Mini Bake Off

I do like it when I get sent a good book to review – especially when it involves cake!  I was sent ‘The Great British Bake Off – Learn to Bake’ which is a cookery book aimed at older children to teens I would have said.  We’re addicted to the show here and we’re all Team James for the final. He won Miss L over with his crazy gingerbread derelict barn which was just a genius recovery from something going to terribly.  A good life lesson for Miss L I felt – you can mess up and still win – good work James.

Anyway back to the book.  I must admit I know it’s aimed at kids but I’ve actually found it quite informative. It has nice concise instructions and isn’t too overwhelming but not condescending either and not like a lot of kids cookery books  just full of cupcakes with smarties on.

There’s whole sections explaining basic ingredients, equipment and what baking terms mean which is good because I had no idea what ‘whisking to ribbon’ meant.  The book much like the programme is broken down in cakes, little bakes, biscuits, bread, pastry and puddings.

Miss L has been rummaging through it for cooking ideas for the half term that’s coming up next week and apparently we HAVE to make the rather amazing looking swiss roll in the book.

Anyone who was with me in a Home Ec class in 1984 stop sniggering now – there was an incident with me, a swiss roll and a coverup by my whole amazing class – really long story.  I’m just hoping that the swiss roll murdering gene has skipped a generation and my girl is less cack handed than me – shouldn’t be hard!.

I’ll post some pictures of our baking’s next week!

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  1. Love this, and would like to hear more about this incident. We always had incidents in the home ec class especially involving the flour shaker .
    It was really upsetting when we were at school as it was only healthy eating recipes such as fruit salad and the only cakey item was banana muffins. One boy in our class used to refuse to cook healthy and would bring in cake mixture every time. His mother must of had some say in it.