The Sofa’s Are Here!

Finally after 2 years of pretty much sitting on the floor on one broken sofa and getting a numb bum on a really uncomfortable sofa bed, the new Ikea sofa’s have arrived!  The sofa bed was taken away last week by a local charity but they laughed at how bad the other one was, so that’s being collected by the council to take to the tip next week.

After MUCH arguing loud discussion, consultation with readers, bloggers, twitter and pretty much anyone else I could ask we went with Ikea sofas because well…they were cheap, delivery wasn’t insane and they could get them to me in a couple of weeks.  Originally we were going for the Ektorp because I liked that they were washable but as Mr VP pointed out Miss L and Betty aren’t babies anymore so wipeable should be ok so we went with the Kivik because I liked that they are a bit deeper and can double as almost single beds when we have visitors.

They came on Friday in 7 BOXES! Oh my word, so pleased I’d cleared out the dining room for the delivery.  I didn’t realise that we’d have to pretty much be putting them together.   But it wasn’t as horrendous as I thought it’d be because Ikea have joined the 21st Century and instead of the unfollowable instructions – which are still in the box but useless as always – they now have a video you can watch and copy! Putting them together took about 2 hours, which wasn’t as long as I thought it’d be.

Can I just say this video saved out marriage, we would have spent hours arguing without this!  I of course still managed to drop the extremely large footstool on my knee – oww! But that was the only Ikea related injury 🙂

The finished result!

We’re really pleased with them, they have memory foam in them which means they are currently a bit stinky but the smell is dissipating fast. However unlike the old ones they keep their shape and are dead comfy. We maybe should have measured the footstool – it’s massive and way bigger than we thought it would be but that’s not a bad thing we can all get our feet on it and it’s got storage in it too, which means I can hide my magazines yay!.

The only thing I don’t like and this is entirely our fault is we should have thought about the colour more, it doesn’t go with anything else in the room. The rug, which is on it’s last legs anyway now really needs to go.  The brown and grey clash is driving me mad everytime I walk into the room. The blue of the old cushions isn’t too bad but just looks a bit off, so we think we’re going to accessorize with a new smart red rug and some grey and red cushions come next payday. I think it’ll make a big difference to how the room will look.

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  1. I must say after 23 yrs of marriage, 4 kids, a Granddaughter and a slobbery boxer dog, out of all the sofas we have owned (its been quite a few) Our Ikea one has been the strongest and the best.

    Love your choice, it looks soooo comfy. Colour is great too. Red would go beautifully. Love it! x
    Mama Syder´s last Post ..The Gallery – BooksMy Profile

    1. Kivik is a pretty new sofa to the Ikea range so I don’t know how long it’ll last to be honest. But lots of people said that the Ektorp had lasted a good 7+ years, which swayed me in Ikea’s favour.

      When we put it together it seemed quite well made, more springs and they were held in better than the old one from Sofa Workshop which lasted 2 years before it broke the first time. Here’s the original post, have a look through the comments there’s lots of helpful stuff there
      Liz´s last Post ..The Sofa’s Are Here!My Profile