{Review} The Fine Bedding Company


The Fine Bedding Company asked me if I’d like to try one of their duvets. Couldn’t come a moment too soon, ours was on its last legs and was impossible to wash, so I jumped at the chance.

We have a Super King Sized bed, we bought it when Miss L was a toddler purely so we could all get some sleep. But it has made buying bed linen and more importantly a duvet to actually fit the bed.  I’ve had, I think three duvets since we got the bed and although they said they were Super King…well they were lying! They tend to fit the bed exactly with no overlap, that might have caused a few arguments about duvet hogging over the years!

The duvet they sent me was a Spundown washable (yay!) synthetic, 10.5 tog, allergy proof one. The packaging was lovely, nice big zip-able bag. You know me I’m a sucker for nice packaging 🙂  The duvet itself is MASSIVE and is a proper Super King sized, even fits our duvet cover which hasn’t happened before. There’s a great overhang now all over the bed – my husband is a happy man!

My one misgiving when I opened the package was it’s a 10.5 tog and normally because our bedroom is on the cold side we have a 13.5 tog. You know what, it’s made no difference, this is much warmer than our old duvet and I’ve needed a hot water not to once this week.  I’m looking forward to washing it in the spring, I don’t think that it’ll fit in our washing maching but at least it’s washable and I can take it down the launderette. Also the bag it came in was so nice I’ve put our spare guest double duvet in it to store it. Win/win!

So a big hit with us, it’s on their website for £80 at 10.5 tog for a Super King, which considering what we’ve paid before is pretty reasonable.

***Full disclosure  I received a duvet for this review****

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