Planning the Veggie Patch

I was watching The Great British Garden Revival last week and got inspired by the kitchen gardens they were showing. I felt bad as  I didn’t do much with the veggie patch last year,  so this year I’m planning ahead and I’m going to do more in the beds themselves and in patio pots.


So I’ve been having a think about what we eat the most of:

New Potatoes













I think I’m going to do a mixture of seeds and plug plants, my sweetcorn plants never seem to turn out well if I set them from seed for some reason. Maybe it’s the windy Fens?

I also want to plant a small amount of fruit trees down the end of the garden too, now I know they aren’t going to build lots of houses right up against my garden fence. I’d love some more apple trees and pear would be great too.

First off I need to clear out the raised beds and the de-ivy the flower beds , there is ivy all over the place! It’s going to be a nightmare getting it out of the beds, it’s also gone all over the apple tree. My fault I ignored it last winter and then when it got to spring it made me ill when I tried to get rid of it.  So maybe a little removal every day is the way forward, rather than going mad and getting bored with doing it?

Do any of you have any good recommendations for good online plant or seed stores? I’d love to try some heritage varieties this year too and see how they do, but I don’t know where to start looking.  All suggestions welcome!

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  1. My only suggestion–totally not a gardener–is to splash out a little more on thorn-less raspberry canes. Your life will be SO much more pleasant when you come to pick them!

    You can also get “family” apple trees, with three varieties grated onto a tree. That’s what I have, and my little apple tree is quite happy. Useful for pollination if you don’t have loads of apple trees in the area!

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