Making a Christmas Wreath with Hobbycraft

Hobby Craft kindly sent me a bunch of goodies so we could make our our own Christmas Wreaths.  We’ve not done anything crafty in ages. Miss L is now at the age where she’s rather play a computer game or head out with her friends than sit with me crafting. So it’s kind of fallen out of fashion in the Violet Posy household, which is a massive shame.


But thankfully Christmas is still a draw (hurray!) and she jumped at the chance of making a wreath for her bedroom door.


We decided on a colour scheme (red and white) and then she got cracking with just a smidge of help from me attaching the big heart in the middle.


Loving the results!


We’ve been thinking up uses for the other bows and flowers and we think we might use them to decorate the Christmas presents. We couldn’t attached the led candles they sent us but they will be going in her room over the festive period.  It was nice having my little girl back for an hour, we should do it more often. Roll on the holidays!


**Full disclosure** I received all the bits to make the wreath from Hobbycraft







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{Thrifty Christmas Guest Post} Citrus Christmas

Today’s Guest Blogger is my very good friend and coffee buddy Karen from The Rubbish Diet one of the most creative women I know.  I spotted on Facebook that she had made some fabulous looking Christmas oranges and I thought you’d all like to see them.  So over to Karen…

Citrus Christmas

If you’re as unskilled with the sewing needle as me, don’t lose heart this Christmas, as it is still possible to add your own special and home-made touch to your festive decorations with something as simple as an orange.  If you like the natural look, a pack of just five orange slices can set you back at a rate of £1 a shot, so it makes economic sense to make your own.  Besides, they’re really fun, make excellent presents and fill the home with festive scents too.  You don’t need any special equipment, just an oven set on a low heat will do.

Preheat oven to a low setting, e.g . 100C.

Using a sharp knife, cut across the orange to create slices that are around 5mm thick.

Press the slices with kitchen paper or an old tea towel to soak away excess orange juice and arrange the slices on a non stick baking tray.  Use baking parchment if necessary.

Bake in the oven for a couple of hours (turning over the slices half-way) then transfer to an airing cupboard overnight when the slices are dry to the touch.  This simply saves energy.  If you don’t have an airing cupboard, just keep baking for an extra hour or two, checking and turning the slices every half hour.

When the oranges slices are dry, they will be almost translucent and will look gorgeous set again the tree lights.  Simply poke a hole through the top with a skewer and use ribbon to hang them onto your Christmas tree.   They also look gorgeous when added to wreaths.

Alternatively create a citrus bauble, by arranging the slices to form the shape of an orange, smallest slices at each end, with the largest in the middle.  Thread a length of ribbon through the centre of the slices, creating a loop at the top and tying the ribbon at the bottom to secure the slices.  Cut away the excess ribbon and you’ll have another beautiful decoration with which to grace the tree.

A few things to consider:

Keep costs down by buying your fruit from the market.  However, seek out fair-trade where possible.
For smaller decorations, try satsumas and clementines, which work out even cheaper or try lemons and limes if you prefer an alternative colour scheme.

Use natural, compostable materials such as raffia or string for hanging and threading  the decorations.  This way the whole of the decoration can be composted when Christmas is over.

Some people recommend using a spray fixative to help the decorations last the season. However, I find that if the slices are dried properly using the instructions above and are not damp to the touch, they will last through December and into the new year.

Top Tip:

Children love getting involved with these simple decorations, especially laying out the slices on the baking tray and threading them once they are dry.  Another easy activity to try with the kids is to get them to decorate small fruits with cloves.  Again, pop in the oven for a couple of hours to dry.  They’ll also look fabulous on the tree, while keeping sticky fingers at bay.

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Lavender Bags

Paul bought me a sewing machine!!!  The last time I used a sewing machine was I think in 1983 and I was thrown out of the sewing class at school for breaking 4 in a row.  I swear the machine’s just didn’t like me!

Anyway my new sewing machine is small and cheap (£25 thanks Tesco’s!) but it should be ok for making basic things.  I’m really excited!  So the first thing I’m going to make are some lavender bags as small Christmas presents for Miss L’s great grandmothers.

Miss L and I harvested the lavender from the garden and it’s now tied into bunches and hanging in the airing cupboard much like the ones below only not as pretty!

I’m going to look on ebay for small Cath Kidston scraps to fill and then make some hearts and small pillow shapes.  Even I should be able to do that 🙂  I’ll post the results when we’ve finished making them.

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Candle Fragrances

Now I’m giving up work, I’m thinking about how to fill the day.  I’m thinking I might make some candles for family and friends.  However I’m not sure what fragrances to use….if any?

I quite like florals – rose, gardina, sweetpea.  But I’m not sure whether to go for some linen, cotton or spice fragrances?

Thoughts?  What kind of candle frangrances do you like?

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