Meet Violet Posy

Hello and welcome to Violet Posy!

I’m  a 40 something geek girl, gardener, a terrible DIY enthusiast and all round lover of pretty things.

I’m wife, Mother to the now 12 year old Miss L and we have a mad gigantic black Labrador dog.

My style is Shabby Chic/bargain hunter/reclaimed vintage, with a slight obsession with vintage floral. I also have a thing for painted furniture at the moment and spend far too much time on Pinterest!

If you’d like to talk to me you can find me on TwitterFacebook, InstagramPinterest   and pretty much anywhere that has social media, just look for VioletPosy –  it’s always nice to make new friends!



  1. JUST DO IT!
    There is nothing better than doing what you want to do, especially when it comes to work. You will be happy and successful.
    Go for it.

  2. Thanks Fifi, I need the encouragement, it’s bit of a leap in the dark!! I love your website and you are a great example! Thanks Liz

  3. This is my first visit here and I will enjoy coming along and reading the stuff you have put on here. I need to get to grips with what it all means etc. You will be great at this, if you only write about the funny things that Lily says You were fab at IT though and we so miss you at work, getting techie info now over the phone from some ‘person’ in Worcester is just not the same, you always had time, you always explained everything in laymans terms so we un-techie people could understand. Hope your new venture goes really well Liz you are so lovely x

  4. Hi Liz, I’ve just stumbled upon your page whilst searching for Halloween goodies – what an amazing site, everything I love, even the Cath Kidtson touch – wonderful, be sure I will be tuning in again. I do a similar blog site myself accept I am a novelist. thanks again K.

  5. Hi! First visit here, am trying to find out what is going on in the British Mummy-Blogger world. Am Swedish myself but blog in English. Can relate to your feelings about becoming an entrepreneur: did it myself (am a diplomat gone inventor), am so far having a fantastic ride and hope the pay will follow one day 😉 Will subscribe to your feed, am sure there will be lots to comment on!

  6. I also have a slight obsession with Cath Kidston 🙂

    Were you on my table at the BMB meet up yesterday? There was someone on mine that I didn’t get around to talking to (I’m terrible at approaching people=shy :|) x

  7. Hi Liz, I’ve just migrated my blog over to its own url and am now using WordPress. I’m happy with the theme I’m working with but would still like to design an avatar for Vegemitevix. I’m not sure if you know my story so here tis in a nutshell. I met a man (my Englishman) in Paris in 2007, and moved out here from NZ with my three kids in August 2008 to be with him and try a new life together. We married in May 2009. I blog about parenting teens (at MadManicMamas as well as my own blog), and step parenting and expat life and homesickness etc.

    I’d like the Vegemitevix avatar to be something classy, feminine (but not girly), savvy (I am almost gasp 42!) and memorable – maybe making use of the VV? I think the blog’s style is very frank, often funny (read An Attractive Older Woman and Contact) and always honest.

    Ok so here’s the thing – I have limited funds (I hate writing that, I work in marketing too and I hate clients with ‘limited budgets’) but how much would it cost me for you to design me a lovely avatar for Vegemitevix?

    Can you please drop me an email or dm me on twitter @vegemitevix

    Vix x

  8. Hope you get loads of work for 2012, you are are a great designer, helpful & so patient … wish you luck…….xx

    thanks for all your help last year


  9. Well done you 🙂
    I am tentatively making steps to finally take the leap myself. I have spent 15 years working (and fighting) with PC’s/ databases and the usual 9 – 5 treadmill, if I see another codebase error I think I may scream!!
    A friend pointed me in your direction to show me what you could do if you really wanted to. Now suitably inspired I’m off to sort out a ruff Idea of my content and to do battle with Word Press..
    May your 2012/13 bring you continued success.

    Steph x

    1. Hi Steph,

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck to you finding something that doesn’t drive you nuts – I know that feeling! 🙂

      If you need any help with WordPress just give me a shout be lovely to have a chat.

      Wishing you a successful 2012/13 too

      Liz x

  10. Hi Liz
    What a beautiful site! How can someone find a little bit more about the advertising opportunities you offer here? 🙂
    Thanks a lot (in advance)!

  11. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying desperately to find the name of a discontinued IKEA dressing table with no luck at all – but voila! You have a pic & a name here so at least now I know what to ask for when I’m trying to find one to buy!! 🙂

  12. Hey Liz,

    I am big fan of your blog over the last year or so and really love it! You’ve been a huge inspiration to me in regards finding my own style! Anyway I came across this competition and thought you would might be interested!

    Have a fantastic day,

  13. Hi there Liz,

    My name is Sue and I am a content writer & webmaster and must say that your blog is great in terms of information provided with the aid of your wonderful photos taken. Your site is exactly the sort that I’d love to write for.

    I specialise in interior design and fashion, and would like to contribute a few guest posts to your site. I was wondering if you would like to have some fresh content written to be featured on your blog?

    My post will be written for your site audience and I assure you that the post will be unique and informative for your readers. .

    I am also more than happy to send you some examples of recent work if you would like to see some.

    Let me know if this is something to your liking and I’ll get started on it right away!

    Best wishes,

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