Mummy’s (not) in the Picture

A friend shared this article “The Mom Stays in the Picture” from The Huffington Post on Facebook and it made a few of us quite teary.  It’s a beautiful article about how the writer Allison Tate who feels that as a mother her life now largely goes undocumented because of how she feels about herself now.  Allison is utterly right, I am the photographer/documenter of my daughter’s life, but I’m hardly ever in a photo with her or have an photos of me. Any Miss L takes of me…well generally they end up deleted.  Mostly because in my eyes I’m too fat or look too tired/old/grey/crap.

In fact in the run up to The Mads, they asked me for a family photo of the three of us and I realised the last one was taken on holiday by a Disney photographer in 2009.  I just didn’t have anything more recent than that, which was a bit embarrassing to admit for someone known for taking loads of photos!

So I’m changing this, from now on I will accost strangers to take our photo, use Phootbooth to take silly ones, and let my girl take more photos of me and I’ll stop worrying about looking crap/fat/old.  So to kick myself off here is the latest photo that was taken of me and Miss L a month ago (snapped by my Dad as we were Harvest Decorating their local church windows)

Thank you Allison Tate, I think you’ve woken a lot of us up!  Who’s joining us?

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10 thoughts on “Mummy’s (not) in the Picture

  • Katy from Modern Mummy

    LOVE the photo (you look gorgeous!) and love this post! Its very true, I think our last family photo was taken on our ‘summer’ holiday last April (2011). I’m going to try and change this too, maybe we should start a Family Photo Challenge!! x

  • Molly - Mother's Always Right

    I’m joining you! There are certainly not enough photos of me with my little girl. That said, I think I’ve been a bit better about taking them since getting a new phone earlier this year – my daughter loves taking pics when the cameras flipped round and she can see the screen!

  • Sandy Calico

    Thanks for sharing that (*wipes away tears*). You look great in your photo. I’m never in family photos, I’m always the one taking them. Time for a re-think x

  • Amanda

    Oh this so true, I completely agree. We’ve just got back from Disney, and I think I’m in about four photographs in total out of maybe 600, and then i had to be bullied into having mine taken! I too am the photographer in the family, so it is really rare I’m in them, and I agree so self critical of any I am in. When we look back when our children are all grown up, I bet we are really going to regret it. Food for thought, thank you x

  • notsupermum

    I’m always taking photos of my gorgeous girls, but there are only a few of the three of us. I did try to change this quite recently and made an effort to get some taken, and as uncomfortable as it makes me it’s important that they have a record of their childhood to show their own children – and I want to be part of that.

  • Marianne

    I don’t have children, so I can’t relate to that. But I do realize that very little photo’s are taken of me LOL. I think it also has to do with the fact that we love taking photographs, we are eager to photograph everything pretty but we seldom think of having a photo taken of ourselves. I think you you are right about keeping (and showing) everything photo of you, even if they are not flattering.
    Have a nice photo.

  • Make do mum

    I don’t get a chance to censor photos of me with the kids – my friends (the only ones to take photos with me in too) stick them straight on Facebook agghhh! I need a tripod and to learn the timer function on my camera 🙂 Lovely photo of you two, it’s very natural.

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