Half Term Fun

Sorry for the lack of posts, half term and then moving servers at the weekend all got in the way of my blogging.  But I *think* the site is working properly again, can you let me know if you find anything that looks a bit wonky?  I’m hoping to get some time this week and make the site more festive and maybe put in a magazine theme?

Anyway back to the weekend! On Friday we were fortunate enough to be invited to a Guinness Book of Records event at the Westfield Stratford Shopping Mall. It’s right next to the Olympic Stadium and park, so we finally saw all that which was fantastic having seen it on TV so much in the summer.

It’s actually pretty easy to get to from ours, straight down to Kings Cross, cross the road into St Pancras and then pop on the 6 minute Javelin train to Stratford. It’s so much easier to get there than somewhere like Bluewater for me, so I think it’ll be my new shopping center of choice when I need to do a big shop.

We had the top floor of a restaurant in the Mall and there was the most amazing face painter, well that’s actually too simplistic a term for what she was doing, I personally think she was an amazing artist. Miss L asked for ‘Space’ on her arm and I wanted something flowery (no surprise there!) but they were just amazing and done in such a short space of time.

Neither Miss L or I ever wanted to wash again and the pictures made it home intact until Betty decided to lick my arm! ick!

The kids and adults could all have a go at breaking a World Record, there was sock matching and balling (thank you to GWR my daughter is now really into sorting socks when I’ve done the washing!), most recognised sounds in a minute and the quickest stacking of 21 paper cups. Now this last one seemed to be the most popular and there was a lot of practising amongst the children and adults.

In the end there were five contenders for the paper stacking cup challenge, all on 18 seconds. After a tense finale I was very proud that Paul won! 21 cups in 16 seconds the new Guinness Book of Records holder!!  I don’t think Miss L has ever been more proud of her daddy, he on the other hand is a bit embarrassed! 🙂

Thank you @craigglenday for the photo

If you are in Westfield Stratford doing your Christmas shopping pop along to their Live Augmented Reality Experience where you can ‘meet’ all sorts of record breakers, it’s lots of fun.

Thank you so much to the Guinness Book of Records Team for such a fantastic day out, we really enjoyed it.


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  1. Miss L star system is beautiful. Have the two of you taken a shower yet 😉
    Congratulations to Paul! A remarkable achievement!
    Thank you for responding to my tweets. Twitter really is big fun!