{The Gallery} Bond

I’m joining in on Tara’s The Gallery this week from my iPhone as I was stupid enough to drop my MacBook and smash the screen! So please forgive lack of links and any typos!

I love the bond that Miss L and Betty now have. They adore each other and their relationship is everything I hoped it would be when we got Betty as a puppy. They are best friends.

Check out the rest of the Gallery at http://stickyfingers1.blogspot.co.uk/



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Winter in the Fens

Much like most of you we’re inundated with snow and it’s getting pretty cold at night. This morning I was trying to de-ice the car and it was -8, took me a while!

The Fens are so beautiful in the snow, peaceful and calm. I will try and get out an take some better photos than the ones snapped on my iPhone.

Here are some photos that pretty much encapsulate my week so far, snow and my new coffee machine. An early surprise present from my lovely husband. Thank you love xx


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A Room Fit For a Tween

A Sponsored Post from Bedstar

When kids reach their tween years, usually from 9 years and upwards, their bedrooms will come under scrutiny, anything remotely infantile will probably be spurned in favour of a much more fitting style. Here are a few ideas on how to revamp a child’s bedroom to take them through to the early stages of adulthood.

Think what activities are important to your child at this stage in their life. Most will have heaps of homework to complete each week and should now be responsible enough to work unsupervised, so a desk in the bedroom is a must.

Storage, storage and more storage, you can never have enough storage space! Make a deal with the children. If they are wanting money spent on a new look bedroom, they must sort out old clothes and toys that they no longer have a need for and take them to a charity store or give them away to neighbours. If unwanted items are in good condition, why not hold a car boot or garage sale to raise some extra cash to put towards redecorating.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 12.35.49
Images from BedStar

Think bed. Depending on the size of the bedroom, a decent quality single or double bed, bought at this age should easily last until well after the kids leave school. Once a bed frame has been chosen, be sure to invest in a quality mattress to support their backs and help with a growing child’s posture. A decent night’s sleep is essential for everybody, but even more so for busy tweens who are learning so much at school and need to bright and refreshed in the morning. To find a quality and comfortable mattress visit mattresses at Bedstar.

High sleeper beds are gaining in popularity as they are designed with anything from a built in desk and wardrobe, to integrated shelving, cupboards and fold up single chair beds, which are fantastic for sleepovers. Oh yes, there WILL be sleepovers.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 12.33.19
Images from BedStar

Bookshelves are great for children who still read paper books as opposed to electronic readers; there are many narrow styles that can be used to show off knick-knacks and pretty ornaments, not just books.

Kids love taking photographs, so buying or even making, a large wooden frame for their wall that they can fill with pictures of their friends and pets is a cheap and cheerful idea and something for them to get stuck into and stamp their mark on their bedroom.

Bright cushions and beanbags will liven up the bedroom and give the kids and their friends somewhere to sit and giggle without taking over the living room.

Finally; a huge laundry basket is a must. This leaves no reason for dirty clothes thrown on the floor and as you already know- there are going to be lots and lots of clothes!


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Creating an Allergy Free Garden

Some of you might remember that last summer I had some scary incidents with what I thought were food allergies.  I was very lucky that my GP took me seriously and referred me to the local allergy clinic where I was throughly tested for everything and anything.

Turns out I’m not allergic to anything food related (thankfully!) but as you can see from my allergy test I’m allergic to grass, trees, shrubs, weeds and a little bit to milk (who knew!). Which as you all know,  I love my garden and this has broken my heart.

photo (10)

It also means that my attempts to be helpful and mow the grass last summer because Paul was working long hours in London, pretty much made me really far more ill than usual with Hayfever. It also made me develop seasonal Asthma – which because it wasn’t controlled is now proper year round Asthma – who feels like an idiot now? Yeah me!.

But I have a large garden surrounding the house, there’s about 60ft at the front and about 150ft at the back, I can’t just leave it for 5 months of the year when the pollen’s at work.  I’m going to have to adapt it so I can still go out there without making myself ill. But how?

I’ve been going through the web and Pinterest trying to find out about Allergy friendly gardening and gardens. I remembered there was one at the Chelsea Flower Show and I’m still looking for more information on it.

Thankfully I don’t have any long grasses in the garden – they are a massive no, no! And I’m going to have to hire someone to cut my grass this year as Paul’s still doing a long commute and it’s not really fair to ask him to do it at the weekends.

But what to plant in the beds closest to the house?   My beloved roses are thankfully ok, and a lot of them are about halfway down the garden anyway.  However there are lots of lillies, stocks and hollyhocks near the house so they are all going to have to come out and be moved further down the garden. So I can still see them, but from a nice distance, through a window!

Lucky Apple, Plum and Magnolia trees are all fine – which is handy as I have all three in the garden.

But here’s a list of good allergy friendly plants, that I’ve found so far:



















So it looks like I can still have lots of colour and structure. I also need to learn more about allergy gardening with veggies, but I’m sure that must be less of a problem?  I just need to think about how I’m going to re-model the garden and concentrate on getting it done before April. That way I can get it all in and then leave it to grow during the allergy months with minimal gardening from me.

If you want to know about allergy free gardening, I’ve pinned some sites to my Gardening Pinboard http://pinterest.com/violetposy/beautiful-gardens/ and I’ll be adding more as I find them.

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