{Review} Snapfish Calendar

It’s my last review of the year, I really should be writing some Christmas Cards but have snuck on here quickly!  Oh and Mum if you’re reading looking away now!!

This is one of my favourite gifts to give at Christmas. I’ve been giving Snapfish Calendars to family since Miss L was born, I used to send them to Miss L’s Great Grandparents, Great Aunt and my parents. Sadly over the last couple of years all the Great Grandparents and Aunts have passed so this year I only had one to make for my parents 🙁

Snapfish is dead simple to use, you can upload photos from your hard drive, Facebook or Flickr – handy as pretty much all my photos are in those places.  You can then choose your calendar, I went with the £14.99 one with a plain white/black background – Mum doesn’t do colours! But there are loads of different backgrounds and styles to choose from.  And then all you do is just pop your photos in the different months as you wish or you can do it yourself or ask it to autofill for you if you are pressed for time.

My favourite thing is you can add family’s birthdays, or special events with a little photo of the person – handy to remind my Dad to buy my Mum a birthday present for example!

When you order the calendar you can also add on a print out of all the photos at the same time, incase you want a hard copy of the photos – which is quite handy if you’re like me and never think to print out all my digital photos.

I just noticed, whilst writing this that if you want to order before 3rd December 2012 there is 50% off here

*Disclosure – I got a free calendar worth £14.99*


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