Changing your WordPress Username from Admin

Earlier in the week a few fellow bloggers were saying on Twitter they’d been hacked and how on earth to get their sites back?.  It sounded like a nightmare and I really felt for them.

Tonight I was on Twitter (again!) earlier and spotted a post from the founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg about WordPress sites being force hacked – read it here

Basically there is a bot that’s trawling the web looking for WordPress site’s, with the Username of Admin. It’s then it’s trying various common passwords to hack them.  Which would explain why I was seeing so many people this week who’d been hacked!

So to protect your WordPress Blog there’s some ideas on Matt’s post, BUT change your password to something more tricky and get rid of the Admin User.  Don’t just delete it thought! There are some brilliant Step by Step ‘how-to’ instructions here, just follow them exactly and you’ll be able to protect your site.


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