{Mini Review} Autumn Clean with Method

I love the autumn, it makes me feel all snuggly and also has the added advantage of making our large red rug look less ridiculous, it looks so wrong in mid July!.  But it also means that the lovely sunshine blasts into the house and well you can see just how grubby/covered in dog hair everything is. I’ve even bought myself a steam mop, which although is a bit meh on the laminate – I couldn’t tell the difference – works brilliantly on the tiled floors in the house no scrubbing where the dog has walked in mud anymore, hurray!.

The nice people at Method sent me a bunch of products which did frankly guilt me into cleaning. I’m a big Method fan, I think I wrote about them not long after I started this blog back in 2007. Because I seem to have issued with chemicals, I do prefer cleaning products that don’t make you feel like your lungs are burning.  I was quite excited because they sent me some items I hadn’t used before the handwash and laundry liquid especially.

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I love the Daily Kitchen and I buy that anyway, it’s my go to kitchen cleaner works on pretty much everything worktops, induction hob, kitchen sink, it got some port stains up but doesn’t seem to work on tea marks on my worktop which is no biggie as I can get them off with some baking soda and vinegar.

The handwash is lovely and we’ve had it in the bathroom now since I got the package in July so I’d say that’s a winner and we’ll be using that again – smells lush on your hands and I often see it on special offer.

Daily Granite, I don’t know why I asked for this one. The only vaguely granite thing I have in the house are some slate coasters and table mats. But it works ok on them, although I have to say I haven’t used it a massive amount.

Laundry liquid…I like this a lot. It fits in my washing cupboard, it’s easy to use, makes your sheets smell amazing and does last a decent amount of time and no one in the house was allergic to it.  So it was a winner on that front….yes you can hear a big BUT coming here. When I looked to replace it at the supermarket it is SO expensive at £5.99 a bottle, even the refills at £13.99 are pricey and I have nowhere to store the leftovers. I must admit I do tend to buy whatever the cheapest non-bio is on offer probably £3-£4 tops – I have no brand loyalty when it comes to washing power/liquid.  So I’ll maybe get this again if I see it on special somewhere or if I really, really feel like spoiling myself.

So the house is smelling lovely, and looking pretty good – shame I’ll need to do it all again in a few days 🙂


**Disclaimer, I got some free bottles of product from Method**



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