Curtain Hack

As summer is here…well kind of! I decided to treat us to a pair of blackout curtains. The sun comes into our bedroom at about 4am and as I’m closest to the window it was waking me up, or at least been putting me into a lighter sleep. Which as I don’t get masses of sleep wasn’t really welcome this year.  I picked these up from Dunelm Mill and they were I think £50? I had to buy a large size as we have quite a big bay window.

Of course when I first put them up there was a stonking bit gap at the side of the window – where you know it, the bloomin’ sun came through first thing in the morning! And of course you notice it even more so now that the rest of the window was blacked out, they actually work surprisingly well.


How to fix it?  I had a rummage in the magical drawer downstairs, which holds all my ‘it’ll come in handy one day’ stuff and found some adhesive velcro. I chopped of a 2 inch bit and stuck it on the wall and on the curtain.


Ta da!!! No sunlight coming through and waking me up at 4am 🙂


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Summer Holidays are on the way

Oh my word! I’ve just realised Miss L breaks up from school Friday next. So I need some ideas of how to fill the following 8 weeks. So far I’ve come up with:

Decoupaching a chair like this (as spotted at our local Picture House cinema)


Learning Horse Riding
Trips to the North Norfolk Beaches
Rummaging in the local charity shops for project ideas.
Painting landscapes
Going to see Joss Wheldon’s ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ – yeah that one is for me!!
Despicable Me 2
Maybe a trip to London to see a Gallery or Museum – depending on train fair deals.
Would love to go back to Kentwell Hall and see the Tudors again.

What have you all go planned for the holidays? Have you got any great ideas for us to do? We would love to hear your plans!

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{Review} Spring Clean with Vileda

Despite my house looking like a painting bomb site, I decided to do a mini Spring clean this week because the nice people at Vileda sent me a bunch of cleaning goodies.


Now I have to shamefully admit that the washing up sponges have gone straight in the cupboard as I’ve not done one bit of washing up since I got my dishwasher. But they will come in useful when we have friends who visit with their children and their bits and bobs have to be hand-washed.

But let me just talk about the other items they sent me.  I loved the 1 2 Mini Spray Mop, it’s awesome for cleaning large glass surfaces.  It has a mini spray bottle in the handle, which you can fill up with your glass cleaner of choice and a large micro-fibre head which then cleans and you can chuck in the washing machine afterwards. Now me being me decided not to clean my windows (it was raining like mad!) so I cleaned my shower with it instead.

image (1)

I sprayed my Method cleaner all over the shower, left it for a couple of minutes and then scrubbed it with the Mini Mop and it came up brilliantly.  I find the glass of the shower quite hard to clean because it’s so big and it’s really easy to miss bits, but this worked much better than just a cloth.  If it ever stops raining here I’ll give it a go on the windows.

Now for the microfibre cloth, I love, love, love! We have some which are for want of a better explanation skinny micro-fibre cloths and they just kind of shove the dust about so you have to lightly spray them first. These thought aren’t like that they are like a really thick old fashioned duster and they really hold the dust.

To give them a good test I throughly dusted my TV stand, it’s where dust goes to die and instead of spreading dust look it held it (feel free to judge LOL!)  Then I chucked it in the wash and it came up good as new.

image (2)

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Mini Fireplace Makeover

When we first moved to this house our fireplace was a hole in the wall which had previously housed a boiler and had just been boarded and papered over so it looked neat.  In fact in the early days it was so boring I shoved a mirror over it, and made this the dining room.  I can’t find any photos of it just as it was, this is as close as it gets.


Then eventually we realised this room was bigger than our lounge, which did back onto the garden but was tiny. So why were we using a small room, when we had a massive free room and a mad toddler running around?  Time to swap rooms!

This became the lounge, along with the dull fireplace.  Now to get the fireplace re-instated it was going to cost about 2k+ (re-build and brick it, hearth, re-plaster etc) which as much as I like a nice fire, frankly not enough to spend that amount of money  on it. Especially when Miss L was little and money was tight, you know a few candles in there can make you feel warm and cosy.

Not long after we moved rooms we were browsing in B&Q one day, where I spotted a fireplace surround…pine. It was nothing amazing but it WAS somewhere I could put candles and christmas cards and a few fairy lights.  And the cost? A whole £13, yes that’s right £13. Done deal!

However we are now eight years down the line, and once again I was growing bored with the fireplace. The rooms needs a re-paint because of the rewire and we’ve changed the sofa’s from beige to a sexy dark grey and the fireplace was looking well, a bit blah and dull.  Time to get my paint brush out!

photo 1

I initially bought a Habitat paint tester pot in black to paint it with and although you can’t really see it in the photos, it came out a weird blue/black and insanely shiny….blurgh! I lived with it for two weeks and it was just annoying me every time I looked at it.


However I was in my local hardware shop on Thursday and they have the full range of Farrow and Ball testers.  So I grabbed a ‘Off-Black’ tester post and repainted the fireplace last night. It’s came out MUCH better and it a grey/black and matt which is what I was originally thinking of and not shiny, shiny. All in all I spent about £6 on testers. I don’t think the brown beading quite works so I might paint over it?  But I’ll live with it for a couple of weeks and see how I feel.

photo 3

I’m really pleased with it and now I’m trying to decide what to do with the surround? A sharper white? Pale grey?  What do you guys think?

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