A Room Fit For a Tween

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When kids reach their tween years, usually from 9 years and upwards, their bedrooms will come under scrutiny, anything remotely infantile will probably be spurned in favour of a much more fitting style. Here are a few ideas on how to revamp a child’s bedroom to take them through to the early stages of adulthood.

Think what activities are important to your child at this stage in their life. Most will have heaps of homework to complete each week and should now be responsible enough to work unsupervised, so a desk in the bedroom is a must.

Storage, storage and more storage, you can never have enough storage space! Make a deal with the children. If they are wanting money spent on a new look bedroom, they must sort out old clothes and toys that they no longer have a need for and take them to a charity store or give them away to neighbours. If unwanted items are in good condition, why not hold a car boot or garage sale to raise some extra cash to put towards redecorating.

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Think bed. Depending on the size of the bedroom, a decent quality single or double bed, bought at this age should easily last until well after the kids leave school. Once a bed frame has been chosen, be sure to invest in a quality mattress to support their backs and help with a growing child’s posture. A decent night’s sleep is essential for everybody, but even more so for busy tweens who are learning so much at school and need to bright and refreshed in the morning. To find a quality and comfortable mattress visit mattresses at Bedstar.

High sleeper beds are gaining in popularity as they are designed with anything from a built in desk and wardrobe, to integrated shelving, cupboards and fold up single chair beds, which are fantastic for sleepovers. Oh yes, there WILL be sleepovers.

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Bookshelves are great for children who still read paper books as opposed to electronic readers; there are many narrow styles that can be used to show off knick-knacks and pretty ornaments, not just books.

Kids love taking photographs, so buying or even making, a large wooden frame for their wall that they can fill with pictures of their friends and pets is a cheap and cheerful idea and something for them to get stuck into and stamp their mark on their bedroom.

Bright cushions and beanbags will liven up the bedroom and give the kids and their friends somewhere to sit and giggle without taking over the living room.

Finally; a huge laundry basket is a must. This leaves no reason for dirty clothes thrown on the floor and as you already know- there are going to be lots and lots of clothes!


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  1. Great post. These rooms look great – my 6yr old (mini teenager!) is already hankering for a high bed with a desk for his drawings. It only seemed two minutes ago that we we were watching him for falling out of his first bed!

  2. Lovely furniture! Lot’s room in a small space. And I love the combination of white and bright colors.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. You might have noticed that the entrance door is not on the photo’s. When I took them the door was still vanilla, not a great combination. Henk (mr lemon8) is taking care of that. The door will be the same color grey as the tiles. I am curious what it will look like as my first thought was white.
    Take care,