{Mini Review} Getting your Instagram photos off the screen

I love my Instagram and Hipstamatic photos, and I have literally thousands of them. At the last count I had 4,000 photos on my phone and I don’t want to think about how many are on my laptop. I’m a digital hoarder extrordinare!

But sometimes, it’s nice to have a physical copy of a photo and see them on more places than just your phone. Stickygram sent me an email asking if I’d like to try their Instagram magnets for free. I quite liked the idea of having Instagram photos on the fridge so I said yes. Dead easy, go to to the site, connect with your Instagram account, choose 9 photos and pay $14.99  and shipping is free.

photo (14)

Even though they are (I guess) in the US,  I still received them in 5 days which is pretty impressive and they are so cute. I will be ordering more. I have a friend referral code so if any of you want $2 off your first order the code is FRIENDEBU9

So that was all fine and dandy, but I also wanted physical copies of photos which I’d taken with Hipstamatic but I didn’t want to upload them to Instagram. They had friends children on and other photos I didn’t think was right to have as public on a website but I did want a copy of them. Now there are a million sites where you can just connect to Instagram but not many you can just upload from your phone.

photo (13)

I had a hunt through the App store and found Fotobox and I could upload photos straight to their site and then get them sent to me, they take Paypal and I had the photos in 7 days.  So now I’m on the hunt for square picture frames – I need to head to Ikea I think. Let me know if any of you see any, anywhere else.

Have you used a service you’re impressed with to print or use your photos? I’d love to hear about it.

**Disclosure got some magnets from Stickygram for free***



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Autumn Nesting

The temperature here has dropped like a stone, it’s suddenly Autumn and I’m quickly getting into hibernation mode!  Now as my husband is insisting on being ‘thrifty’ no heating is going on here until at least late October – grrr!.  So I’m living in my new £8 Fleece from Sainsbury’s. I have to say I think it’s my favourite new piece of clothing – I’m so old!

I’ve also been getting out all the blankets, and nesting the place for winter. I popped to The Range and bought a couple more throw pillows (tartan!) and I treated myself in the sale to a new giant cotton/wool blanket for the lounge to snuggle under with the dog when I’m working. It’s so snuggly!

photo (11)

What are you all doing to snuggle up for autumn?


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London Baby!

The last weekend of the summer holidays we decided to go to London for an overnight stay to celebrate the end of the holidays, as we’ve not been on holiday this year.  I managed to get a deal with Expedia for the swanky Four Seasons in Canary Wharf, it was half price and there was an upgrade deal on the room.  It wasn’t that super central but from the photos it looked like it was on the river and I’m rather fond of Canary Wharf from when I worked there many moons ago.

I love walking through the city and seeing how the skyline has changed, some of those buildings are now absolutely massive and very beautiful.  We walked down to the river and over to the Tate Modern and the Globe – which one day I will have to go and see a play at. it’s on my list of things to do, just need to remember to book it!.

My Photo (13)

We then wandered down to Borough Market where my daughter shopped herself silly for cheese, bread and fancy fruit, and bought lunch from the market – super yummy pasta. Then Miss L and Paul went and adventured around HMS Belfast (which they both recommended, they were on there for a good couple of hours), while I took up residence at the top floor bar overlooking the Belfast and the river. If you get a chance go up there it’s has a really amazing view and a pretty chilled out place to get a coffee or glass of wine by the river.photo 3

Having wandered around the South Bank some more we got the Thames Clipper to Canary Wharf and the hotel is right by the dock which was handy.  I’ve not been to Canary Wharf since I worked in London twelve years ago and it’s gotten so much bigger. Bizarrely it reminded us all of Vancouver, lots of apartments and the river is very accessible which it isn’t in a lot of places in London.  In fact I think we all wanted to move there instantly, it’s a really nice area if a little new and shiny.

photo 4

I’d quite happily stay there again, it’s not super central but it’s a lot cheaper and quieter than the West End and with the Thames Clipper’s going there every 20 minutes, it’s not trouble getting there. With the Expedia deal on the room we got an automatic river view upgrade for the same price as the cheap room – yay!

Oh my word the view over the city was amazing and we had great fun boat and building spotting, you could even see Crystal Palace from the room – we are such geeks!  There are loads of places to eat at Canary Wharf, so we headed to Browns, had dinner and saw a beautiful sunset. At this point I was really wishing I’d booked more than one night!

All in all it was a brilliant weekend away, we really should do it more often it really felt like a mini holiday. Roll on half term!


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