When it’s time to stop writing about your child 16

You may have noticed that Violet Posy has been a little Miss L free of late and here’s why.  You know when they’re little and you forget that they can talk and the odd swear word pops out and next time your toddler drops something you hear a baby voice […]

RIP Santa 7

Today was one of those days when I realised my girl is no longer a baby and that she’s a very observant 6 year old. Admittedly I thought I had at least one more Christmas to go.  Here’s what happened this morning over a pair of socks Miss L ‘Mummy […]

Don’t you love being a Mum? 6

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Susanna over at A Modern Mother To explain to those that have no idea what I’m talking about it’s like a game of “tag” — another blogger makes you “it” and you need to tag someone else. This one is about the five reasons […]



Easter Holiday Children’s Entertainment Ideas 8

Easter Holidays are nearly here again!   It’s one of our favourite school holidays and it’s so nice to get out and about after being inside throughout the winter Here are our favourite things to do at Easter. 1. Visit Farms and meet the newborn animals. We are lucky in […]

Toothfairy came.. 5

It feels like 5 minutes ago since these came in!  Tooth number two was close behind falling out the next day. Did you know that apparently according to Miss L the Toothfairy is very generous it’s £1 for one tooth, £2 for the second etc – LOL!



Group B Strep 16

When it comes to Miss L’s birthday I’m always a little melancholy.  I love celebrating her birthday and seeing her joy, but I also get horrific flashbacks to giving birth to her and the aftermath.  I probably should get some help, but it always feels to me like I’m being […]

How I learnt to embrace pink 10

This is a photo of Miss L at 6 months and you’ll notice something….there is not one pink thing in sight.  I’d banned it from the moment I discovered I was having a girl.   Friends and family could buy clothes and toys in white, at a push lilac or […]