Christmas with John Lewis and Tree Hilarity

John Lewis asked me if I’d like a new Christmas Tree and £50 of baubles to decorate it with…of COURSE I WOULD!!

Our old artificial tree was bought our first Christmas together as I’m allergic to read trees and after 14 years was looking a bit ropey. Also I had to weigh it down with the Argos catalogue, to stop it falling over every year because it never stood right – so classy!. We were thinking of getting a new tree for this year, when John Lewis’s generous offer came along.

I had the choice of a 6ft, 7ft or a whopping 8ft tree. Now I am bit of a small child when it comes to Christmas and I firmly believe that a tree should be much bigger than me or anyone else in the house. I have childhood memories of 30ft Disney Christmas trees at Disney World and I think I’m always trying to replicate that feeling of being small while the tree is massive!   I measured our ceiling and it’s about 9.5ft high, so I thought that the 8ft tree would be a bit too big, therefore I went for the 7ft tree.

Tree came in no time, and we put it up at the weekend. It’s much, much easier to put up than the old one. That had colours and you had to match the colours with the right bit of the tree – a right old faff. This one you just pull out, slot together and pull out the branches to fluff. So simple, and tree was up in under 10 minutes!

Except, I hadn’t measured right! I hadn’t taken the base into consideration! So it was a wee bit too tall!


After much laughter and my family, giggling at my inability to measure anything (I do have a track record for buying things way too big!). We took the bottom layer our and the tree was the perfect height! But when I get my imaginary next house with Victorian height ceilings it’s going to look amazing full size!

The baubles are lovely, I ordered mostly gold and red, as that’s pretty much tradition in our house. But I spoilt myself as this year as there are no toddlers or puppies in the house, I chose some glass baubles as well as non-shatterproof ones.   For £50 I managed to get about 60 baubles, 50 non-shatter and then about 10 more expensive glass ornaments and the tree topper.

I think this is my favourite, it makes me smile every time I see it


Here are a few of my other favourites, a beautiful mercury glass topper



Shatterproof sparklies!



Gold glass, just lovely!



Here’s the tree with the decorations on and our lights, it looks very realistic and so pretty!  Thanks so much John Lewis!


**Full disclosure I received a Christmas Tree and £50 of baubles from John Lewis**



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  1. LOL that is a great story! We always buy a real tree! Last year it lost almost all its needles before Christmas. We will put up ours later today. I hope it will hold up a little better.
    Your looks lovely!
    Have a nice weekend!


    1. Oh no! I remember trees doing that when I was little. It’s hard to keep them green so long. Hope yours is better this year, look forward to seeing it xx

  2. Our tree is rather on the tall side, too! But we can (although I’ve never tried) take the tree of its stand and have it sitting on the floor. I had my own “It’s far too big!!” moment this week when I decided to wrap and send all my niece’s and nephew’s presents to Scotland myself, rather than letting Amazon take care of it. Picked up the baby play gym I’d ordered from Mothercare and it was absolutely immense! After pricing up postage I ended up taking that and everything else I’d bought back to the shops and ordering from Amazon as usual. Woe.

    The tree is lovely, though! Love the mercury glass topper. I am planning to go to John Lewis on Boxing Day and try to pick up cheap decorations in the sales for next year 🙂
    Angela @Little Apple Tree´s last Post ..Life lately…My Profile

    1. I’ve done that ordering presents, we had some friends move to New Zealand and I was sending them a care package of goodies, the stuff cost like £25 got it to the post office and they wanted £70 to post it!! Had to take it all home and start again!

      Glad you liked my tree and topper! Have a wonderful Christmas Angela! xx
      Liz´s last Post ..Thrifty Christmas 2014My Profile