Weekend in York

Some old school friends of mine invited us up to York for the weekend and as we’d never been we jumped at the chance.  When I started looking in December, the train and the Hotels and B&B’s in and around York were insanely expensive.  So we thought we’d drive up and then back in a day but I managed to snag a £29 deal with Premiere Inn in Goole which was about 40 minutes outside of York – bargain!

York was amazing, really beautiful and historic and I don’t think we saw half of it!  We didn’t even get as far as the Shambles.

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We ended up at the Railway Museum as we all had kids with us and I wasn’t really expecting the kids to like it that much. 21st Century kids and old trains….but they LOVED it!  As one of my friends pointed out it’s a lot easier to be romantic about Steam trains than the bland dull ones we have now and I think she had a point.  Look at the paintwork on the trains and the artistry in their design.  As you can see the Dad’s had a great time explaining the engineering and old fashioned concepts like mail trains to the kids who were enthralled!

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We ended up in a lovely Italian which I didn’t notice the name of but it’s opposite the National Trust Shop, if you’re ever in York. And had the most amazing meal there and they were great with the kids. Really rounded off a wonderful day with old friends and their kids who are now firm friends with Miss L.  Looking forward to visiting York again!

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