{Link Love} New Reads…

I know a lot of people don’t like the blog award season, but I always see them as an opportunity to find new blogs to read that I probably never would have come across otherwise.  I’ve been trawling through Apartment Therapy’s nominations for The Homies and I’ve found these little gems which I thought I’d share:

The brilliantly named Broke Ass Home – which is a warm bright home in reality, with a gorgeous new baby girl addition this week.  Congrats Broke Ass Home!

Life in Velvet – such a beautiful lifestyle blog with some great crafts and mini apple pies to die for!

Jade and Fern – some great DIY projects and downloadables.

Poppytalk – not really a new one to me, but I’d somehow lost it off my list when GReader died and I didn’t have it bookmarked *palmface*

PinteriorDesigner – genius DIY ideas go have a look!

Ana White – if I knew one end of a power tool from the other, then this would be my favourite blog. As it stands I’d end up in A&E so best I look at the pictures! But so, so good, especially if you can do DIY!

What new blogs are you guys reading? Let me know if you’ve found anything amazing, I always need new reads 🙂

And this is for claiming my BlogLovin site: Follow my blog with Bloglovin




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Weekend Link Love

Attempting to work!

It’s been a mad couple of weeks, I’ve been getting a website prepped and ready for the Property iPhone App my husband has written (if any of you are Estate or Letting agents and want an iPhone App for your agency – let me know!).

I’ve also managed to get three blogs done for some amazing bloggers – Ren Behan @Fabulicious Food!, the Fabulous Miss Cherry Red and super mummy blogger Katie and the kids  go check them out if you have time they are all fun to read.

Next week is about getting the iPhone App site shiny and finished and actually making some sales calls, which I’ve never done and is more than a little scary …in fact I’m bloody terrified!  But how hard can it be? At least that’s what I keep telling myself…..Famous last words eh?  Any tips or tricks welcome!

So in the meantime, I’m sitting with my coffee and some cake and going through my GReader, which I’ve ignored the last couple of weeks, along with the housework 😉

I thought I’d share with you my favourite posts:


Pumpkin Cake Tutorial from Domestic Goddesque  – it looks amazing and perfect for a Halloween party.

Spiced Pear Muffins – Via Little Red Buttons. Great idea for using up all those garden pears at the moment.

How to Paint Owl Cookies – via Amelie’s House

Kids Stuff

Homemade Playdough Glitter – via Poppytalk – just awesome!

Retro Harry Potter Travel Posters – via Housewife Conifidential  – not sure this is kids stuff I really want one!

Sister Act – via Kitschy Coo  – beautiful dresses for little girls


Decorating with Photos via Holly Mathis Interiors – been thinking about re-doing mine so the perfect post.

Missoni at Target via Mirror, Mirror – My very lucky friend Paola went a bit mad, but I think I would have too 🙂

Thrifty Christmas Idea:

Lace Tile Coaster – via Martha Stewart – Love this idea as a Christmas gift or something to decorate with.

My other share of the week is that you can get both US Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living Magazines on the iPad but for a massively reduced subscription in iTunes.  I think from memory BHG is £10ish for a year and MSLiving is about £13ish for a year which is a huge saving on the £2.50 a month I’ve been spending.  They are the only two decent home magazines I’ve found on the iPad – let me know if there are anymore out there?

Have a great weekend!



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Lazy Sunday

We’re having a chilled out Sunday, watching movies and reading here today, it’s been a busy week and we’re on the wind down to school ending next week.  So I thought I’d share with you some link love to the posts I’ve enjoyed today with my giant mug of coffee:

From 79 ideas a fabulous list of 15 online magazines

Via Abby at Little Red Buttons – From Me to You – incredibile cinemagraphs

Tiny House Blog – amazing where people will build houses

Pretty Garden Posy from Sew Sweet Violet

I need some of these – Tips for decorating your Bedroom from Inspired Room

Images of Summer Holidays from Remodelling this Life

via the every stylish Natalie at Bambino Goodies – A Free Summer Printable Calendar from Kinderpendent

How to make Glass Lamps for the Back Garden – Poppy Talk

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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Link Love – The Halloween Edition

Forgive my absence this week, but it’s been manic.  I’ve been making all sorts of blogs beautiful check out Tales from the Village which is the latest one to go live and I have another going live on Monday.

It’s been Harvest Festival this week as well, so Miss L and I were busy putting together a beautiful box. Also this year the new school had a competition, the children were asked to make a bread shape for Harvest and there would be an award for the winner. Miss L decided that we should make the cathedral out of dough – no small task!  We had loads of fun doing it, I don’t think for one minute we’ll win but it was hilarious, dough and flour everywhere!

We’ve also been getting into the mood for Halloweeen, as you can see by the blog. A huge thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn and her talented team for the images – I couldn’t have made better. Check out her Shabby Blog Store I adore it!  I also found the Martha Stewart ‘Halloween’ magazine in WH Smiths – it’s fantastic with all sorts of ideas for decorating, parties and food. So with that in mind here are my favourite Halloween inspired posts from my Google Reader this week.

13 Free Halloween Printables from Living Locurto

From Fantasy to Fete Fright Night – Coco + Kelley

Best Cake Topper Ever – Jan’s Gems

Creepy Candles – The Summer Kitchen Journal

Halloween Cupcakes 101 – Tip Junkie

32 Creative Ways with Pumpkins – Tip Junkie

How to Preserve your Jack o lantern – Tip Junkie

Halloween Countdown – Martha Stewart Blog

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Link Love – The August/Early September Edition

I’ve not done one of these for ages due to the summer holidays, so there are lots of fabulous posts I have sitting on my GReader and I thought it was finally time to share them with you. So when you have five minutes, sit back, relax with a nice hot drink and enjoy.

Home & Design

Stories of A-Z – Chalkboard Paint Party – I’m a bit obsessed with this page at the moment, some great ideas

Tip Junkie – Halloween Decorating Ideas – bit early but hey I love Halloween 🙂

Remodelling this Life – Morning walk – a photo walk around her neighbourhood.

City Sage – Outfit to Room – What an eye for detail Anne has.

Inspired Room – The prettiest utility room ever

Whatever – Little More Kitchen – Teresa’s kitchen makeover is coming on a treat.

Bobby Robin – Tiny Violet Hand Puff – violets!!

Bambino Goodies – Room Tour: Shared Space – brilliant ideas for room sharing


The Rubbish Diet – Zero Waste Week – Karen will be hanging out at Saints all week (no change there ;)) I’ll be heading over for a coffee and a chat there too.


Cherry Menlove – Mum’s Lime and Blackberry Cheesecake – Love her blog, love her recipes.

Smitten Kitchen – Blueberry Muffins


Mummy Tips – Report from Ad Din Hospital Bangladesh – brilliant work by all concerned.

The Madhouse – A Letter to Mini – beautiful first day letter to her son.

Crystal Jigsaw – Is your child bored? – I know mine was!

Sticky Fingers – Lost – we’ve all been there, but a good reminder of what to tell your children.


Yvestown – Clearout – Yvonne is having a clear out and personally I’d buy it all! Look out for more of her stuff coming to Ebay soon too.

Shedworking – Children’s Playhouse Design Competition – design a playhouse and get it made up

Brooklyn Limestone – Her most popular photos – just stunning.


Arcade Fire – Interactive video – so so so cool pop in your childhood postcode and be impressed. All done in HTML5 geek mama’s

Tip Junkie – Blogging 101 – Adding a Navigation Bar with Images – Saves me writing it 🙂

A Modern Mother – iPhone 4 Screen Shattering – *sob* – get a cover is the lesson.

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Tuesday Link Love

I’m mid painting everything in my house white at the moment, if it sits still long enough it’s getting a coating!

But I thought I’d have a break to share with your some of my favourite posts on Google Reader this week.  So have a coffee, a sit down and a relax with me, I hope you enjoy them.

Home & Style

The New GreenGate Collection at the always stylish Garrendenny Lane

Sustainable Toddler Bed at inhabitots – via Natalie Lue

Cottage Done with the Floors – Whatever shows what some elbow grease can achieve – beautiful!

Bare Plaster – Tea for Joy

Big Wooden Table of Dreams – Cherry Menlove


Getting Organized with Evernote – Brass Tack Thinking – via Natalie Lue


How do you talk to your children about the two D’s – Living with Kids

Post Vacation Peace for your Kids – Simple Mom

Searching for Honest Joe – Cheshire Mum – so sweet.

Back to School Planning – Organizing Your Way


Courgettes & Carrots – UK Handmade


Oundles First Food Festival – Foxtail Miss L

Yesterday, I ate chanterelles and broad beans lightly cooked in butter – Musings of a Glenland Mother of Six

Also I’d like to thank the following sites as they are my top 10 referrers – thankyou so much x











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Monday Link Love

I hope you like my roses? They were this weeks fiver’s worth of market flowers, I do love our market!  This weekend  I had lots planned, getting the sweetpeas and bedding plants in, weeding and getting the garden a bit more under control.  But you know what, it rained a lot and was on Saturday only 6 degrees!! Brrrrr!!  So instead I spent the day on the sofa, with a blanket and my Google Reader 🙂

Here are my favourite posts from my reader this week:

Home & Style

Suzani Print – Jan’s Gems

Open my kitchen cupboard at your own risk – She was not at all domestic (mine are very similar and in need of love!)

Room Redo Recap – Brooklyn Limestone – the most amazing makeover and home

Butterflies – The City Sage – just beautiful

Master Bedroom Headboard – Whatever – I need to make one of these and its an easy tutorial

Have a great week!!

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Link Love Friday

It’s Friday! Here’s some of my favourite blog posts from the last couple of weeks, if you get some time. Have a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy.

Home & Style

Restyled House – Sarah’s House makeover. I love the touches of yellow around the house.

Inspired Room – Creative ideas from Anthropology – I love how they decorate their stores.

Hooked on Houses – Coastal Living – the most beautiful house.

The City Sage – Rambunctious Florals – Love ’em!

Thrifty Decor Chick – How to make a headboard – I need a superking one so this is perfect.

Simple Mom – Benefits of Non Toxic Cleaning – great tips

Coco & Kelley – Outdoor in Black and White – just beautiful

The Blessed Nest – Chalkboard wall – such a cute idea for little kids

Tiny House Blog – Converting a Garage into a Tiny Home – WANT! VP needs an office 🙂


Inchmark Journal – Tooth Fairy Bunnies – so cute!

Heather Ross – Far, Far Away – thanks Kat for the introduction to her blog x

Creative Hostess – Tea Cup Flower Arrangements – stunning for summer parties!


Violet Hour – the most amazing looking bar in Chicago from Callie at Grayson: A different Shade..

Cannelle & Vanille – Cherry Blossom Macarons – lush!

Technology & Blogging

The Stories of A-Z – Blog unto others… – good article

Have a great weekend!

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Link Love Monday

I actually started writing this last Monday, but hey it’s Monday again so here goes….

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Link Loves, I just haven’t had the time.  Meanwhile my Google Reader starred section has gotten bigger and bigger and I’ve felt bad about not commenting on any of these posts. I’ve generally read them on my iPhone when I have five minutes to myself and it’s always such a pain to comment on the iPhone especially if there are any ‘capchas’ on a site.  I’ve ended up starring them and meaning to go back and comment later, but it’s just not worked out that way.

So here are my picks of the last few weeks and consider them all loved by me:

Home & Style

Classic Bathroom Inspiration – The City Sage

5 Things Buyers Want in a New Home Now – Hooked on Houses

Finding Creative Space – Inspired Home

Strappy Slouch Bag Giveaway – Kitschy Coo

The Gentleman in my Kitchen – Kat

How to Make Slipcovers – The Nester


Offense – Eclectic Effervescence

Overheard at My House: Self Esteem – Perfect Sentiment

Other Great posts

Obsession:Where to go on Holiday – Grayson: a different shade of Grey

Beauty is where you find it – Carrots & Kids

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Christmas Link Love


Christmas is nearly upon us and I should imagine I’ll only be able to get out a couple of more blog posts before Christmas.  I’ve just looked a the wrapping pile in the cupboard and shut the door again! But I am going to have to tackle it this week as we’ll be delivering presents to friends and family this coming weekend.  So I think I’ll have to an evening with Love Actually on and a glass of wine and a mince pie or three – that should help the pain!  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s participated in the Christmas Tour. It’s been fun seeing how everyone has decorated for the Christmas season – there are some fabulous decorations and trees to be seen there.

But onto Link Love – there are from my Google Reader and a ‘best bits’ of what I’ve read in the last week or two.  They obviously have a Christmas theme this week, I hope you enjoy them.

Coping with Christmas

The Pressures of the Holidays – How to Simplify and Refocus – Inspired Room

Make your Food Gifts – Simple Mom

Sorting out a Christmas Tool Kit – Single Parent Dad

Christmas Decorations

Semi DIY Handmade, Holiday Gifts – Grayson: A different shade of Grey

Garnish your Gifts – The Nester

Oh Tannenbaum – Mirror, Mirror

Free Printables: Deer Holiday Templates – Creative Comforts

Watin’ for Santa – Sadie Olive

Free Printables – Christmas Tags – Living Locurto

Christmas Tree for the Traditionalist – The City Sage

Simple Holiday Decorating – Heather Bullard

Holiday Decorating for less than $2 – Remodelling this Life

Children and Christmas

A Christmas Letter – Sweet Craftiness

Christmas Lectures – It’s hard not to be interested in Science when.. – A Modern Mother

A Christmas Letter – Sweet Craftiness

Christmas Lectures – It’s hard not to be interested in Science when.. – A Modern Mother

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas x

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Friday Link Love

Half term is over and it’s the end of the working week, so I’m taking some time to go through my Google Reader.  So here are the picks from my Reader….

Home & Style

Wee Birdy test drives Rebel, Rebel’s flower school – I wanna go!

Mrs Brooklyn Limestone in Apartment Therapy – Her home is amazing, well deserved.

The City Sage Bib Necklace from Michelle Roy – Just gorgeous

Callie Grayson and Cranberry Glass – not really seen it before, very pretty

Tea for Joy – Pastel Prints – really lovely.

Decor8 Colour me Pretty – Purple Yay!


Poppytalk – Tag Time – great selection of tags for wrapping


India Knight – Cardboard Dinosaur – too cute!

Cafe Bebe – 1 pack 1 Vaccine Campaign for Pampers – great cause


Insomniac Mummy Good Intentions Journey through Breastfeeding – I so related to this

Yummymummytips and her Post Natal Depression – it could happen to any of us, I’m so proud of her for recovering after such trauma.

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Monday Link Love

It’s Monday Link Love time – it’s been a quick week! As it’s half term next week this will be my last Link Love for a couple of weeks as I’ll not get time to read my google reader that much over the holidays.

Home & Style

Fall Cure Inspiration from Cowgirl in Wellies

Reader’s Home from Cote de Texas

New Halloween Items from The Old Painted Cottage

Anthropologie hits London – Decor8  (too excited about this!!)

Soft Light from Luphia

11 Weeks till Christmas: Gather your Addresses From Simple Mom

Metamorphosis of a Different Kind from Songbird (via Marianne @ Le Temps Jadis)

New Favourite Site

Dork Adore from Shiny Kate


It’s hard not to want – Sleep is for the Weak

And a big Congratulations and lots of love to my British Mummy Blogging friends who have recently had baby girls

Tasha at WAHM BAM!

Claire at The Dandelion Lounge


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Mini Monday Link Love

I should be cleaning, but instead I’m sitting catching up on my Google Reader.  But I must get on soon, I’m sitting here in what feels like most of Betty’s fur.  Despite hoovering (or is that Dysoning) on a every other day basis the dog appears to have lost all her body hair in the last 24 hours but miraculously is still covered in fur – how does she do it?

So here’s my quick Link Love for this last week

Creating your own Family Traditions guest post from Sherrie (Serene Journey) from Simple Mom We do some of them Saturday Morning’s in bed, Easter Egg Hunt and the Summer BBQ.  But there are some there that I love the idea of like the birthday hat 🙂

Gorgeous Tulip Fields from the always stylish Mirror Mirror.  I want to go somewhere like that, it looks like heaven!

Right off to clean….again!

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