hurray!!!.

As it turns out, I utterly suck at dancing games and Miss L utterly kicked my butt everyday by more than 3,000 points – how embarrassing!  But it’s fun and a good workout, so I suspect we’ll get some of the more grown up versions and we can pretend to be Beyonce 🙂

Anyway check my girl throwing some dance moves to ‘All Star’ (no video of me doing it – what a shame!)


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Tesco’s Grocery Delivery Review and Giveaway UK Only

Sorry this is turning into bit of a Giveaway Week here on VP, but Tesco’s asked me to try their online shopping service and they would give me £50 of vouchers if I spent £75 – ummm okay!   Also which I know will be a shocker for some of you, but as someone who pretty much lives on the internet I’ve never done online food shopping!   I thought it was time I joined the 21st Century, even my Luddite mother gets her food delivered!

I’ve never really given it a go because when online shopping came out Miss L was a baby and we’d just moved to a new town, so my only chance to talk to an adult was at the tills.  Then when I went back to work, Miss L was three and I quite liked taking her to the supermarket so she could learn about food. Now’s she’s older, I work from home so going in school hours isn’t an issue and it gives me a break from work.

In recent years,  I’ve also moved away from shopping solely at the supermarkets, mainly because I work from home and have the time.  I have a fantastic butcher, fruit & veg come from the market or the garden if they are in season, bread comes from the market, eggs from my Mum’s neighbour and milk is delivered by our milkman. So the main things we get from the supermarket now are things like washing powder, loo roll and dog food so this was the bulk of my online shop, I also ordered some salad to see how it turned up.

So I’ve just done my first online shop and it was much better than I thought it’d be – a lot of website usability for shopping is awful but this was pretty straightforward.

I liked:

Being able to type in what I wanted in the search and it came up (going thought the menu’s took too long)

Being able to see the special offers up front and not have to hunt for them or get distracted by small child who’s spotted mini eggs and run off in the opposite direction.

I can compare the price by volume as they are all next to each other. It never fails to amaze me how the the price per sheet of loo roll can vary!

The fact I won’t have to lug the dog food in and out of the checkout and to the car.

Everyone (including me) buying stuff we don’t really need because we see it – my DVD collection is a great example of this, it’ll save us a fortune!

And that our Tesco’s is so over subscribed it doesn’t matter when you go it’s heaving – seriously 10pm and it’s still busy.

You can alter your order after you’ve placed it.

I’m guessing that now it’s all in there, it’ll remember my favourites which makes it easier next time.

I didn’t like:

I’m really, really particular about the fruit, veg, flowers and meat I buy. I hate the thought of someone else choosing them – but that is purely me being a control freak!

I went for the £5.50 delivery slot because it was on Sunday morning, but I think £6.00 in the popular spots is pricey.  But then I own a car, cabs would cost more than that and lugging that much on the bus would be a nightmare

It forced me to sign up for Verified by Visa which I hate with a passion – as I always forget the password and have to change it each time.

The Delivery –

I was very impressed with the delivery

I’d ordered a delivery slot from 10-12am on Sunday and at 9.00 I got a text saying my delivery would be at my house between 10.15 and 11.15 – marvellous if I’d been out,  I’d have been able to get back in time.

A really lovely delivery driver turned up at 10.45am, and he found my house which is always a good sign as we’re not on any SatNavs.  He asked where I wanted all the shopping, I said just the hallway so he bought it all in for me.  He explained to me about the 2 substitutions I’d been given and offered to take them back if I didn’t want them, so I could get refunded. As it was my first order he talked me through my bill, and told me about their carrier bag recycling and that next time he could collect all my bags for me and take them back to the store to be recycled.  There was also a 5p off petrol voucher attached to the bill, which is always very welcome!

So all in all I think for bulk buys and boring bog standard stuff I’d use it again.  Here’s what I spent:

Cost of Products Pre-Promotions £102.87

Delivery Charge £5.50

Promotion savings I saved £26.78

So even after the delivery charge I saved £21.28, obviously I then had £50 coupon off so it knocked down what I bought to £31.59, but I know if I’d done it instore there is no way I would have noticed all the deals.


If you are like me and have never done online grocery shopping, Tesco’s are offering 10 readers the following – A £12 off voucher if you spend £50 online grocery shop.  Just leave me a comment below before Midday Friday 25th Feb 2011 and I’ll do a random pick for the 10 winners

The codes will be valid from 28th February for a shop delivered on or before 11th March 2011.
Please note the codes are only valid for a first time grocery order, to allow your readers to discover Tesco.com/grocery for themselves. Unfortunately the code will not work for existing Tesco.com/grocery shoppers.

Terms and conditions
£12 off your online grocery shop when you spend £50 or more. Code is valid from February 28th 2011 on a single grocery order, delivered on or before 11th March 2011. Customers must spend & have delivered £50 or more of groceries from Tesco.com/grocery. Purchases from Wine By the Case do not qualify. £50 minimum spend excludes purchases of tobacco, infant milk formulae, prescription medicines & the service charge. Valid on purchases from Tesco.com/grocery groceries site only. Valid for first-time Tesco.com grocery shoppers only. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. This coupon is and shall remain the property of Tesco Stores Limited and is not for resale or publication.
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Nokia N8 and Ovi Software Review

(Disclaimer: Nokia sent me a shiny new Nokia N8*)

It’s no surprise to most of you that I love testing new gadgets. So when Nokia asked me if I’d like to play with their new N8 phone and Ovi software I jumped at the chance. Up until the iPhone came out in 2007, I’d been a faithful Nokia owner for 14 years. I’m still very nostalgic for my  Nokia 8210 which I saw as a totally game changing phone. It was a fantastic innovation, when other phones were still bricks or horrific flip tops the 8210 was a tiny piece of class.

However my last phone from them was the Nokia N73 and it was an utter piece of crap. The phone itself was ok, the camera was decent but the software….. every time I took a call it ‘blue screened’ and turned rebooted itself – not ideal in a phone!  So when the iPhone came out in 2007, I broke my contract to buy it and I’ve never used a Nokia again.

Fast forward 3 years and I have a new shiny Nokia in my hands.  The phone itself is lovely piece of hardware not huge, pretty thin and very solid, it has a 12 mega pixel camera and video and it’s got a nice bright touchscreen like the iPhone. It’s still using pretty much the same software as Nokia has done for years and if you are familiar with it, it’s easy to use. I was a bit rusty, eventually it all came back to me (after a bit of swearing!).

The phone came with an international Sim Card, which didn’t seem work in the UK – well at least I couldn’t get it to work! So to use the software I hooked it up to my home wifi, so I’ve not been able to test it on phone calls, or texts or use it as a Sat Nav though which is a massive shame.

But onto Ovi – it’s the name of all the interactive software on the phone – Social Media, Sat Nav, there is also an Ovi Store where you can buy games and other applications for the phone.  However some of the games have prices that are much more than the same game sold on the Apple App store, for example Angry Birds on Ovi is £3.00 and on the Apple App Store it’s 59p. I know the prices are set by the developers for converting them to Symbian but seriously that much difference?

However the actual part they wanted me to try was the Sat Nav voice software. You can make the Sat Nav voice commands in your own voice, or have your children do it and it’s lots of fun. Easy to use and there are other voices – Pirates, Singing, etc you can download from Ovi for free.  But because of the Sim issues I’ve not been able to test the actual Sat Nav itself outside the house and away from the wifi.

Things I liked about it and had forgotten I’d missed about Nokia’s:

Being able to back it up via Bluetooth automatically as you sit near your laptop – Apple are you listening? Cables and connecting software are so 1996!

The ability to have changeable home screens so you can set it to work or personal – nice if you have to use your personal phone for work.

Having your diary on your home screen – handy if like me your phone runs your life.

The Camera and Video couldn’t be faulted – excellent quality and an inbuilt flash.

Things I disliked:

The software…..it’s still the same old, same old.  Ridiculous hierarchy’s for changing the settings on your phone for example. To turn on Wifi  you go through 4 screens, to change the pin number ‘Security’ is now 5 layers in. I had a vague idea of where to look but I think it would really frustrate less techie people.  I’m going to be very interested to see how my Dad who’s getting it copes with it.

So other than my gripes about the software, all in all it’s a nice solid phone if you want an upmarket touch screen phone that’s not Apple related and your used to the Nokia software, but it’s not going to replace my iPhone anytime soon

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{DVD Review} Disney Beauty and the Beast

I love being one of Disney’s Blu Ray ambassadors, every couple of months they send me an utter gem of a Bluray. This month it’s one of my all time favourites ‘Beauty and the Beast’. If I remember rightly I saw this at the cinema with my good friend Sarah from Ginger and all Things Nice when we were in our late teens back in 1991. I have very fond memories of singing the songs very loudly with her in her car!

But I’d not seen it since – how has that been 20 odd years? So I did wonder if my memories would match the film?  ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is from what I think of as being the ‘Broadway’ era of Disney movies – Aladdin and The Lion King being from the same period. Every song and there are lots of them taking the story along; is a massive production which seems a bit odd now in the shadow of Pixar movies which have little in the way of musical numbers and are more character driven.

But it’s held up well, the animation is still looking beautiful and looks more hand drawn (even though it’s not) traditional Disney than the current crop. The characters Belle in particular is still the intelligent, educated heroine I remembered her to be – phew!  All the enchanted household are still lots of fun and The Beast is still far more handsome as the Beast than when he changes back into a prince at the end!

It’s been a lovely afternoon snuggling up and re-watching this, we enjoyed it as much now as I did back in 1991.  Thanks Disney you brightened a very grey winter afternoon.

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