Painted Dresser

I first posted about getting this dresser from eBay back in Jan 2011. I can’t believe I’ve had it this long!  And finally I’ve gotten round to painting it. Better late than never!

You can’t see it from this picture, but there was some water damage down the left handside and tons of Betty scratches from when she was a large puppy.  Also it sucked the light in the room, so painting it seemed like a good idea.  I used Annie Sloan, only one coat just in case I decided that I wanted to change the colour, I wasn’t too sure about more white in the room.



I used a lot of frog tape to keep the edges sharp and I left the top wooden, and I did back of it in white as well as I haven’t chosen an accent colour for the room yet.  Here’s the finished article!




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  1. Great job, you must be thrilled. You could maybe choose an accent colour to tie in with your crockery. I love dressers as they are such a fab way to add character to a room and the perfect way to show off your prize possessions rather than hiding them away :O)

  2. I was looking through the home & style section and came across this. What a great transformation:) Did you varnish the work top and drawer handles or keep them original? It came out fab!

    1. Hi Andy, Thank for the lovely comment, glad you liked it. I waxed the top to protect it and I removed the handles (left them unchanged) while I was painting it and then popped it all back together. Thanks for stopping by 🙂