Sofas are on their way..

After many arguments conversations and flitting between companies, styles and colours we have finally ordered our new sofas – hurray!

Actually we had to order them after I flopped down on the couch and the last of the springs completely went. All that is currently keeping our butts of the floor is the cushions.

So we’ve gone Ikea (cheap and a quickish delivery time) and not the Ektorp, apparently it looked too much like what we have at the moment. Mr VP’s logic is that Miss L is bigger now and so’s Betty so I shouldn’t need to wash the covers as much anymore…mmmkay….so we can have a more ‘grown up’ sofa in a dry cleanable material.  He’s kind of right in that I can’t remember the last time Miss L spilled anything on the sofa, but I know I chucked coffee over it a couple of weeks back!

Anyway the deed is done and we’ve gone for ….The Kivik

In a dark grey – well that one above actually. We’ve ordered a foot stool too so it ends up more like a chaise.  Also the foot stool has storage so I can chuck all my magazines in it.

It comes in mid October and I cannot wait! The only problem is nothing else in the room goes with it, not the throw cushions,  the rug or the main light shade but at least the cream walls should so I don’t have to redecorate thank goodness!.

Now what goes with dark grey??


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