How to Clean Your Oven with Baking Soda

My oven has been needing a good clean for YEARS but I’m a bit scared of those oven cleaning products. You know the ones that always seem to need you to have a gas mask and industrial strength gloves?  Our local oven cleaning man, apparently is very good but is £50 which I don’t have spare ,so I’d left it and left it.

But my oven was getting to the point where I thought that I’d probably burn down the house because it was so grotty.  Mine’s not a self cleaning one but shoving the wire racks in the dishwasher got those clean, it was mainly the door that needed the most work.  I’d been ignoring it until I saw this video on YouTube:

and then the results here

Without being mean I thought if he can do it, well then so can I!

So off I went to Amazon to order a large 450g box of Arm and Hammer baking soda for £4 (why can’t they sell it that size here in the UK?) and the next day it arrived. So it was time to play!

Here is my oven door, please don’t judge….well actually judge all you like it was pretty grim.


As you can see…well yeah if you can’t see through it then it needs cleaning.  I followed the YouTube instructions and mixed the baking soda with water to a pancake batter consistency and you will need a lot of baking soda for this.  Once it’s batter spread it over the glass.


Once I’d evened it out I left it for an hour. Now this is where I went a bit wrong, I probably should have left it for 2 or 3 hours but I was a bit impatient to see if it had worked!


I started rubbing it off with a washing up sponge and well, it got it up in the thinner areas but it was taking ages and wasn’t doing much.  Then Mr VP came up with the great idea of using a metal BBQ scraper to get it off. Be careful if you do this because you don’t want to break the glass, but hopefully your’s isn’t as bad as mine so they’ll be no need to use one!

10 minutes of scraping, wiping and cleaning later….


You can see your face it in and no nasty scary chemicals or men who cost £50! I can now actually see when my Yorkshire pubs are done 🙂  I’ve got half a box of baking soda left, just trying to figure else what to clean with it – American/Canadian readers have any ideas?

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  1. Ooh that’s fascinating. I spend the £50 once a year, I have to admit. I tell myself it’s less than £1 per week to justify it and I do it because those horrid chemicals bring me out in a rash – even with the prescriptive rubber gloves on. I love baking soda. It stopped my sons’ chicken pox from itching – use plenty in the bath as often as necessary ( only once per day with mine), but your girl is probably way past those. So you’d better get baking or use the rest next time, because there will be one you know … 😉
    Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer´s last Post ..How the Changes Being Made to Legal Aid May Affect You.My Profile

  2. I’m not sure about this but if you have some left over and a patio that needs cleaning after the winter, then perhaps you could try it out. I’d heard that baking soda cleans patio flags and keeps them clean for quite a while.

  3. Gosh, I love this! I used the nasty chemicals last time, and it was a bit of a disaster, dropped some on the (new) kitchen tap and it took the chrome right off, left stripes of grime on a baking tray, in the end I was too scared to use much of it on the actual oven. I bought a big bag of baking soda from Tesco recently and I’m definitely going to use it next time. Thank you!!

  4. Wow – that was pretty much black! Personally had to look for oven cleaner kent based company as I didn’t have a clue (wife breastfeeding atm and didn’t want to push it on her!) but this looks like a great tip, thanks! I’m pleased to say ours wasn’t THAT bad 😉

    1. Yeah mine was pretty shocking. Im just generally terrified of those chemicals LOL! You sound like an awesome husband, that’s a nice thing to do 🙂