We have been the house of the sick this week. Poor Miss L has a virus which being the kind child she is, has shared with me.  Yesterday after the nth hour of being bored in bed, I was looking at Instagram – nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of other people, especially […]

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{Mini Review} Getting your Instagram photos off the screen

I love my Instagram and Hipstamatic photos, and I have literally thousands of them. At the last count I had 4,000 photos on my phone and I don’t want to think about how many are on my laptop. I’m a digital hoarder extrordinare! But sometimes, it’s nice to have a physical copy of a photo […]

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{The Gallery} Bond

I’m joining in on Tara’s The Gallery this week from my iPhone as I was stupid enough to drop my MacBook and smash the screen! So please forgive lack of links and any typos! I love the bond that Miss L and Betty now have. They adore each other and their relationship is everything I […]

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{The Gallery} The 80′s

Just spotted Tara’s ‘The Gallery‘ this week and it’s photos from the 80′s. Luckily or unluckily (depends on who you are) I recently bought a slide scanner and lots of embarrassing photos are seeing the light of day So here’s a picture of me and my Mum, probably taken about 1982? So I would have been about […]

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Views of London

I love London when it’s sunny and the sky is clear, I personally cannot think of a more beautiful city.  Here are some photos when I was down at The Mads a couple of weeks back. And then on the train home, back to my little girl  

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Mummy’s (not) in the Picture

A friend shared this article “The Mom Stays in the Picture” from The Huffington Post on Facebook and it made a few of us quite teary.  It’s a beautiful article about how the writer Allison Tate who feels that as a mother her life now largely goes undocumented because of how she feels about herself […]

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{July 2012}

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, we’ve been hanging out at home and enjoying visiting with friends and family and not really doing too much.  But I have managed to take a few photos of our travels and days out. I’m really hoping the weather picks up this weekend so we can head to […]

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Sometimes I forget..

Where I live, we have a 928 year old cathedral, the current building was started in 1083.  Because it’s such a fixture of our town and I go past it so often I don’t really forget it’s there but you stop appreciating it’s age and of all the buildings around it.  All the buildings around it […]

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{Project 366} February 2012

Yep I missed one day again! But I’m still going strong, even if I need to set myself an alarm on my phone to remember to take a photo. You can tell when I’ve forgotten they are of wine or the dog

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366 Project – January 2012

I missed one day, which is amazing for me – woo hoo! So here is our January

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