Ok not entirely sure where the last month has gone?  It’s been thankfully a busy time at Violet Posy Design and I’ve been trying to cram in lots of work before my deadline of March 22nd rolls around and I have to finish work for the Easter Holidays.  Eek! I’m nearly there but it’s going to be close!

What’s been happening since last I wrote back in early Feb?

For a good 2 weeks I didn’t have my Macbook at all, I managed to drop it and break the screen. I felt like such an idiot, I meant to put it on the windowsill and just utterly missed and it crashed to the floor cracking the screen! £300 repair bill later it’s working just fine and they cleaned it which was something I guess. But a very expensive mistake to make! That of course threw off work for 2 weeks and I’ve spent the rest of the time trying to catch up.

What else?

Well I turned 41 and Miss L turned 10, both of us had lovely birthdays. She designed her own birthday cupcakes and we all went to see ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and then a meal with her friends, which was actually a really chilled and easy kids party. We shall be doing it again.

We travelled down to Surrey to visit friends and had a great time, I really wish we lived closer.  We had a lovely day up on the Downs where I grew up as a kid and you can see all the Skyscrapers especially the new Shard in London from there now. London’s about 9 miles away and it’s amazing how the skyline has changed since I was little. Sadly I didn’t have my big camera with me, just my iPhone so I couldn’t get a shot of it, but next time I’m down I will.

My Photo

I’ve been clearing the garden of weeds and bloody Ivy – seriously it is the bane of my life. It’s everywhere and a nightmare to pull up/get rid of – so that’s an ongoing job and will be for sometime.  I had the apple tree trimmed back a bit, I think it might have been annoying the neighbours so they now have a lot more light and I’ll have less apples to clear up in the autumn. And I’ve started planting up spring pots, I think I might have left doing my sweet-peas a bit late, but we’re going to do those in the Easter Holidays I think now.

I treated myself to the New Girl box set for my birthday so I’ve been watching that a LOT. I’m  very much looking forward to the new series starting later this month.  It just makes me laugh so much.

I’m really looking forward to Monday when I’m going to the Ideal Home show for the first time thanks to B&Q asking me to go. I’ll take loads of photos and post them.  And then it’ll be the Easter holidays and 3 weeks off with my lovely daughter – here’s hoping the weather has picked up by then. I’m so fed up with being cold all the time!

I really hope you’re all well? What have you all been up to?






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Downton Abbey

I’m a little bit excited that Downton Abbey is back on tonight, not least because it’s set in World War One and how will evil Thomas get out of serving in the war?. In honour I’ve done a little Polyvore Collage, not sure it’s particularly historically accurate but I liked the vibe.

Downton by violetposy featuring cameo jewelry

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Something Blue

I’ve become a little obsessed with this shade of blue….Tardis blue…isn’t it just the most perfect shade of dark blue?  I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be nice to have a front door in that colour. Unfortunately our front door is ancient white UPVC but it does need replacing…you can see where I’m going with this can’t you?

I had a look around some online door sites I discovered that you can get composite doors in that shade.   So I thought I’d run my geeky idea past my friends on Facebook to see if it was utterly sad or bordering on cool? Turns out my friends would also like a tardis blue front door too – mostly in the hope of it making their houses ‘bigger on the inside’ –  I am not alone!

Then yesterday I was walking through town and look what I spotted on two of the oldest houses in town

Bishops Palace built in 1550

Georgian House from about 1800 – maybe earlier?

I think it works really well, especially with the green planting and white woodwork around the door – what do you all think?

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I’m a little bit excited

I was on twitter this morning when I noticed this tweet from @Karamina

‘Ooh, David Tennant and Catherine Tate will make an amazing Beatrice and Benedick. So excited!’

I rushed off to check the news sites and lo and behold David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be in a production of ‘Much Ado about Nothing’  all summer. See them announcing it here

So after much squealing, Mr VP offered to buy me tickets for my birthday which is in a few weeks.  Then came the painful booking process – theatre website down and their phones constantly ringing out. But after much persistence,  I managed to get two tickets for the stalls (5 rows from the front) in July – hurray!!  If  you’d like to get some too, the website is here but be warned it’s struggling at the moment.

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A Great Advert from a Great Company

I worked for John Lewis at one of their Waitrose stores from the age of 15- 18. You know what it was the best company I’ve worked for. No other company I’ve worked for since then (and there has been a *lot*) equalled the care and respect for their staff or partners as we were called. Even at 17 my friends and I  – who were all part-time weekend staff – were invited to the company AGM.

On a Saturday our store  was pretty much run by people aged under 20, with one or two full timers on hand for emergencies. Looking back now I can’t believe they did it, but it taught all of us customer care, responsibility and how bloody hard work can be rewarding and lots of fun.  I look at Waitrose as my finishing school, I learn how to work there and it set me up well for the rest of my life.

So imagine my delight when I saw this brilliant advert for them the other night. I know everyone is talking about it (and yes it makes me cry too!) but for those of you who haven’t seen it or live abroad check it out. A great advert from a great British company and Billy Joel 🙂

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The Eleventh Doctor

If you’re not into Dr Who or Sci Fi….well just ignore this post……

Oh the new Dr Who, how much do I love thee, let me count the ways.  It’s smart, funny and just brilliantly produced – it’s like falling in love all over again!.

Matt Smith – who frankly I was very unconvinced about – just exuded charm and intelligence.  Karen Gillan will be a wonderful assistant, her ‘Amy Pond’ is smart, tough and been in love (or at least he’s been her hero) with the Dr since she was seven.  Steven Moffat has pulled off what no one thought he could, a reboot of the Dr Who Franchise.

Welcome number Eleven, I’m really looking forward to you staying a while 🙂

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Dr Who – Series 5 Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer. I know, I know it’s not David Tennant…..but it does look good (I’ve loved Steven Moffat’s writing since Press Gang)….and Matt Smith is starting to win me over, he’s a little bit cute. The new series of Dr Who starts on 3rd April BBC1, I can’t wait!.

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Goodbye David Tennant and Hello Matt Smith

Here’s my first bit of geekery for the year!  Last night I sat here crying at David Tennant’s departure from Dr Who – well it was actually Bernard Cribbin’s wonderful acting that started me off, but nevertheless their were lots of tears shed 🙂

However the regeneration into the ‘New’ Doctor left me a bit cold – he just seemed rather annoying ‘Geronimo!!!’….whatever!.  But this trailer for the next series has given me some faith, apart from anything the ‘Blink’ Stone Angels are in it and Alex Kingston’s wonderful Riversong too – I am a happy Dr Who fan again.  Here’s looking forward to Spring 2010.

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I’m Hooked on…

Julia over at the wonderful Hooked on Houses has started Hooked on Fridays, where we can say what we’re hooked on at the moment.

Well mine is Dexter

My friend Patricia send my husband the box set last Christmas and we’ve only just gotten round to watching it.  I didn’t really want to watch it, but we ran out of TV to watch and Paul remembered we had it.

I thought it would be all gory and dumb, so I sat glaring at it for the first episode.  But then it won me over, you rarely see anything really gruesome and it’s very intelligently written and outloud funny in parts.  I’ve just bought season 2 on ebay as my addiction has grown, I have no idea how I’ll track down series 3?

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