Group B Strep

When it comes to Miss L’s birthday I’m always a little melancholy.  I love celebrating her birthday and seeing her joy, but I also get horrific flashbacks to giving birth to her and the aftermath.  I probably should get some help, but it always feels to me like I’m being bit of a drama queen about it, stiff upper lip and all that. So I’m hoping that writing about it his year will make it go away a bit?  So forgive me for whittering on, this will be a long post. I’ll fast forward through the labour 27 hours, 2 bottles of gas and air, 3 epidural’s, an emergency c-section and a bleed out and onto the worst bit. My […]



How I learnt to embrace pink

This is a photo of Miss L at 6 months and you’ll notice something….there is not one pink thing in sight.  I’d banned it from the moment I discovered I was having a girl.   Friends and family could buy clothes and toys in white, at a push lilac or yellow BUT NO PINK was to ever enter my house. Of course everyone thought she was a boy. In the end when I’d had the umpteenth well meaning old lady ask me HIS name,  I’d say it was Harry just to avoid the question of why she was in jeans and a t-shirt *again*. Let me explain my aversion, I was a 1970’s tomboy as a child and I loved […]