On Saturday we did a day trip over to the village of Lavenham in Suffolk. It’s one those almost untouched English villages which is full of Tudor and Medieval buildings with just a few Victorian and Edwardian thrown in for good measure. It’s set in rolling farm land which at the moment has ripe corn in, so was just beautiful and glowing.


I could have wandered around for hours taking photos it’s so pretty, but strangely my family weren’t up for that. I was dragged to the quaint shops and then for a really delicious ice cream – hard life!


I love how the residents had planted their gardens, pots well pretty much anywhere you can put a plant to set off the buildings which are really colourful. Quite a lot of the houses were entirely white washed including the black beams. But I’m guessing that is probably more traditional than the look we associate with Tudor buildings.

The bright yellow building in the very top photo above is a museum but we got there too late to go round it. But what a spectacular looking building!

Hoping to go back again soon, I think there were some cream teas I missed out on.

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First Week of the Holidays

So all my plans for the first week of our holidays went to pot! On the Monday night I was reading in bed and then stood up to turn the fan off and the room started spinning and didn’t stop and then there was a weird pop feeling in my head. I thought I was just over tired and hot so I went to sleep, but when I woke up in the middle of the night for a sip of water I sat up and the room was still spinning and that’s when I got scared.

I woke Paul up, he called NHS direct after I’d looked at the App and it said to call asap, when I put in my symptoms. I was really lucky, went straight through to a triage nurse and a Doctor called back within 10 minutes. They diagnosed Vertigo and my own GP agreed the next day. I’ve never had it before and although the dizziness has now gone, I still get nauseous every now and then which isn’t brilliant but better than everything spinning.

But it totally ruined our first week, poor Miss L was wonderful and looked after me and even made me lunch one day. She’s amazing for a 10 year old, I don’t think I could have cooked roasted chicken and veggie cous, cous when I was 10! My Mum would have gotten some bread and butter 🙂

This weekend though we made up for it and went up to Norfolk to see my parents and then go out for a meal. The weather was gorgeous and it was a good ‘re-start’ to the holiday. I’m trying to think of something lovely to do for Miss L this week for having been so wonderful last week. I think a surprise trip to the beach is in order!


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