How to Fix Laminate..badly!

Disaster at ours this morning. I was all pumped up and doing a spring clean….well the sun was shining and I could see how dirty the house was.  Thought I’d start in the lounge, then I could clean and watch ‘Homes under the Hammer’, my utter guilty pleasure. Lifted the footstool away from the sofa, as there is usually half a dog under there to hoover and found this (Mr VP look away!)


Somehow and I don’t know quite how this happened, the foot of the footstool had ripped through the laminate to the particle board underneath! Yes, there was swearing…a LOT of swearing!

I wasn’t sure what to do, I need to cover it up and to not make it worse. First things first, I’ve put new pads on the bottom on the footstool. These are bigger and more heavy duty than what was there before.


Then how on earth to cover up the particle board and scratching?

I broke out, and this is a bit lame the wax crayons I’d bought ages ago for fixing the sideboard. They are basically large brown colour dense crayons.  I felt a bit stupid colouring in the floor, but it did fill in the scratches and the hole where the particle board was. Scraped off the excess so it looked less like an irate 3 year old had been at it.


It looked better but still loads of white mini scratches. I’ve also got in the cupboard some pledge wood dye (yeah that sideboard gets a battering!) and I rubbed that on the top of the scratch.  It looks better, by no means perfect, I don’t think I have the right colour crayons,  but it’s  less noticeable and if I drag the rug over it then it should protect it from getting worse *everything crossed*.


I’m sure if I hunt on Pinterest there is probably some fabulous laminate repair idea, I just need to find it!

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  1. The crayons were a good idea; you usually get them or filler putty in a laminate floor repair kit. Take a look in B&Q and there should be a bunch of different colours to choose from for a closer match to your floor.

    I am fed up with laminate at the moment, especially when the sun hits it. Any speck of dust or traipsed in dirt shows up on it and it is driving me insane!!
    Angela @Little Apple Tree´s last Post ..A stroll around Bradford on AvonMy Profile

    1. Brilliant thanks Angela, I didn’t know about the putty, shame I was in B&Q yesterday – doh!!

      I feel your pain with seeing all the dirt on the laminate, I don’t remember it being like that when we had floorboards?

      Yesterday I was on my hands and knees dusting in the fireplace and under the chest. You’re right you can see every little speck!