Autumn Nesting

The temperature here has dropped like a stone, it’s suddenly Autumn and I’m quickly getting into hibernation mode!  Now as my husband is insisting on being ‘thrifty’ no heating is going on here until at least late October – grrr!.  So I’m living in my new £8 Fleece from Sainsbury’s. I have to say I think it’s my favourite new piece of clothing – I’m so old!

I’ve also been getting out all the blankets, and nesting the place for winter. I popped to The Range and bought a couple more throw pillows (tartan!) and I treated myself in the sale to a new giant cotton/wool blanket for the lounge to snuggle under with the dog when I’m working. It’s so snuggly!

photo (11)

What are you all doing to snuggle up for autumn?


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Ideal Home Exhibition 2013

A couple of weeks back I received an invitation from B&Q to see if I’d like to go the Ideal Home Exhibition and would I like to meet Kirstie Allsopp?  Well who could refuse?  I’ve not been to the Ideal Home since I got my first flat 14 years ago and then it was all about the see through loo seats with glitter in them – remember those?

I was quite excited to go and have a day on my own wandering around looking at home goods. It’s been ages and frankly I could do with the inspiration having been couped up in the grey cold country for months on end.  The day before Miss L became ill, so many thank to Mr VP for working from home and holding the fort for the day, so I could go. He’s the best!.

My Photo (3)

If you’re going here’s my advice, wear good walking shoes, take a bottle of water & a snack – the prices there are horrendous for food and drink –  £4.95 hotdog anyone? And fully charge your camera/phone whatever you take photos on.  I took a million photos, the whole places is like a live Pinterest board. So many ideas and you will forget most of them, take photos to remind you of what you thought was good.

So here are a lot of photos of my day out: first up Kirstie Allsop’s Vintage Styling talk…which wasn’t really about Vintage Styling at all but was really good.  I was fortunate to get there early and I met a lovely lady in the front row called Dilys who had travelled all the way from West Wales to visit the show. We had such a good chat, and it was nice to have someone to talk to and she told me all about her amazing sounding 1970’s ‘upside down’ house, a style that was in one of the show houses (bedrooms on the floor, living areas upstairs).

My Photo (1)

But back to Kirstie, she’s very charming and basically gave a good talk on how to style your house easily and cheaply using what you have an maybe adding some bits and pieces. Sensible advice included buy a bunch of cushions try them at home and if you don’t like them, take them back. Kind of wish I thought of that before I went uber red everywhere!

A VERY good piece of advice from Kirstie was if you have a friend who’s house you like, let them loose on yours. Sometimes we get a bit hung up on where something should be to the point we can’t move it and can’t see a way round it (looks at my hallway sideboard!) or maybe a room should be a different colour?.  So I demand my friend Sarah comes up from Bristol and sorts my house out – her house is gorgeous 🙂

Kirstie took a Q&A and then was kind enough to have a chat and pose for photos, which I did purely so Miss L could see her hero *cough* Miss L adores Kirstie’s crafting show and they’ve really inspired my girl, which I think is wonderful I doubt she would have gotten into crafting otherwise.

After that I had a wander….ok I know this is a lot of photos sorry!

Gardens…..Love the Swedish Chair can you imagine snuggling in there?  That BBQ is the size of my kitchen!

My Photo (6)

Storage Ideas…I need these exact two cupboards and I’m getting to small skinny radiators. I want to replace the gigantic ones in the downstairs of our house – they take up whole walls.

My Photo (5)

Random ‘Pinterest’ things I spotted – you know me I don’t like modern that much, but I adore that white kitchen, I just really love it. I loved the double height windows on the Eco show house.  Cherry tree painting for Miss L in the Eco House was just like the one in her bedroom. And last but not least the ‘Denim’ Smeg Fridge – I love it but only if I didn’t have children/husband and dog!

My Photo (4)

I then went back to the B&Q area because it has said there was a preview of George Clarke’s new series of Restoration Man. We’re big George fans in this house, apart from being a good presenter and sparking Miss L’s interest in architecture with ‘Amazing Spaces’ we like the work he’s done trying to get redundant properties back into use.  I grew up in social housing and it worries me that there is an entire generation out there who are never going to be able to get a home of their own either social or private purely because there are not enough homes being built. It’s daft.

So imagine my delight when I met up again with not only Dilys, which was lovely but the man himself was there. George talked for a good hour on both the subjects of Restoration Man, there was a restoration that I had entirely missed of an old Scottish Icehouse which looked amazing when it was finished and of Amazing Spaces – his caravan is still mad but his kids adore it!  And then about the work he’s doing to get redundant housing back to work and the horrid generic new build houses that are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere – it’s true you can see a new house in Norfolk or Surrey and they are identical apart from the price for the self same house.

If you’re at the Ideal Home and he’s there giving a talk, go and see him. He’s very engaging and worth listening too.  I was fortunate enough to have a quick chat and a photo with him afterwards and I picked up a copy of his book to read too. It’s all about extending your house and changing your space, I’m really enjoying it.

My Photo (2)

All in all I had a pretty wonderful day, I’m feeling more inspired with my home, I’ve already thought of some easy changes to make. And I’m trying to be more positive about our looming electrical re-wire – and that is a whole other post!  Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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A Room Fit For a Tween

A Sponsored Post from Bedstar

When kids reach their tween years, usually from 9 years and upwards, their bedrooms will come under scrutiny, anything remotely infantile will probably be spurned in favour of a much more fitting style. Here are a few ideas on how to revamp a child’s bedroom to take them through to the early stages of adulthood.

Think what activities are important to your child at this stage in their life. Most will have heaps of homework to complete each week and should now be responsible enough to work unsupervised, so a desk in the bedroom is a must.

Storage, storage and more storage, you can never have enough storage space! Make a deal with the children. If they are wanting money spent on a new look bedroom, they must sort out old clothes and toys that they no longer have a need for and take them to a charity store or give them away to neighbours. If unwanted items are in good condition, why not hold a car boot or garage sale to raise some extra cash to put towards redecorating.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 12.35.49
Images from BedStar

Think bed. Depending on the size of the bedroom, a decent quality single or double bed, bought at this age should easily last until well after the kids leave school. Once a bed frame has been chosen, be sure to invest in a quality mattress to support their backs and help with a growing child’s posture. A decent night’s sleep is essential for everybody, but even more so for busy tweens who are learning so much at school and need to bright and refreshed in the morning. To find a quality and comfortable mattress visit mattresses at Bedstar.

High sleeper beds are gaining in popularity as they are designed with anything from a built in desk and wardrobe, to integrated shelving, cupboards and fold up single chair beds, which are fantastic for sleepovers. Oh yes, there WILL be sleepovers.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 12.33.19
Images from BedStar

Bookshelves are great for children who still read paper books as opposed to electronic readers; there are many narrow styles that can be used to show off knick-knacks and pretty ornaments, not just books.

Kids love taking photographs, so buying or even making, a large wooden frame for their wall that they can fill with pictures of their friends and pets is a cheap and cheerful idea and something for them to get stuck into and stamp their mark on their bedroom.

Bright cushions and beanbags will liven up the bedroom and give the kids and their friends somewhere to sit and giggle without taking over the living room.

Finally; a huge laundry basket is a must. This leaves no reason for dirty clothes thrown on the floor and as you already know- there are going to be lots and lots of clothes!


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{Review} Snapfish Calendar

It’s my last review of the year, I really should be writing some Christmas Cards but have snuck on here quickly!  Oh and Mum if you’re reading looking away now!!

This is one of my favourite gifts to give at Christmas. I’ve been giving Snapfish Calendars to family since Miss L was born, I used to send them to Miss L’s Great Grandparents, Great Aunt and my parents. Sadly over the last couple of years all the Great Grandparents and Aunts have passed so this year I only had one to make for my parents 🙁

Snapfish is dead simple to use, you can upload photos from your hard drive, Facebook or Flickr – handy as pretty much all my photos are in those places.  You can then choose your calendar, I went with the £14.99 one with a plain white/black background – Mum doesn’t do colours! But there are loads of different backgrounds and styles to choose from.  And then all you do is just pop your photos in the different months as you wish or you can do it yourself or ask it to autofill for you if you are pressed for time.

My favourite thing is you can add family’s birthdays, or special events with a little photo of the person – handy to remind my Dad to buy my Mum a birthday present for example!

When you order the calendar you can also add on a print out of all the photos at the same time, incase you want a hard copy of the photos – which is quite handy if you’re like me and never think to print out all my digital photos.

I just noticed, whilst writing this that if you want to order before 3rd December 2012 there is 50% off here

*Disclosure – I got a free calendar worth £14.99*


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Budgeting for Christmas

I am rubbish at budgeting, and given half a chance I’m a complete spendthrift that goes mad at Christmas…only I can’t anymore. We work for ourselves, contracts come and go and I can’t go blowing a load of money on Christmas that we don’t have.

So here’s how this year I’m doing my Christmas shopping:

1.  The Plan!

Make a list, re-check the list that everyone you need is on it and kick off anyone you can get by sending a card to.  A little harsh, I know but really think about who you are sending presents to.

Shop as soon as you can, don’t leave it to the last minute when the pressure is on and you feel like you ‘HAVE’ to buy something for someone because you can’t think of anything else – that’s when you end up spending too much.

2. Set a Budget

Now I don’t go for this whole £5 or £10 per head for everyone lark – some people I like more than others!  Some people I can get away with making a present for or getting something from a charity shop and popping it in a pretty box.  On your list put what you are buying each person and if it’s a homemade one put that by their names and then take them out of the budget. It’ll give you more money to work with, and thenwork out what you have left. Make the budget realistic, there is no point in telling yourself you’re spending £50 when it’s really going to be £500 and then being horrified when you’ve overspent.

3. Spending the money.

Ideally either do online Christmas Shopping or go shopping with Cash – it is much, much easier to keep track if you can see it on a screen in front of you or if you have no money left in your purse – it also makes you more ruthless.

My favourite trick is to  put everything you want to get into your online shopping basket, then leave it a day or two and then go back with a clear head. You might see stuff in there that you didn’t really mean to order, you just went a bit mad and then you can delete it out saving some money.

4. Shopping for Abroad?

Are you sending gifts to far flung places? Last year I was sending gifts the the USA and New Zealand, and I found that sending the gifts actually cost more than they had cost!

Thankfully you can send gifts in the USA via Amazon US using a British Credit Card & Billing Address – not all American retailers are so thoughtful though so check before you order. But Pottery Barn and Etsy are both good sources of presents for the USA & Canada as well.

New Zealand though didn’t have a massive amount of online shops and as I was sending British home comforts to some homesick friends so I had to post, but I learnt some handy hints from my local friendly post office lady!

Keep the parcel weight and size down

I had one large 2.2kg parcel to send. The nice post office lady weighed it for me and told me it’d cost (and this is from memory so forgive me if these number’s aren’t quite right) say £60 to POST it!  But if I took it home, re-wrapped it into two smaller 1.1kg parcels it would only cost me £30 for both. So that’s exactly what I did! A massive thank you to lady in the post office.

5. My favourite places to Christmas shop are:

Amazon – but not in December their delivery always sucks if you shop after early Dec.  But you can get pretty much everything here, cheaper than in stores and I tend to use the ‘forget the basket for a day’ trick here.

eBay – a godsend for people you really want to get a present for but don’t want to spend a fortune on.  iPhone cases for £2, Kindle case for £3, cute jewellery for teens, it’s all there and see if you can get a ‘Buy it Now’ with free delivery – perfect!

Homesense or TK Maxx – well they are pretty much the same shop. But Homesense I find is a bit better and less like jumble sale, so I tend to go there.  They have good books for kids and adults, toys, bubble baths etc and other unusual bits and bobs.  If I’m going there I try and take cash with me, it helps me stay in budget.

Online Photo stores – Calendars and photos gifts are always nice to send to relatives or friends especially if you live far apart.  There are loads of offers on at the moment, so I’ll be doing mine in the next week or so.

Other than that anywhere I have Clubcard points, vouchers, Nectar points or can get a discount.  Look in magazines for vouchers, and your e-mail spam folder I always have loads in there that I don’t otherwise notice.

Homemade and *gasp* charity shops gifts

I like to make homemade gifts, candles, soaps, chocolates are about my limit (I can’t sew or knit!), but if you are more crafty pop over to Thrifty Christmas or my Thrifty Christmas Pinterest Board there are loads of ideas from making presents to wrapping them!.

But I have been known to get presents from charity shops…it probably helps I know a lot of people who are into vintage. But this is a £2 gift I found in a local charity shop a couple of years ago:

It was a glass sugar bowl with a silver lid. Doesn’t look like it came from a charity shop, it looks like it came from an upmarket boutique once packaged up with tissue paper and in a shiny box.

Remember to use some imagination when you’re having a rummage, see some cute little vintage glasses, buy them and then pop them with a small bottle of port or a bottle of wine in a shiny box for a present.  My local Cancer Research shop does the most amazing crochet goods which are perfect for a kids room, Miss L loves all the bits I’ve gotten for her from there.  A thoughtful present doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Above all 

Remember Christmas is supposed to be fun, most people will never remember what you bought them, they’ll just remember you cared enough to get them a little something. Don’t stress!

What are your favourite tips and tricks?  I’d love to hear them 🙂



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The Sofa’s Are Here!

Finally after 2 years of pretty much sitting on the floor on one broken sofa and getting a numb bum on a really uncomfortable sofa bed, the new Ikea sofa’s have arrived!  The sofa bed was taken away last week by a local charity but they laughed at how bad the other one was, so that’s being collected by the council to take to the tip next week.

After MUCH arguing loud discussion, consultation with readers, bloggers, twitter and pretty much anyone else I could ask we went with Ikea sofas because well…they were cheap, delivery wasn’t insane and they could get them to me in a couple of weeks.  Originally we were going for the Ektorp because I liked that they were washable but as Mr VP pointed out Miss L and Betty aren’t babies anymore so wipeable should be ok so we went with the Kivik because I liked that they are a bit deeper and can double as almost single beds when we have visitors.

They came on Friday in 7 BOXES! Oh my word, so pleased I’d cleared out the dining room for the delivery.  I didn’t realise that we’d have to pretty much be putting them together.   But it wasn’t as horrendous as I thought it’d be because Ikea have joined the 21st Century and instead of the unfollowable instructions – which are still in the box but useless as always – they now have a video you can watch and copy! Putting them together took about 2 hours, which wasn’t as long as I thought it’d be.

Can I just say this video saved out marriage, we would have spent hours arguing without this!  I of course still managed to drop the extremely large footstool on my knee – oww! But that was the only Ikea related injury 🙂

The finished result!

We’re really pleased with them, they have memory foam in them which means they are currently a bit stinky but the smell is dissipating fast. However unlike the old ones they keep their shape and are dead comfy. We maybe should have measured the footstool – it’s massive and way bigger than we thought it would be but that’s not a bad thing we can all get our feet on it and it’s got storage in it too, which means I can hide my magazines yay!.

The only thing I don’t like and this is entirely our fault is we should have thought about the colour more, it doesn’t go with anything else in the room. The rug, which is on it’s last legs anyway now really needs to go.  The brown and grey clash is driving me mad everytime I walk into the room. The blue of the old cushions isn’t too bad but just looks a bit off, so we think we’re going to accessorize with a new smart red rug and some grey and red cushions come next payday. I think it’ll make a big difference to how the room will look.

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Sofas are on their way..

After many arguments conversations and flitting between companies, styles and colours we have finally ordered our new sofas – hurray!

Actually we had to order them after I flopped down on the couch and the last of the springs completely went. All that is currently keeping our butts of the floor is the cushions.

So we’ve gone Ikea (cheap and a quickish delivery time) and not the Ektorp, apparently it looked too much like what we have at the moment. Mr VP’s logic is that Miss L is bigger now and so’s Betty so I shouldn’t need to wash the covers as much anymore…mmmkay….so we can have a more ‘grown up’ sofa in a dry cleanable material.  He’s kind of right in that I can’t remember the last time Miss L spilled anything on the sofa, but I know I chucked coffee over it a couple of weeks back!

Anyway the deed is done and we’ve gone for ….The Kivik

In a dark grey – well that one above actually. We’ve ordered a foot stool too so it ends up more like a chaise.  Also the foot stool has storage so I can chuck all my magazines in it.

It comes in mid October and I cannot wait! The only problem is nothing else in the room goes with it, not the throw cushions,  the rug or the main light shade but at least the cream walls should so I don’t have to redecorate thank goodness!.

Now what goes with dark grey??


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Back to School with Clarks Shoes

I’ve been blessed the last couple of years in that Clarks have sent me vouchers for Miss L’s new school shoes, and this year they were kind enough to do it again.  This year they sent us £40 to buy the new year’s shoes – hurray!.  The PR were supposed to sort out a shopping date for us, but it didn’t happen – in fairness they might have sent me an email but with the new bathroom going in, it’s not like I’ve kept on top of email this last couple of weeks.

So this was a true non-PR test of the store, they didn’t know we were coming and it was a week day when loads of people would be there school shoe shopping.  We turned up 10am Tuesday morning to our local store, and were greeted by a cheery lady by the front door as we walked into the shop which is always a good sign in my book.  We went and took our number from the machine and waited maybe 5-7 minutes for a lady to come and serve us. They had plenty of staff on, which was just as well as there were loads of people waiting but the staff were very helpful and chatty with the kids. It was very sweet hearing the kids who are starting this September telling the ladies all about their new schools.

Old hands like Miss L were more concerned with what size their feet had gone to over the holidays – a whopping 3G from a 2G in June when I last had them checked.  Because her feet are quite wide, we often only have one pair that will fit but this year there were three pairs to choose from. She made her choice which I was quite pleased with, it’s a nice shoe and similar to last year’s which lasted the whole year (first time ever!) and £32 which isn’t too bad for kids school shoes especially if they last like the last pair did. Here’s hoping for no growth spurts for a few months!  Thanks Clarks for the nice shopping experience and the new shoes.

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{Tots 100 Homebase Challenge} The Garden

This month’s Tots 100 – Homebase challenge was the garden – hurray!  My hayfever is now over and I can finally get back out there and give my poor neglected garden some love.  But for this challenge I decided to concentrate on the patio which was looking a bit rough and as it’s closest to the house it’s also the the most visible part of the garden. Our patio is old, grey, prone to weeds and frankly not like you’d see in a magazine.  I’m forever out there trying to kill the grass that comes up between the cracks, and pulling weeds out.

There used to be pea shingle around the edges but the birds used to throw it around everywhere so I’ve replaced that with heavier slate stones and that’s worked pretty well. It doesn’t go everywhere and looks better next to the grey patio slabs.

I was looking for a quick fix solution for the patio – you’ll see why when I post about my bathroom at the end of the week!.  So I decided to ‘dress’ the patio to brighten it up, rather than do major work.  Armed with my £100 voucher from Homebase and gardening obsessed daughter we headed off to Homebase and bought garden wood paint in Cuprinol Willow for the bench to give it another coat, some solar lights, a bird bath (Miss L thought they needed one) and lots of pots and plants to ‘dress’ the patio with.  We also grabbed some pillows from inside and some bunting from Miss L’s room to make a pretty seating area.

I went for a pink/purple/white palette as I thought it would tie in nicely with the green of the bench and the pretty duck egg pots I found in Homebase. If it had been earlier in the season I would have bought some veggies and herbs for the pots but the growing season is pretty much over for them now, so we only bought some Swiss Chard which will be a nice autumn/winter veg and it’s still something for Miss L to grow.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, it feels quite tranquil out there now and looks a lot better from the dining room window. Amazing the difference a few pots and some greenery make.  If you’d like some more inspiration about how to make a quite change to your home pop over to the Homebase Facebook Page

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{Tots 100 Homebase Makeover} The Final Results

I thought this was the project that was going to go on forever. Whatever could have gone wrong – well it did!

The window and the massive crack – that crack isn’t filling no matter how much filler I throw at it.  Then some more plaster fell off around the window and made me realise that the view of the outside was much bigger than I realised.  I’m going to need some help from Paul with this one I think it’s a bit beyond my basic DIY skills.

The headboard I ordered from eBay to finish off the room – oh yeah it arrived broken!

I followed the instructions for painting perfect lines, which were brilliant I have to say.  I never would have thought of  doing it that way. But I used Frogtape on old walls which did give a perfect line… but pulled the 4 coats of paint underneath it off!  So I had to start again, the lines are now semi perfect.

By the end of last week I could have cried, so I had a large glass of wine to cheer myself up.  When I pulled myself together and remembered that our best friends are sleeping in there this coming weekend with their kids, and I couldn’t just sulk and leave it.  I cracked on…..

I emailed the eBay company about the broken headboard and the guy was fantastic.  Didn’t quibble it at all and sent me a new one out which arrived today and the courier too back the broken one – phew!.  And then with some more work over the weekend, I finished painting the walls and I have to say it does look nice with a fresh coat of paint on the room.

The crack behind the window – hidden it behind the curtains for now!

So here’s the ‘Before’

And here’s the after:

The room isn’t 100% finished The headboard is waiting to be fitted as it’s got to be secured to the wall. So that’s got to wait until Friday when Paul can play with power tools. But I really love it, it’s going to look great.

The lovely bluebird picture was drawn by my incredibly talented friend Emma on her iPAD! She’s just amazing, it needs to go in a better frame, but it can live in that one for the moment. It makes me happy whenever I see it.

The Details

Cable Management 

You know how all the lifestyle magazines etc say how to keep electronics out of the bedroom – yeah that’s not happening at our house. We have a TV in the room, and all the gumpf that comes with that.  We both have mobile phones we need to charge overnight let alone toothbrushes, hairdryers etc that all needed somewhere to live. For a house of geekery we had done a terrible job of sorting out the power in our room.

So when I did my Homebase run, I bought a 8 ‘gang’ extension cable with individual on/off switches so I can have things plugged in for connivence but turned off to save energy.  I think it’s one of the best things I’ve bought in ages – I love it!

I also bought off eBay a phone charger stand for each our phones which can sit on our bedside tables rather than being across the room plugged into the mess of cables.


I’ve been meaning to put some photos in our room for ages. I had a massive Ikea picture on the wall behind the TV that’s been there since we moves in. So I took it out – I couldn’t see it anyway – and put one there is a now more appropriate and in proportion with the TV in front of it.


I used Laura Ashley emulsion in Duck Egg Blue for the feature wall and Ivory on the rest of it.  Thankyou Homebase for the challenge – I’m now going to collapse in a big heap 🙂



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{Review} Not on the High Street

A few weeks ago now the PR for Not on the High Street contacted me asking if I’d like a £50 voucher to use on their site for anything I wanted – how cool is that? So feeling a little bit like a kid in a candy store I trawled their website. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Not on the High Street, it’s a little like Etsy. Lots of small businesses sell their goods through them, so there is lots and lots of choice of everything from home goods to cute baby presents and it’s all pretty much hand made and very individual.

I’ve always really liked the goods on the site that are personalised, so I went for a Betsy Benn Personalised Destination Print. It looks like the old routemaster bus destination blind. I had it made up with all the places we love and that mean something to our family.   I put the order in and had the PDF proof of what I wanted within a couple of hours and it was delivered 48 hours later.

It’s not a standard size so I had to send it to my local framers but I think that Ikea might do a frame which would fit it but I’m nowhere near one so that idea was out.


But I really, really love it and I’ve put it in the lounge above Paul’s chair so I can see it from the sofa. It makes me smile everytime I see it.  Thank you Not on the High Street!






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{Tots 100 Home Club} Starting the Bedroom Makeover

This month’s Tots 100 Home Club –  Homebase makeover challenge, is about making your bedroom luxe.  Most parents end up with a room which has a bed in it and a bunch of other stuff just lying about – yeah that’s us!  The last time our room was decorated was nearly nine years ago, when I was the exhausted mother of an 8 month old baby who slept for 2 hours a day. The paint job really isn’t the best!  So as you can imagine this is quite exciting for me, I’m looking forward to reclaiming our room and making it more grown up.

After a morning spent fanny about, I got distracted by paint charts, adding images to my Pinterest ‘Bedroom’ Board and going through ideas on Houzz.  Then it was deciding which Homebase to go to. The guy in one one of my local ones thinks I’m a shoplifter, after the amount of time I spent looking at storage for the last challenge. So I chose to go to the one with the nice staff, who don’t mind me taking an hour looking at the paint – which I did again today.

When I finally got home with my sample pots, it was time to start the to the boring bit of preparing our room.  Originally I was going to strip the walls of the horrid lining paper that’s been there forever and just paint onto the walls underneath….

Or so I thought!

I learnt today, if you have 80 year old plaster on the walls and you peel off old wallpaper – the plaster will come with it. Eeek!  Thankfully I’ve only done a couple of small areas so I can fix it but I think that in hindsight it can be left there and I’ll fix what’s needed! Otherwise this is going to take a lot longer than the three days I’ve allowed for it.

The other thing that’s become apparent from the stripping back of the wallpaper is that our windows were really badly installed and the previous owners had put the lining paper up to hide it *sigh*.  It explains why I’ve been able to hear traffic noise and it’s freezing in our room in the winter – mystery solved.

So this isn’t going to be the straightforward job I thought it would be, I’m going to need expanding foam and a lot of pollyfilla stat, before I can start thinking of how I want to decorate it. I hate doing the boring parts, I want to get some colour on the walls…off to look at Houzz again 😉

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{Review} Mini Build a Bears

As most of you know Miss L has a ‘Build a Bear’ addiction, she saves her pocket money so she can buy fabric to make them pretty outfits and they have the best made beds of any bears in the country.  So when Build a Bear’s PR asked me to review their new range of mini bears I couldn’t really say no (she can read my emails now!).

The new bears are much smaller version of their larger brothers and sisters and available in normal toy shops for £5.99. The bears come with a little top and some stickers to customise them and our little bear has now had a little outfit made for him.  Also if your kids play Bearville there is an online code which you can use on there too.

It puts them at the same price point as a Club Penguin Puffle, and cheaper than a Club Penguin Penguin which is £7.99 at our local supermarket. So in my mind they make a great quickly sourced birthday present for L’s friends or for a Christmas stocking stuffer.  It also means that L can buy her own bears from her pocket money rather than having to save up £20 for the larger bears which takes her a long while. Off to help make some cute outfits for this little one!


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