Curtain Hack

As summer is here…well kind of! I decided to treat us to a pair of blackout curtains. The sun comes into our bedroom at about 4am and as I’m closest to the window it was waking me up, or at least been putting me into a lighter sleep. Which as I don’t get masses of sleep wasn’t really welcome this year.  I picked these up from Dunelm Mill and they were I think £50? I had to buy a large size as we have quite a big bay window.

Of course when I first put them up there was a stonking bit gap at the side of the window – where you know it, the bloomin’ sun came through first thing in the morning! And of course you notice it even more so now that the rest of the window was blacked out, they actually work surprisingly well.


How to fix it?  I had a rummage in the magical drawer downstairs, which holds all my ‘it’ll come in handy one day’ stuff and found some adhesive velcro. I chopped of a 2 inch bit and stuck it on the wall and on the curtain.


Ta da!!! No sunlight coming through and waking me up at 4am 🙂


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