Dining Room Makeover (Part 1)

Our dining room has been a disaster since we swapped it round with the lounge years ago. When this was the lounge I remember it being a bright sunny room, which you had to draw the curtains to watch TV in the afternoon but it was bright in the mornings too and I loved it as the lounge – small and snuggly with my baby girl. Then she became bigger, played more on the seemingly shrinking floorspace so we swapped with the bigger room next door.

When it became the dining room it shrunk, became darker, lighting became yellow and depressing.  No matter what colour I’ve painted it – pale yellow (too jaundice), pale blue (too cold and boring) it’s just not been the room I remember. I’ve filled it with bookcases holding more clutter and rarely used other than for meals.


When I had my cousin over for a coffee a couple of weeks ago, I asked her to cast and eye over the room and see what she thought of it. It’s good to have an extra pair of eyes and she was very kind about all our clutter, but did point out to me that the bookcase in the corner as you walk into the room was casting a massive shadow which just darkened the room no end. It’s the FIRST thing that catches your eye, no wonder it’s felt so dark in there, I didn’t have them when it was the lounge I just had shelves.  So obvious! How had I missed it??

I’d been toying with how to get rid of the now offending bookcase, then Mr VP bought me an iMac for my birthday as my laptop is on it’s last legs. Where to put it….why in the alcove where the bookcase is! I went to Pinterest and literally pinned every desk I could find that I liked the look of onto my Thinkspaces board below.

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What I like about having a Pinterest board is eventually you see a pattern of what you really like and in my case – white plain desk, iMac and a chair stood out. One trip to Ikea later – a massive white lightshade, LED light, a £30 white gloss desk, one spun round dining room chair and voila a new room is born!


I don’t even feel the need to re-paint the room anymore.  I swear everyone is using this room now, more than ever. I know there is a new computer, however Miss L now mini teen is in here playing games and Skypeing rather than being holed up in her room. Mr VP came in here for breakfast this morning – unheard of! And it’s 10pm at night and instead of being in front of the TV I’m actually blogging in here. It’s become the hub of the house.

What else is left to do? I hear you ask?

The bookcase has been moved to the other side of the room where I can’t see it anymore and later this week I’m going to restack all the DVD’s on it there – where I can’t see them!.

Meanwhile the other bookcase will become the holder of books and pretties.  I’m thinking at the moment I’m just going to put photos and prints above the computer. I don’t need shelves there and I think it’s quite a good trick of the eye to make this side of the room look empty. Makes the room look and feel so much bigger.

I’m debating painting all the dark wood (except the dining room table) white…not sure if it’ll be overkill though? Maybe I’ll try some chairs first and see what it looks like? I feel the need to add some flashes of colour now, maybe some etsy prints are the way to go? But all in all I’m feeling much happier about our unloved room.

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    • Thanks Jen, I’m really tempted to paint them. They’re very dark and if I do the dresser too then they’ll ado clash less with each other as they are different woods.

  1. Such a difference with a small change. I would paint the dresser and then put some of those lovely wall paper samples I notice on the chimney breast inside.
    Kath Knitty Mummy´s last Post ..The one where I end up on the radioMy Profile

    • So sorry Kath you ended up in my spam folder, just dug you out! Apologies! Yeah those wallpapers are gorgeous! I’m a bit nervous because I’ve never done wallpaper hanging so I might have to beg my Mum to help me. But I think they would brighten up the room too :)
      Liz´s last Post ..Dining Room Makeover (Part 1)My Profile

  2. I think I’d get a wood paint and just lighten things to match the dining table. Too much white could end up clinical/loony-binish! ;) You’ll accessorise beautifully as always though, have fun! :)
    Lisa from Lisa’s Life´s last Post ..100 Word Challenge: On The Catwalk.My Profile

    • Thanks Lisa! Yeah I’m still a bit worried about painting it all. Thanks for your lovely comment xx
      Liz´s last Post ..Dining Room Makeover (Part 1)My Profile

  3. What about something like Annie Sloan chalk paint in a pale grey or eggshell blue and distressing it lightly before waxing? I think a print, like your new logo, would work really well in the space, too!

    I think the desk does make a tremendous difference! Much lighter xx
    Angela @Little Apple Tree´s last Post ..The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibitionMy Profile

    • Great idea! I love the idea of eggshell blue and it’s another excuse to hit the Annie Sloan shop :) Thanks Angela x
      Liz´s last Post ..Dining Room Makeover (Part 1)My Profile

  4. Love the new desk Liz, it’s funny how using Pinterest shows us what we really love, even when we don’t realise it!
    Jen´s last Post ..Light your Home with LitecraftMy Profile

    • You are so right Jen! I’m just building a Pinterest mood board for Miss L’s bedroom makeover as she wants to use a weird duck egg blue she’s found. Amazing what goes with it, when you start searching x
      Liz´s last Post ..Dining Room Makeover (Part 1)My Profile

    • Thankyou!! :)

    • Thanks x I was shocked at how such a small change can make a difference like that. I need to try it in some other rooms! LOL!
      Liz´s last Post ..{Link Love} New Reads…My Profile

    • Thankyou so much :)


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