Views of London

I love London when it’s sunny and the sky is clear, I personally cannot think of a more beautiful city.  Here are some photos when I was down at The Mads a couple of weeks back.



And then on the train home, back to my little girl 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Views of London

  • debs

    I love London too, the buildings fascinate me, the History we have there 2nd to none…. and its a great place to wander round from morning to late evening , or even early morning ! 🙂 I love to sit and ‘people watch’ South Bank there is always something going on, the trips on the river are different everytime you go ! I agree with you add sunshine to London and its beautiful ! Great Pics ! x

  • Rachel

    I am stupidly in love with London. I bite people’s heads off when they look at me sympathetically when I say where I live, and ask me when we’re planning to leave…. Such a beautiful city. I can’t wait until I’m not pregnant any more and we can start getting out and about a bit more in the centre again.
    Beautiful photos.

  • Callie Grayson

    If you can believe this, I have only seen London when sunny and bright blue skies! I was there over Christmas for two and it was perfect sunny weather the whole time.

  • Pernille

    You are absolutely right. London is a really wonderful city full of magnificent buildings and stories. I live in Denmark, but I have visited the London 4 times and I would like to go again next year with my 3 children.

    Thank you for sharing those nice pictures.

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