Gigaset G-Tag Review

I am a nightmare for loosing my keys, I’ve found them in the fridge and when I was pregnant even once in the oven!

Gigaset asked if I’d like to try their G-Tag fob which you can either attach to a set of keys, or chuck it in your car if you can never remember where you’ve parked (handy for Disney! I’ve lost so many cars there). If Miss L still had those ‘doll’ Clarks shoes I’d pop one in there, we can NEVER find her shoes in the mornings!

It works with the Bluetooth on your phone and it has an iOS and android app. You register with Gigaset pair your phone with the tag, and then off you go.

It tells you when it’s in range, and bleeps at you when you’re close (you can mute it if you don’t like noises, like me).

If you’re out of range it will bring up a map of where you last had it and handily your phone can be set to alert you, should you walk off and leave your keys or whatever you have tagged!

I was worried about the Bluetooth using up the battery on my phone but it seems ok so far, no worse than my car stereo. The battery in the fob lasts a year, I think it’s just a watch battery to replace.

They are £19.99 on Amazon and if you’re forgetful like me, dead handy!

**Full disclosure I received a G-Tag for free**

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  1. I have been thinking about buying something like this, because I always misplace my keys or phone. The brand I looked into brand let’s you find the phone by shaking the tag. I am not sure it is Gigaset or another brand.

    1. That sounds interesting Marianne, I would like another one with maybe a smaller fob so it’s easier to put on bags etc. let me know what you find x

  2. One in the car for car parks would be great! I always try to park near a sign so that I can take a pic of the level/area of the car park for ease. A habit I got into after going shopping with a friend and spending 15 minutes looking for her car as neither of us had paid attention to where she parked it!!
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