Battle of the Orange Pine & a Betty Update

Good news from our household, Betty has Polyps. Hurray!!

Although it could be cancer the guy who did the endoscopy yesterday thinks it’s very, very unlikely. 6 weeks of antibiotics and anti inflammatories should hopefully fix it. Phew!!

Thank you all for your lovely kind wishes on here, FB, Twitter and Instagram. Really kind of you all made me feel so much better. I know she’s just a dog but they are such a part of the family aren’t they? I’m a very happy woman this afternoon.

Anyway back to regular programming….

We have a *lot* of orange pine furniture, and I although I swear it wasn’t that orange when we bought it…well it is now! It seems to suck the light out of every room and just looks horrible. There’s book cases, bed side tables, the giant chests of drawers in our bedroom, sideboard, you get the idea there is a lot.

Personally I blame the cheap white Ikea table I bought for the dining room, it just made all the pine in there look even worse after a few weeks.  Most of the furniture we’ve had since we first moved in together, it’s about 14 years old and we can’t afford to replace it all.



So I have started operation paint!

I know painted furniture is the biggest cliche and is EVERYWHERE, but I just couldn’t stand the orange any longer and I thought it was worse that a piece of furniture I wouldn’t notice as much anymore.

Now my long suffering husband wasn’t convinced that this would be a good idea. Apparently I tend to get bored and just paint a bit of something..which is true, but don’t tell him that!.  But I thought if I started small, say one bookcase I could see how it went.  I got out my trusty Annie Sloan Old White (lazy painting is me!) and went to town. After about 10 minutes I thought I’d made a horrendous mistake and was pretty sure OH was going to be proved right.

I panicked and posted this on Instagram.




Boyed by the good response from other Instagrammers and mainly because by this point I had no other choice – that chalk paint isn’t coming off once it’s on!.  I kept going….




Once I did a second coat, waxed it and put everything back in, I was actually quite pleased with how it looks (sorry about the dodgy lighting in the photo below it’s been beyond grey here this week!).   It’s receded the bookcase and it’s not  ‘in your face’ anymore. In fact OH is so pleased with it, I’m under orders to paint the hallway table.  I actually thought that looked ok!



I’m going to paint the matching bookcase which holds the DVD collection, but I’m not sure if I should do everything in the dining room white?  I think the dresser as well might be a bit too much. But I guess I can do a base coat and see how it looks?  I can always whack on a layer of colour on top and make it funky, if it looks too spartan.  Paint brush out again tomorrow!






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  1. Phew! I was thinking about Betty and wondering how you’d got on. Hopefully the meds clear everything up quickly so she’s feeling better soon. Great news!

  2. I am glad Betty is o.k.
    You did a great job on the book case. We are doing the hall/stairs, well actually we are paying people to do it for us. A combination of grey and white. I intend to paint a little oak cabinet myself though. I hope it will look as good as your cabinet.

  3. So pleased about Betty. And very jealous of your painting expertise. Phrases like ‘after the second coat and a coat of wax’ make me feel very tired. The window frame in our bathroom upstairs has had one coat of undercoat on it for about… ahem… a year?
    But – more Annie Sloan! It looks so great. With such a light, neutral room I would be tempted to paint another piece of furniture a brighter colour: teal maybe, or turquoise, or even green. But it’s easy to say that when it’s not my room, of course…
    Rachel´s last Post ..Simplest, fastest DIY bunting everMy Profile

    1. Ha ha! A woman after my own heart, I can never finish jobs, they always take me forever! I like the idea of teal on the dresser and I have a spare can left over. Might give it a go!

  4. Oh that’s brilliant – nothing so therapeutic as painting things white! I spent weeks painting an old letter tray white (including an undercoat that stops old varnishes seeping through) and it looks brilliant as a wall hanging with tiny things stuck in the old trays. Happy painting! xx
    nixdminx´s last Post ..New Musical: Made In DagenhamMy Profile