{Review} Spring Clean with Vileda

Despite my house looking like a painting bomb site, I decided to do a mini Spring clean this week because the nice people at Vileda sent me a bunch of cleaning goodies.


Now I have to shamefully admit that the washing up sponges have gone straight in the cupboard as I’ve not done one bit of washing up since I got my dishwasher. But they will come in useful when we have friends who visit with their children and their bits and bobs have to be hand-washed.

But let me just talk about the other items they sent me.  I loved the 1 2 Mini Spray Mop, it’s awesome for cleaning large glass surfaces.  It has a mini spray bottle in the handle, which you can fill up with your glass cleaner of choice and a large micro-fibre head which then cleans and you can chuck in the washing machine afterwards. Now me being me decided not to clean my windows (it was raining like mad!) so I cleaned my shower with it instead.

image (1)

I sprayed my Method cleaner all over the shower, left it for a couple of minutes and then scrubbed it with the Mini Mop and it came up brilliantly.  I find the glass of the shower quite hard to clean because it’s so big and it’s really easy to miss bits, but this worked much better than just a cloth.  If it ever stops raining here I’ll give it a go on the windows.

Now for the microfibre cloth, I love, love, love! We have some which are for want of a better explanation skinny micro-fibre cloths and they just kind of shove the dust about so you have to lightly spray them first. These thought aren’t like that they are like a really thick old fashioned duster and they really hold the dust.

To give them a good test I throughly dusted my TV stand, it’s where dust goes to die and instead of spreading dust look it held it (feel free to judge LOL!)  Then I chucked it in the wash and it came up good as new.

image (2)

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