Autumn Nesting

The temperature here has dropped like a stone, it’s suddenly Autumn and I’m quickly getting into hibernation mode!  Now as my husband is insisting on being ‘thrifty’ no heating is going on here until at least late October – grrr!.  So I’m living in my new £8 Fleece from Sainsbury’s. I have to say I think it’s my favourite new piece of clothing – I’m so old!

I’ve also been getting out all the blankets, and nesting the place for winter. I popped to The Range and bought a couple more throw pillows (tartan!) and I treated myself in the sale to a new giant cotton/wool blanket for the lounge to snuggle under with the dog when I’m working. It’s so snuggly!

photo (11)

What are you all doing to snuggle up for autumn?


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  1. I hate having to turn on the heat so early, but I also hate the cold. ! It was 16,5 degrees on our bathroom this week, so I started the (under) floor heating. That feels much better!

  2. I’ve found myself unearthing cardigans from the wardrobe and wrapping up in them instead of putting the heating on. I run so much colder than the rest of the family, so while they’re quite happy I’m often shivering. I’ve given up on trying to persuade them that it’s absolutely Baltic and just layered right up.

    I’m trying to figure out how best to clean my favourite blanket. A small child, who shall remain nameless, shoved it down the side of the spare sofa and left it to get dusty on the floor. I suppose all the sneezing it now causes will keep me extra-warm!!
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