Back to School with Clarks Shoes

I’ve been blessed the last couple of years in that Clarks have sent me vouchers for Miss L’s new school shoes, and this year they were kind enough to do it again.  This year they sent us £40 to buy the new year’s shoes – hurray!.  The PR were supposed to sort out a shopping date for us, but it didn’t happen – in fairness they might have sent me an email but with the new bathroom going in, it’s not like I’ve kept on top of email this last couple of weeks.

So this was a true non-PR test of the store, they didn’t know we were coming and it was a week day when loads of people would be there school shoe shopping.  We turned up 10am Tuesday morning to our local store, and were greeted by a cheery lady by the front door as we walked into the shop which is always a good sign in my book.  We went and took our number from the machine and waited maybe 5-7 minutes for a lady to come and serve us. They had plenty of staff on, which was just as well as there were loads of people waiting but the staff were very helpful and chatty with the kids. It was very sweet hearing the kids who are starting this September telling the ladies all about their new schools.

Old hands like Miss L were more concerned with what size their feet had gone to over the holidays – a whopping 3G from a 2G in June when I last had them checked.  Because her feet are quite wide, we often only have one pair that will fit but this year there were three pairs to choose from. She made her choice which I was quite pleased with, it’s a nice shoe and similar to last year’s which lasted the whole year (first time ever!) and £32 which isn’t too bad for kids school shoes especially if they last like the last pair did. Here’s hoping for no growth spurts for a few months!  Thanks Clarks for the nice shopping experience and the new shoes.

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Downton Abbey

I’m a little bit excited that Downton Abbey is back on tonight, not least because it’s set in World War One and how will evil Thomas get out of serving in the war?. In honour I’ve done a little Polyvore Collage, not sure it’s particularly historically accurate but I liked the vibe.

Downton by violetposy featuring cameo jewelry

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{Review} Clarks Shoe Shop

Now I get offered all sorts of weird and wonderful things to review on Violet Posy, but occasionally I get a product I can’t refuse because I love what they sell. Last month Clarks asked me if I wanted to review their school shoes and they would pay for them so I thought why not?

I wore Clarks shoes as a kid, Mum and I would have knock down, drag out, screaming matches in Stead and Simpsons as to what my school shoes would be. It’s only as I head towards 40 without bunions and perfect feet that I can thank my mother. She made me wear them until I was 15 – oh yes you can imagine the shame – 80’s wedge heal anyone?. Thankfully they are now far more stylish and even my little fashionista will wear them without complaint, and trust me that doesn’t happen often!.

I normally get Miss L’s school shoes from our local independent shoe shop which is excellent and there is always a choice of Clarks or Start Right. The ladies in there have known her since she was a baby and they are excellent at measuring and getting just the right shoe, but it can be bit of a bun fight at ‘Back to School’ time.

We went to the Store in Bury St Edmunds which is about a 45 minute drive from ours, for about 9.30am as we walked in we were greeted by the manager who gave Miss L a 3D mini magazine (with glasses) to keep her occupied and me a number to wait in line. He wasn’t expecting us and looked a bit blank when I told him why I was there, but fair enough I had a voucher so I wasn’t that bothered. The magazine came in handy while we were waiting to be served and we only had to wait a few minutes before the fun began.

They had a fancy machine to measure her feet rather than the plastic ‘foot’ and measuring tape we’re used to, it said her feet were just over size 1.5 and nearer a 2. So the nice fitter, asked me what kind of shoes we wanted and listened to the fact that I didn’t want any with dolls in, the one and only pair we’d ever had last Easter didn’t even make it to half term, the inner soles disintegrated – I wasn’t best pleased!

He came back with 3 pairs for Miss L to choose from, all of which were suitable for school and she chose a cute pair which should last into November/December when no doubt her feet have grown again. As she’d gone up a full size, I also asked for some trainers (which were on special offer £5 off) and he duly listened to what I wanted and bought me back the right thing, her school are incredibly picky about them being white or blue . It was very sweet as he was fitting Miss L he was asking her about school and she was giving him a full rundown of everyone in her class LOL! Thankfully were were done in record time, and could get out of the shop which was by now really busy.

The shoes and the trainers came to £57.00 (I had a £50 voucher and I paid the £7.00), which was less than I usually spend as the trainers were on offer. We had a great experience and it wasn’t anything like as stressful as some school shoe shopping trips I’ve been on. Most importantly Miss L loves her new shoes to death – thank you Clarks!

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Maxi Love

I am a uniform girl, jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and Converse in the winter. In the summer it’s always really long skirts or dresses, with Merrells or Converse. I know it’s lazy but I’ve gotten to the age where it’s stick to what you look good/are comfortable in, I don’t have the time to spend hours shopping anymore. However the last couple of years long skirts have been out of fashion so imagine my delight at the weekend when I spotted not only long skirts but maxi dresses as well in a couple of my favourite online stores.

Picture 63

Monsoon – as always a bit more expensive but so pretty.

Picture 64

Summer is coming and I’ll be ready with my Maxi Dresses!

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1940s and Nanny McPhee

We’ve just got back from seeing ‘Nanny Mc Phee and the Big Bang‘ – which is as good as the first one, and great if you want to keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours during the holidays.

The thing that caught my eye about the film, apart from the sets which were stunning, was the selection of gorgeous 1940’s Tea Dresses that Maggie Gyllenhaal  was wearing.  I had back in the early 1990’s the most perfect tea dress which I wore to death, I really wish now I’d kept it and had new ones made from it.

But as I didn’t,  I’ve just had a look through my affiliate sites to see if there are any about. Of course Cath Kidston has some, but they only go to a size 16 and I’m an 18 (bad Cath Kidston!).

Picture 43Picture 41Picture 40 has the Tatoo Tea Dress, but only up to a size 14

Picture 44

But that was about it!  I’ve had a look at Monsoon and Boden but nothing doing there so now I’m going to scour Ebay and see what’s on there or I might have to go on a diet…or get one made!.  If you love the look check out Vivien of Holloway and the excellent blog Diary of a Vintage Girl which I adore and is all about 1940’s style. Have fun!

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{New Sponsor} – Alex and Alexa

I’m delighted to welcome to Violet Posy, my latest sponsor Alex and Alexa they sell some really beautiful children’s clothing and accessories – they also have a great sale on at the moment!.

Over to them to tell you more…


Whether it’s princess party dresses, cool denim or unique baby gifts, online luxury retailer offer only the best in fashionable wears for newborns up to 12 years. Shop the coolest ranges from the world’s most exciting designers, of which some cannot be found elsewhere online. You’ll find luxe labels Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Roberto Cavalli and Little Marc Jacobs alongside Europe’s finest contemporary kid’s brands Finger in the Nose, Caramel Baby &Child and Cacharel, creating a dream line-up totalling over 35 designers.

girlsgirlcalvin klein

Be sure to flick through’s online glossy magazine, which features exclusive photoshoots, practical tips and up to the minute interviews, where you can click and buy off the pages. We also have our own blog with some great ideas on gifts, days out, and homemade recipes.

Come check out our Spring/Summer 2010 range..

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What to Wear?

We’ve finally made a decision about where we’re going on holiday and it’s…


I think we’re more excited than Miss L. She’s been to Disneyland Paris, so has an idea of what to expect but it’s nothing like the extravaganza that is Walt Disney World Florida.  I love Disney World and it’s nice to be able to take Miss L at the same age I had my first trip there.  In fact the first time I went Epcot had only just opened, showing my age now!.

So we’ve chosen a resort thanks to the ever wonderful Tripadvisor, I’ll call the kennel tomorrow to book Betty in and I’m booking flights next week.  Everything is arranged except for one thing which I’d not even considered….what on earth am I going to wear?

I was all prepared – jeans, t-shirts, merrills and fleeces – for Canada. But I don’t think that is going to work for Florida in July where it’ll be in the 90’s.  We’ve not been on a holiday where somewhere hot since our honeymoon and that was Orlando in May.  The UK hasn’t had a proper summer in years, so all my summer clothes have been either donated to charity/worn out/don’t fit!

First off I think I need to lose some weight as we’ll be doing a lot of hanging out poolside and I’ve not been near a pool in years, which is a bit scary.   I have 10 weeks to lose 14lb which is needed and seems a reasonable amount of time to do it in… she says finishing off an easter egg! At least then some of my old summer clothes should then fit!.  But I’ve had a surf this afternoon and I think that some of these pieces will make up my capsule travel wardrobe.


Throw in some vest tops, a sunhat, a linen top and a gallon of sunscreen and that’s my packing done

Right off now to get some more ideas of what to do when we’re there, I’ve just seen on the Nasa site that there is a launch of the new generation spaceships in July. The geek family is very happy!

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