I think this is my first post for the whole month. For some reason I’ve just been finding life hard and frustrating this last month.

I don’t actually have a proper reason to feel like this, just lots of illness in the family – even the dog! Has left me feeling exhausted and without any Mojo.

I’m hoping that putting up lots of twinkling fairy lights and the Christmas Decorations this weekend, will put me in a better mood?

In the meantime here’s some photos I’ve taken this last month. Hope you like them!


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4 thoughts on “November

  • Marianne

    I haven’t been feeling up to par myself, but will be off work for the next week with some nice things do (read shopping). The thought of that has already worked as a pick me up 😉 I hope you will feel better soon!

  • Angela @Little Apple Tree

    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling a bit down and out of sorts. I think the time of year doesn’t help and bouts of illness–even if you’re not the one who’s ill–are very wearing. Hopefully Christmassy lights and cheer will help put the smile back on your face. Have missed you xx

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