Ok not entirely sure where the last month has gone?  It’s been thankfully a busy time at Violet Posy Design and I’ve been trying to cram in lots of work before my deadline of March 22nd rolls around and I have to finish work for the Easter Holidays.  Eek! I’m nearly there but it’s going to be close!

What’s been happening since last I wrote back in early Feb?

For a good 2 weeks I didn’t have my Macbook at all, I managed to drop it and break the screen. I felt like such an idiot, I meant to put it on the windowsill and just utterly missed and it crashed to the floor cracking the screen! £300 repair bill later it’s working just fine and they cleaned it which was something I guess. But a very expensive mistake to make! That of course threw off work for 2 weeks and I’ve spent the rest of the time trying to catch up.

What else?

Well I turned 41 and Miss L turned 10, both of us had lovely birthdays. She designed her own birthday cupcakes and we all went to see ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and then a meal with her friends, which was actually a really chilled and easy kids party. We shall be doing it again.

We travelled down to Surrey to visit friends and had a great time, I really wish we lived closer.  We had a lovely day up on the Downs where I grew up as a kid and you can see all the Skyscrapers especially the new Shard in London from there now. London’s about 9 miles away and it’s amazing how the skyline has changed since I was little. Sadly I didn’t have my big camera with me, just my iPhone so I couldn’t get a shot of it, but next time I’m down I will.

My Photo

I’ve been clearing the garden of weeds and bloody Ivy – seriously it is the bane of my life. It’s everywhere and a nightmare to pull up/get rid of – so that’s an ongoing job and will be for sometime.  I had the apple tree trimmed back a bit, I think it might have been annoying the neighbours so they now have a lot more light and I’ll have less apples to clear up in the autumn. And I’ve started planting up spring pots, I think I might have left doing my sweet-peas a bit late, but we’re going to do those in the Easter Holidays I think now.

I treated myself to the New Girl box set for my birthday so I’ve been watching that a LOT. I’m  very much looking forward to the new series starting later this month.  It just makes me laugh so much.

I’m really looking forward to Monday when I’m going to the Ideal Home show for the first time thanks to B&Q asking me to go. I’ll take loads of photos and post them.  And then it’ll be the Easter holidays and 3 weeks off with my lovely daughter – here’s hoping the weather has picked up by then. I’m so fed up with being cold all the time!

I really hope you’re all well? What have you all been up to?






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  1. Time really flies when you have a lot to do. I am sorry about your Macbook, but things like that happen. I upgraded my laptop with Windows8 and it died on my the day after. I still have to find out wether it is a software problem or a hardware problem. I am looking forward to you photo’s of the Ideal Home show.

  2. Do you know, I’ve always fancied going to the Ideal Home show but never really looked into it in detail. Sounds right up my street. Hope you enjoy it, looking forward to the photos x