Day 1 of the Re-Wire

Well all in all day one, which is the hardest day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Walls were channelled out for the new switches but my lovely electrician managed to keep them neat and to a minimum. In Miss L’s room there is a channel to the ceiling as hers were throughly plastered into the walls. But in other parts of the house only a few inches were needed.

Our ‘new’ kitchen lights from 2 years ago were indeed illegal and never should have been fitted. They are metal and went into an unearthed circuit so they had to be remedied. Instead of pulling out the bathroom or taking down the kitchen ceiling like some electricans had suggested there has been a neat hole cut, new wired are in and it is now all safe. Hurray!

Top tips if you are ever in this unfortunate position.

1. Get a LOT of quotes, and talk to a lot of electricians until you find one you are happy with. They all have different methods of working find one that suits you.

2 Dust sheets, buy what you think you’ll need and then triple it. You will need them over everything sometimes twice! Also don’t get them from Tescos they suck as they rip far too easily. Wilkinsons did the best ones by far and were only a £1. Duct tape them down to keep the dust out.

3 Go outside when they are creating the dust, seriously your lungs don’t need it. I was wishing yesterday that we had a summer house to hide in, the dog run had to do 🙂

But the lights are in downstairs and today they are working on upstairs lights, new board and earthing. Almost there!




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      1. Ha ha ha you have no idea how many times I’ve had the word ‘electrician’ spell checked for me this week 🙂 And it’s all gone so much better than I thought it was going to, thanks Marylin xx
        Liz´s last Post ..Day 1 of the Re-WireMy Profile

  1. We will have some work done on the electricity in our ouse next month. Fortunately our home is earthed (t is from 1957), but only the parts of the house where there is water. The kitchen and bathroom (the new one). We will have everything earthed, have extra outlets added, the connections for the lamps will be replaced and a a socket for a washer/dryer added in the old bathroom (as we plans to turn it into a laundry room later). The consumer board was replaced when the bathroom was made. Our work lies in making room for the electrician and I am not looking forward to that. In one room we have to remove two closets. Most of the work for the bedroom will be done from the attic and it is a mess up there. The work will be done by the electrician that also did the new bathroom. He is a great guy and doesn’t charge too much.
    Take care,
    Marianne´s last Post ..Desigual LivingMy Profile

  2. Hmm, I commented this morning but something went wrong.
    It seems to be I am copying you. First you had a new bathroom, then I had one. Now we are going to have work done on the electricity next month. Our house is from 1957 and most of the wiring is original. The house is earthed though, but only the “wet” rooms. We had the consumer box replaced when we had the bathroom made. Now we will have the mounting for the lamps redone, all outlets replaced and doubled, everything earthed, an outlet made for an washing machine/dryer in the old bathroom. I am not looking forward to it as more major de-cluttering is needed. Some work for the bedrooms will be done from the attic, and our attic…… We will have everything done by the electrician that also worked on our bathroom. We were very happy with their work and they don’t charge too much.
    Take care,
    Marianne´s last Post ..Desigual LivingMy Profile

    1. Hi Marianne,

      So sorry you went into Spam, just got you out. Good luck with your electrical work, mine really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I really hope yours goes the same way. Just remember to get lots and lots of dust sheets to cover everything it’s amazing how much dirt getting it all changed creates. I look forward to hearing all about it!

      Liz x