New York with Kids

We finally went on holiday hurray!!! Paul has wanted to go to New York as long as I’ve known him, but he really didn’t want to take Miss L while she was little so we’ve waited until now. In hindsight, New York is a great city for kids so we could have done it earlier.

Here are my top tips for travelling to New York with kids…


We flew on Virgin from Heathrow, as a 12 year old L was treated as an adult  so we couldn’t reclaim her air tax which you can sub-12 and from 12-15 next year!  Seat Guru is THE most useful site, I discovered that the 747 Virgin planes have an economy section upstairs near Upper Class. There aren’t that many seats, but you get good service, it’s quiet, you get more space and you’re own loo! Amazing!!  The best place to sit in economy by far, I had the misfortune of being downstairs on the way back as the plane was busier and it was horrendous.  From now on, upstairs only!


There are more of these popping up in the wake of Air BnB and HouseTrip, we discovered that Best Western have a ‘Hospitality’ Hotel there. You basically get a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette which is ideal if you have kids. It was way bigger than a hotel and great if you wanted to have a nap and the rest of the family want to watch TV.

The hotel also provided a breakfast room with an all you can eat breakfast and you could either eat it there or take it to your room. The other upside was you could get food delivered and eat it at your own dining table in the lounge, saved a fortune in restaurant costs.

It wasn’t the most amazing view out of the windows, but there was a cute restaurant garden to the side of us, which was a lovely little haven.



One word of warning if you stay in an old building in Manhattan in the summer it is HOT and I don’t mean a little bit. I mean full on Floridaesque tropical 95 degree heat.  We had these ancient air conditioning units which my European Eco sensibility struggled with (the electricity consumption must be horrendous in Manhattan) but after an hour of having them off it was unbearable so we learnt to live with them. The city was so hot and obviously had been for weeks so the whole place had heated up.  If you have any breathing issues I’d avoid it until cooler weather the pollution was horrendous with the heat. Our next trip might be planned for Spring as I think it’s cooler and therefore more enjoyable.

City Pass

There are several different City Pass schemes in NYC. We went with this one as it covered pretty much all we wanted to in the time we were there.

For the three of us to do

RockerFella Centre, Empire State, 9/11 Museum, Landmark Cruise, museum of Natural History and the Met Museum of Art it would have been $450.50.

With the pre-booked tickets it was $377 so saved us a fair chunk. You don’t have the buy them here and most of the places above will sell them to you, we got ours at the Rockerfella Centre


Rockerfella over Empire State

I’d been to the Empire State building back in 2001, but I remembered it being very crowded and frankly a bit rubbish. I’d heard on various forums that Rockerfella Centre was much better, and less crowded so we decided to head there on our first day. We bought our city pass there and headed up.



OH MY WORD! The view when you get to the top is spectacular! There are three viewing decks which are wide and spacious and plenty of room to take lots of photos and just marvel at the city, especially Central Park. I’m so pleased we went there first.   It was baking hot, but there were some air condition parts to hide in from the sun for a while and we spent ages up there. Probably my favourite place in the city.



The Natural History Museum

Like most of you we are big fans of ‘Night at the Museum’, so Miss L especially wanted to go there. It’s next to Central Park, so we walked through had an amazing brunch at ‘Good Enough to Eat‘ which is a couple of blocks away (get the pancakes with strawberry butter.  Seriously strawberry butter should be a thing everywhere!).  It was on the City Pass (museums in NYC aren’t free like in London), and as we had that we got an extra free admission to one of the specialist exhibitions.

We were especially pleased to find Teddy Roosevelt sitting on a bench, so we had our picture snapped with him.  Top tip get a map, it’s vast and there is lots there. Particularly good are the Dinosaurs, the Space section and the Hall of Human Origin. We really enjoyed them all.


Central Park

I love Central Park and it’s such a feat of manmade engineering.  If you want to geek out at how it was constructed have a read about it here.  If it’s hot, take water with you, places to buy water are few and far between.  We didn’t do the tourist thing of going in the horse and carts, the horses looked miserable and I did at once point see one of the drivers actually nodding off to sleep whilst driving the cart! Pretty much the horse was doing everything!

Get a map or an app to guide you around, it’s well worth it as it’s pretty easy to get lost in there, it’s vast. We did two days of wandering around in there overall, and we covered maybe less than half?


World Trade Centre and the Museum.

The new building is up and the memorial park is beautiful. We decided to take Miss L as a history lesson for her. She was born 2 years after the buildings came down and to her it’s history, an event she see’s on TV every September on the news. Now my daughter is the chattiest child on the planet, questions come out of her every three seconds or so. We walked in to the park, she saw the giant memorials with all the names on and she was silent for the next two hours, not one peep out of her.   They are just so vast and shocking, I did feel that it was like walking in a graveyard, it’s that kind of feeling if you know what I mean?.  She said later that it made her understand better what’s happening now in the world and how it started, which I thought was quite perceptive of her.

There is a really good app which we used called 9/11 memorial app and you can look at the memorial, see a name and click on it on the app to find out about that person and their life.

The museum is very tastefully done, and there are lots of huge parts of the original buildings, trashed firetrucks that were crushed, it gives you a very good idea of scale.  There’s a room with a photo of everyone who died and I was fine, in there looking at the photos and then there are little cases with their personal possession and there were of course unbreakable Nokia phones, glasses etc.  But then there is one little case on it’s own which has a teddy bear and some children’s headphones that belonged to two of the toddlers on the plane, and I utterly lost it and throughly embarrassed myself in a very un British way of sobbing very loudly.  Basically take tissues with you, it’s very moving.

City Cruise

There are a few cruises  you can take but obviously we had a City Pass so opted to do the Landmark Cruise. Didn’t know really what to expect, but it was fabulous! There was a tour guide talking and there were great views of the city, we got the see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where some of my mine and Paul’s relatives passed though. Not to mention great view of the city. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable 2 hours.


All in all New York is actually a really great place to take older kids, there is plenty to do and see. It wasn’t the cocktail/spa day holiday I had in my mid twenties there, but you know it was maybe better. I got to show my family one of my favourite cities.

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We were all exhausted in dire need of a break, so we went to Hunstanton which is about 40 minutes from home. I booked The Lodge which is in Old Hunstanton, in the attic which was just amazing! It’s beautiful with a sea view, just what my soul needed!


We went for a wander down to Old Hunstanton beach and along the coast to Hunstanton, taking in the beautiful views


How adorable is this cottage?


And then there was this…


I happily used the bubble bath provided, and locked myself in the bathroom for an hour while Paul and L chilled in the lounge. Heaven!

And this is how I finished off the day, in the garden


We really, really must go again soon!

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Day Trip to Wells next The Sea

Yesterday was the last day of our half term and as it was so sunny we headed up to Wells next the Sea in North Norfolk.  Wells is a lovely little fishing port and quite untouched still. The fish and chip shops are so delicious, as you’d expect in a fishing port. There are cute little shops, the brilliant Wells Deli where you can get a cracking hot chocolate and slice of cake on a chilly day.

We got there at lunchtime and headed straight to the fish and chip shop, which for a cold February Friday was packed. So we headed outside and found a bench with a great view to eat. It was as you can imagine a bit chilly to linger but it was nice finally seeing some sunshine and eating out in the open again.


We decided to go for a walk down to the beach. Wells beach quite a way from the village and  is accessed via a seawall you walk down. You walk maybe a mile? And there it’s in front of you as far as the eye can sea when the tide is out.  We managed to get 3/4 of the way to it before Miss L was moaning about being cold and being blown about – in fairness she had a point and she also learnt a life lesson about putting your coat on when your mother tells you.  You know what kids are like she was sure that she knew best, when she refused to wear it as it wasn’t ‘cool’. We had a good giggle about how annoying it is, when your mother is right (Obviously I never tell my mother when she’s right LOL!)  But it was chilly so we headed back for hot chocolate and a wander around the village – any excuse!



We also stopped for first mother/daughter seaside photo of the year. I’ve noticed that once again I’m slipping out of family photos, which is something I wasn’t mean to do. So I’m trying harder to get infront of the camera rather than behind it all the time!


We had a wander around the town and saw on the front some of the terrible storm damage done by the Storm Surge in December. Thankfully most of the businesses seem to be rebuilding but it was heartbreaking to see a couple who had obviously  gone under and could no longer trade.  But luckily a lot of the smaller shops going up the hill seemed to be ok and we had a lovely time browsing them.

Then we came across a gorgeous Georgian Square which we’d somehow never seen before, couple of good looking pubs and I’m coveting ALL the houses there – love me a Georgian House! Friends have now told me how good the pub’s food are in the square, so next time we’ll have to pay them a visit.


If you’re in North Norfolk, I can really recommend Wells for a visit – especially in the summer when it’s warmer and you can hang out on the beach. I think we might have to hire a holiday home up there this year to explore more.

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Weekend in York

Some old school friends of mine invited us up to York for the weekend and as we’d never been we jumped at the chance.  When I started looking in December, the train and the Hotels and B&B’s in and around York were insanely expensive.  So we thought we’d drive up and then back in a day but I managed to snag a £29 deal with Premiere Inn in Goole which was about 40 minutes outside of York – bargain!

York was amazing, really beautiful and historic and I don’t think we saw half of it!  We didn’t even get as far as the Shambles.

My Photo (8)

We ended up at the Railway Museum as we all had kids with us and I wasn’t really expecting the kids to like it that much. 21st Century kids and old trains….but they LOVED it!  As one of my friends pointed out it’s a lot easier to be romantic about Steam trains than the bland dull ones we have now and I think she had a point.  Look at the paintwork on the trains and the artistry in their design.  As you can see the Dad’s had a great time explaining the engineering and old fashioned concepts like mail trains to the kids who were enthralled!

My Photo (10)

My Photo (9)

We ended up in a lovely Italian which I didn’t notice the name of but it’s opposite the National Trust Shop, if you’re ever in York. And had the most amazing meal there and they were great with the kids. Really rounded off a wonderful day with old friends and their kids who are now firm friends with Miss L.  Looking forward to visiting York again!

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Pompeii Exhibition at the British Museum

The British Museum have currently got an exhibit of items from Pompeii on and the British Museum is a lot closer than Naples! So I jumped at the chance to buy some tickets (mine was £15 and Miss L was free).  They are going quickly apparently so if you want to go, get some tickets while you can they are on the British Museum online shop.

My Photo (7)

Now I don’t think I’ve ever been to the British Museum before, if I had been I was very little and although somethings seemed vaguely familiar it was hard to tell if it was because I’d been there or seen them in books over the years?  Miss L was thrilled with the place though and it is VAST! We did a tiny amount of the museum before we went into the exhibit and then some after but we barely scratched the surface. We now plan to go back in our November half term when there will be less people there so we can explore properly.

If you are planning to go to the Pompeii exhibit make sure you get there at your allotted time, there will be a queue and it will be packed.  The show itself is broken up into the Community, Home, all the rooms of the home and then the eruption and death and you can see items from each area and there are a couple of films too.  I think you can take as long as you like to go round it and we did it comfortably in about 45 minutes without rushing.

I’ve always wanted to visit Pompeii, but never gotten around to it. I always think it must be a bit like visiting the Titanic?  It’s always seemed to me to be one of those ghostly places locked in time.  It’s a bit morbid, but nice they are still remembered, if you know what I mean?  You’re not allowed to take photos in there so I don’t have any to show you.

What struck me most of all was the modernity of the items.  They items are 2,000 years old but a lot of them you would have lying around your own home.. The everyday detritus you have lying about  your home, was what they did too: a rocking crib, a clothes chest, pictures of loved one, glasses for drinks, even window panes which were used almost like conservatories were still almost intact.  One thing which utterly fascinated me was in the bedroom section was a beautiful silver hand mirror. It looked like it could have been Victorian, it had elegant engraving on the handle it was round and just lacking the glass of the mirror.

When you get to the end of the exhibit there are some bodies which are plaster casts or a resin cast of the victims. Miss L chose not to look, which was fine. I’m an old softie and I found them quite upsetting.  At the very end there’s a whole family who died together mother, father and two children and I think pretty much everyone who was standing around me had a silent tear for them.

If you get the chance go I’d throughly recommend it, it’s a wonderful exhibition and well worth a visit.





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Kentwell Manor

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we popped over to Kentwell Manor in Suffolk which has full re-creation ‘Tudor’ Weekends. Miss L had been on a school trip there and raved about it, and as bit of history buff I thought it would be fun to see the recreation of a Tudor Manor.

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I thought there would be a couple of people in costume who’d point you in the direction of the gardens or the house. Oh no, nothing like that!  There were maybe 100 people in full Tudor costume, talking in ‘Tudor’, working in the Bakery, the Kitchens, the Dairy, the Forge. They really, really bought the house and time period to life – no one, not even the little children there were out of character.

It was a bit odd to start with when someone came up to explain something to you, or you asked a question about something and you really had to listen to what they were saying.  I had a whole conversation with a woman working in the bakery about the Pages and how they can’t collect the right kind of bread to take to the ‘Family’. Her Tudor scorn for them was hilarious!

But you know what it’s like when you’re on holiday, in a foreign country and you make an effort to say something in ‘their’ language.  Even if it’s just ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’, I found myself saying ‘Fair thee well’ or “Greetings’ to everyone by the end of the day!  It was like being on holiday in Tudor England, but without the plague 🙂

The whole place is really magical, very quite and you can’t hear the outside world not even traffic/road noise which is pretty unusual these days. It made it seem really peaceful and tranquil and quite soothing.  The house itself is an ongoing renovation project and is pretty much fully open to the public. Unlike National Trust properties where you feel like you should hover and never ever touch anything. This is someone’s home and if you touch a table or chair you won’t get yelled at and that gives it a lot of charm.

As you can see the gardens were beautiful, and I’m utterly inspired by the vegetable garden which was just stunning. Put my two raised beds to shame! The herb garden was stunning too, and to my shame I didn’t know what half of them were.

It’s funny though, if you’d asked me before I went ‘Would you like a Tudor manor house?’ I would have said ‘Yes!!’ and jumped up and down a bit. Now I don’t. A house like that needs people and a lot of them. The people made the house, a dairy, bakery, alehouse, forge are just empty old buildings waiting to fall down if they don’t have people working in them and being part of the community that makes up an estate like that.  It makes me sad now to think of all the houses in the UK who are missing their ‘people’.

Kentwell is a truly marvellous experience and I look forward to going back to the ‘Dickensian Christmas’ later this year.

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The Staycation

We’re having a holiday at home this year this week we’re all off and exploring East Anglia.  Yesterday we headed up to the North Norfolk Coast to have an explore and eat lots of fish and chips!  It was a glorious day yesterday and despite all the driving (4 hours worth!) it was worth it for the views and seeing the sea for the first time properly this year.

Holt had the most amazing little shops and I would have snapped this dress up, if I were a few stone lighter – so pretty!

Across the way from the vintage dress shop was a really lovely shabby chic home and gifts store, which was very french vintage chic.

Not far from Holt is Sheringham which has become bit of a favourite of ours. I love that they too still have their bunting up.

We got our chips and then wandered down to the beach to eat them, and check out the sea – how blue and Mediterranean is the North Sea looking??  We did have a paddle and yes it was as cold as ever! Not to be swum in by the faint hearted.


I was so in love with North Nofolk still that last night I spent hours on RightMove having a look at houses – the fact that there is no work up there or railway lines into London was obviously beside the point 🙂

Today wasn’t nearly as glam, we thought we’d check out South Cambridgeshire, but after visiting Royston (not much there) and we drove over to Saffron Walden to have an explore. It was very pretty in a medieval way and had free on road parking – result!  No idea where we’ll go tomorrow, just off to look at a map now.

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Legoland – Tips and Tricks

The summer holidays have started in earnest and we’ve already had some great adventures. At the weekend we headed down to Legoland Windsor to meet up with some friends and their little girl to have a fun day out.  I mentioned on Facebook that we were Legoland newbies and my friends came to the rescue with some fabulous tips and tricks for the park, so I thought I’d share their wisdom with you:

“Have a look at the map and think about what rides you might like, they aren’t all on the q-bot system. Some will have restrictions that Miss L won’t meet but she’s tall I think so most things will be OK. We tend to do Land of the Vikings because I love the River Splash ride and then tend to head down to the bottom of the park and work our way back up. The show is always good to watch too. Don’t bother waiting for the Hill Train, walk down, much quicker”

Here are my tips:

If you are going in the summer and it’s hot like Saturday was just pop the kids in a swim suit, we have some that have special SPF 50 fabric, that way you don’t have to worry about sunblock as much and they can get as wet as they like and can dry off quickly.

Book your tickets online, you can see how full the park will be and you get 15% off the tickets if you do it before hand. Also Tesco’s are doing a deal with Clubcard points where you can get a discount – but you have to buy those at the park.

It says on the site that the park opens at 10am, but the gates actually open at 9am for buying tickets and at 9.30am the park lets people in to the first bit where the shops, loos etc are – well worth doing as you can be in first and down at the rides by 10am.

Food – expensive and a bit crap. we had burgers for the three of us and it was £20 – and although the chips were ok the burgers were vile, massive and just horrid.  If you can bear dragging your own food around with you, take a picnic.

We had a great time as a result, the park is great for the under 10’s and as we had a 7 year old and a nearly 2 year old, they both had a lot of fun. Here’s Miss L’s mini review of the park:

‘We first went to the big Lego store and we went on to the Driving School. I think the Driving School is really cool, and I liked going round the roundabouts. And then we went on the Boat School, it was fun and we had to look out for the elephant, and I hoped it did not spray me. At Fire Academy we had to race other people and we came second. Then we went to Adventure Land and at Adventure land the surf board ride, we were spraying people, but then some popped up at us and we got soaking wet, which was lots of fun.

On the Viking Boats I got soaking wet and when you began there was a wall of water and people sprayed at your. I got a really cool sword which had a pink diamond in it.  So then we went back to the Lego store and bought a Lego helicopter.

I suggest you must go to the driving school first as it gets very busy and the Waterworks is lovely on a hot day and cools you down from being toasting hot.  Children should go there’

We loved it so much we’ll be going back in October half term!

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Holiday Blogs

Picture 44When I go on holiday I don’t ever post on there that I’m going/where I’ll be/or pretty much anything else about it.

It’s mainly because if something awful happened like the house getting broken in while we’re away, I don’t really want to give my insurance company a reason not to pay up!  Telling the whole world you’ll be away would give them just cause – whether or not a burgler had read your blog or not!

What I’ve done for the last couple of holidays is to start a ‘hidden’ mini blog.  It acts as a diary for me, it lets my parents know that we’re ok and what we’re up to & a few other people I invite to view it’s a ‘virtual postcard’.  Also it’s really nice to look back on when you’ve been home a few months and want to relive your holiday.

So here’s how to do it:

1. Have you got a SmartPhone, laptop, iPad you are taking with you? iPhone is easiest to do this from.

2. Start a ‘hidden’ WordPress account.  So create a free account and in the Dashboard – Settings – Privacy choose these settings:

Picture 46

This hides you from the search engines but allows you to give the blog URL address to friends and family.  You can go for the ‘total’ private option below that but that limits you to 35 viewers (which is loads) but anyone you want to invite has to be a WordPress user with a WordPress login – which probably most people you know won’t have.

3. If you are using the iPhone to operate this, load the free WordPress App available on the App Store (also for iPad too now) and configure your app – add the username and password. And you are good to go, from the app you can write new posts, add photos and post. Just find some free wifi (Hotels, B&B’s, Coffee Shops & bars are my general favourite sources abroad) and you can blog your holiday.

If you are using a netbook or laptop to do it from you can just go in and do it from the usual website or post by email explained very well here

Happy Holidays!

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Disney World Survival Tips

I’ve been meaning to write this since I got back but here are my top tips for holidaying at Disney World and staying sane!

1. Drink lots and lots of water.  Take it to the park with you as it gets very expensive, or refill from the water fountains dotted around the park.  Florida is very hot especially in the summer months and you and your little ones will need all the fluid you can get.

2. Either go for 9am and leave at lunchtime for some pool time and food, have the afternoon off, a nap and go back for the evening festivites.  Or if you have older children go mid afternoon and stay through to the evening. Either way it saves you and your family getting burn out and over exposed to the sun.

3. Set a daily budget for your children for how much they can spend, preferably saved from their own pocket money before they go.  Disney merchandising is like crack for children under the age of 12 even  for Miss L who had no interest in Disney at all before we went!.  We gave her a $5 (£2.50) a day budget saved from her own money.  She could then buy whatever plastic rubbish she wanted. Once it was gone, it was gone.  She soon learnt that if she wanted something bigger like a cuddly toy then she had to merge days and not buy anything. It saves on arguments and the ‘I wants’ if the rules are set from the beginning.


4. If you go to the parks in the morning, grab a map at the entrance and walk straight to the back of the park.  80% of people go for what’s straight in front of them so it takes a good couple of hours for them to reach the far side of the parks. It’ll give you plenty of time to explore and have fun without the crowds.

5. If you forget your camera or want a group shot take advantage of the Disney Photo Pass which gives you access to a professional photographer who’ll take photos of you and your family and then post them to a private account online for you. You can make up photobooks etc when you get home from them.  I think they are a little on the expensive side, but you are paying for professional photos and they are of a good quality.  But it’s for more of a treat or an emergency IMHO.

6. Read online reviews of the park restaurants and then book reservations in advance.  We lost out on going to several restaurants because we hadn’t booked.  The Canadian Restaurant in Epcot was booked solid for 2 weeks straight!

7. Fast Pass system, it was amazingly good years ago but this trip it just seemed broken.  On some rides it worked really well (Soarin’ – 2 hour stand in line wait or Fast Pass come back in 3 hours – a no brainer) But the Peter Pan ride seemed to ‘sell out’ and the time to attend the ride moved to the evening by 10am.  And you can only have one fast pass on the go at once, so don’t depend on it you will have to do some queuing.

8. It rains in Florida and when it rains, it rains a *lot* especially in the summer months.  Expect to get wet and hot!

9. Take lots of breaks, sit down enjoy the view and people watch. It makes you less grouchy and gives you time to just step out of the rush

10.  If you’re taking babies and toddlers, make sure you have something to mist them with or protect them from the sun, I saw so many distressed toddlers and babies there due to the heat. However if you are taking a baby there are great facilities buggy rentals (I’d probably take my own lightweight one though) baby changing in virtually all the bathrooms, and breastfeeding areas although I think it’s allowed in the park anywhere as long as you are discreet.  I saw lots of women breastfeeding and it didn’t seem to be a problem.

11. Take a photo of where you have parked, seriously not as stupid as it sounds.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember if you are in Pluto 49 or Goofy 20!  Everyone else does it so you won’t feel silly.  Oh and parking is $12 a day all day and you can transfer between parks either via the internal transport or by driving between them.  But the parking ticket is good for the whole day at all the parks so remember to keep the ticket incase you go back.

12. If you want a photo or an autograph with a character check the park map the areas where they are and what times are clearly posted.  They used to just wander about, but not anymore, it’s also much better orgainised and handled than at Disneyland Paris.

13.  When the parades are on the queues for the rides drop substantially, so try and get on the big rides then.

Other than that dress light, wear and take lots of sunblock with you and have fun! 🙂

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Long Time No Blog


We’re back from Florida!

We had bit of an eventful start, the kennels weren’t expecting Betty despite me e-mail and then phoning to confirm our booking. I had images of having to find someone to look after her for 2 weeks and everyone was at work.  But luckily the guy accepted it was his mistake and still took her in – phew!  Then I noticed I had some bruise/blood blisters on my arm and felt a bit sick, so I was terrified I had meningitis.  After laying on the bed for a bit feeling ill, I turned over and realised that down the side of our bed the mattress has a zip…..and that’s where the bruises had come from!  So feeling a bit silly, I announced that I didn’t have meningitis but stupidity and we could leave the house…ooops!

The next worry was about where we were staying after reading some horror stories on Trip Advisor.  I’d booked it on the basis of good reviews that I’d read about it earlier in the year so I was praying it was ok.  But as it turned out it couldn’t have been better, in fact the apartment was nicer and had more floor space than our house.  We felt like the Extreme Makeover team had been in there taking pity on us tiny housed Brits.  So we’ve now been spoilt and are wondering why we don’t have 3 flat screen 40 inch TV’s, spa bath and a dishwasher???  I  think if we had the same bath here, it’d take out the top floor of our house as it was massive and heavy without water in it!  So the moral of the story is don’t read Trip Advisor reviews after you’ve booked somewhere, it’ll drive you nuts 😉

Disney World and Sea World were great as always, and Miss L preferred Sea World which was unexpected. Soarin’ at Epcot is the most amazing ride and well worth a fast pass the queues for it were almost 2 hours long.  Miss L loved the small rollercoasters and is looking forward to being bigger and going on the large scary rollercoasters…on her own!  They look bloody terrifiying, so I’m not going on them LOL!

We saw Space Shuttle Endeavour take off and drove through a mini Tornado in the same day!.  The shuttle launch was amazing, it’s one of those ‘proud to be a human’ moments, it was really emotional which we weren’t expecting. The though Tornado literally scared the crap out of me – driving through one is beyond terrifying I never ever want to do that again!.  The biggest highlight had to have been our friends from Miami who drove up to visit us for a long weekend, we had an absolute blast and we got to eat at Texas de Brasil which was magnificent – seriously we need some of those in the UK!

Although I had my iPhone with me and free Wifi in our apartment, I was so switched off from the internet that I didn’t even notice that my blog had gone down for 5 days!!  I’ve decided that maybe it’s a little more healthy to be like that, so I intend to blog less this summer and get more done round the house and out with Miss L.

So I’ll be posting less, but hopefully better posts if that makes any sense?  Hope you’re all having a good summer x

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