Small Veggie Gardening

photo 1

Just started on the veggie patch this year and I’ve put some pots by the back door for herbs and fresh lettuce.  I could put them in the raised bed but they are too far from the kitchen then and it’s much easier to have them to hand.  I think I’m going to do rosemary, basil and maybe mint this year?

photo 2

In Miss L’s Veggie patch we have: Raspberries, Strawberries and Lillies and Dahlia’s for cut flowers for her room.  In mine: Peas and Swiss Chard so far. I’m also going to put in some carrots again and spinach, they both worked well last year.


What have you all got in your veggie patches this year?  What’s worked really well in them? I’m dying to try something new!





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5 thoughts on “Small Veggie Gardening

  • Knitty Mummy

    I’m trying a couple of new varieties of strawberries – white ones that are supposed to taste like pineapple and climbing ones that I’m hoping will be safer away from the snails.

  • The Fool

    Definitely agree on having herbs close to the door, much more likely to use them! We plan to have a whole raised bed of mixed salad leaves that you sow as densely as you can so it’s like a carpet. We eat loads of salad in the summer so great having lots of variety and flavours

  • Edmond Koenning

    I’ve tried couple of strawberries but snails were all around, so had to stop. Maybe next time 🙂

  • Amanda

    This yr we’ve just gone for salad and herbs on the patio. About to plant up tumbling toms from hanging baskets though.

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