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Changing your WordPress Username from Admin

Earlier in the week a few fellow bloggers were saying on Twitter they’d been hacked and how on earth to get their sites back?.  It sounded like a nightmare and I really felt for them. Tonight I was on Twitter (again!) earlier and spotted a post from the founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg about WordPress […]

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Replacing Google Reader and Re-Subscribing

You know I was going to write a post about Google Reader being shut down, but then Miss L got ill and everyone beat me to it! I’m personally trying to decide between Flipboard or BlogLovin’. Blog Lovin has a wonderful simple import from GReader button for the lazy – well it won me over. […]

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What’s Your Favourite WordPress Plugin?

Yesterday I had an email from an advertiser asking if their ads could just appear on my homepage, and I knew my theme couldn’t do it so I’d have to hunt for a plugin.  Now there are 18,964 WordPress plugins at the moment – where to start?  I tried a couple of custom sidebar ones and […]

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{Blog Tips} Creating Blog Headers on PicMonkey

Here is my new and shiny updated version of this post. Picnik is now sadly dead but PicMonkey has taken it’s place is my heart so here’s how to make headers on PicMonkey instead.  Sadly they haven’t gotten collages up and working yet, but when they do I’ll add how to make a collage header […]

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Getting Rid of Captcha

I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently about pet blogging hates and one of them being Captcha’s – you know that bit when you post a comment and gives you two words to type because it’s checking you are a human?. My friend Kelly over at Domestic Goddesque has written a great article about […]

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{Blog Tips} Adding badges

In my previous post I taught you how to make Headers and Badges, well now here is how to add them to sidebars and even under the header. Us geeky types like to pretend that coding is the most complex thing in the world – but you know what it doesn’t have to be.  You […]

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