Sofas are on their way..

After many arguments conversations and flitting between companies, styles and colours we have finally ordered our new sofas – hurray!

Actually we had to order them after I flopped down on the couch and the last of the springs completely went. All that is currently keeping our butts of the floor is the cushions.

So we’ve gone Ikea (cheap and a quickish delivery time) and not the Ektorp, apparently it looked too much like what we have at the moment. Mr VP’s logic is that Miss L is bigger now and so’s Betty so I shouldn’t need to wash the covers as much anymore…mmmkay….so we can have a more ‘grown up’ sofa in a dry cleanable material.  He’s kind of right in that I can’t remember the last time Miss L spilled anything on the sofa, but I know I chucked coffee over it a couple of weeks back!

Anyway the deed is done and we’ve gone for ….The Kivik

In a dark grey – well that one above actually. We’ve ordered a foot stool too so it ends up more like a chaise.  Also the foot stool has storage so I can chuck all my magazines in it.

It comes in mid October and I cannot wait! The only problem is nothing else in the room goes with it, not the throw cushions,  the rug or the main light shade but at least the cream walls should so I don’t have to redecorate thank goodness!.

Now what goes with dark grey??


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Removing Facebook from your iPhone Calendar & Contacts

So I got my shiny new iPhone at the weekend (love it!) but then I noticed iOS6 and Facebook had become more integrated, which is well kind of annoying.   Suddenly all my friends in my address book had Facebook email addresses and they were taking preference over their actual email addresses.  And then this morning I was woken up by a Calendar alert for some Facebook event which I had ignored – because who ever replies to those?  But suddenly it was in my diary and I couldn’t delete it!

But it’s dead simple to fix:

Go into Settings

Scroll down to Facebook and then

Turn Calendar and Contacts to ‘Off’

Done – no more annoying updates or weird email addresses :).

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RSS Readers and Email Subscribers

Hello Lovely Subscribers!,

You get your RSS Feed or Emails to Violet Posy via something called Feedburner which I’ve decided to stop using. But in order to keep you all I need to make some changes so  you can all still follow the blog and I wondered if you could all resubscribe?  I would be amazingly grateful if you could!

So to resubscribe to the RSS Feed the new feed is:  – see what I did there! 🙂

And if you get the blog via your email then there is a new email sign up on the right hand side bar of Violet Posy (3rd Widget down)

If you don’t feel like using either anymore, then you can also follow the blog over on Facebook

If you’re not going to resubscribe, can I just take this chance to say thank you for all your support over the years, it’s been really appreciated!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Liz x



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The Mads and a Thankyou or Two

The Mads (Mum and Dad Blogging Awards) is coming up next week, and frankly it’s kind of crept up on me – where did September go?

I’d like to thank you all again for voting for me in the category of the Best Home Blog.  I’m nominated with some wonderful other bloggers  Frugal In Cornwall, Growing Spaces, Love Chic Living and The White Approach   I’m rather looking forward to having a glass of wine with them.  I couldn’t have done that without you all kindly taking the time to vote for me, hugs to you all.

It’s being held at a swish London hotel this year and I was having bit of a panic about what to wear.  I was thinking my black maxi dress and some purple trainers for comfort. Last year I wore high heels and they were off of my feet in about 10 minutes of getting there!  But saving the day for me yesterday I got an email asking me if I’d like to choose an outfit from the Littlewoods Catalogue and they’d send it to me to wear – yes please!

Now I don’t get to dress up much anymore, I don’t work in an office, there are no Christmas parties to attend anymore and all my friends are married. Frankly I’ve kind of forgotten how to dress up, I’m in my uniform of jeans, t-shirts, converse and a jumper when it’s cold pretty much every day.

So what to wear?  I had a good look through and there were some lovely clothes on there, but anything strapless or short I don’t think I can wear anymore.   So I’ve gone with fairly tailored red dress and shoes from Holly Willoughby’s collection as she has a similar figure to me . It’s been ages since I’ve worn anything red, probably about 14 years or so, I really hope it looks ok!


and these shoes, which aren’t something I would have bought for myself normally because they are red and fun and I have literally nothing to wear with them other than this dress. But they are gorgeous!

And the last thank you is to my category’s sponsor Vertbaudet who send me these beautiful canopy curtains for Miss L’s room. I’m hoping to makeover her room and finally re-paint it this winter and she’s always wanted a little canopy around her bed so these will be perfect.







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Kentwell Manor

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we popped over to Kentwell Manor in Suffolk which has full re-creation ‘Tudor’ Weekends. Miss L had been on a school trip there and raved about it, and as bit of history buff I thought it would be fun to see the recreation of a Tudor Manor.

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I thought there would be a couple of people in costume who’d point you in the direction of the gardens or the house. Oh no, nothing like that!  There were maybe 100 people in full Tudor costume, talking in ‘Tudor’, working in the Bakery, the Kitchens, the Dairy, the Forge. They really, really bought the house and time period to life – no one, not even the little children there were out of character.

It was a bit odd to start with when someone came up to explain something to you, or you asked a question about something and you really had to listen to what they were saying.  I had a whole conversation with a woman working in the bakery about the Pages and how they can’t collect the right kind of bread to take to the ‘Family’. Her Tudor scorn for them was hilarious!

But you know what it’s like when you’re on holiday, in a foreign country and you make an effort to say something in ‘their’ language.  Even if it’s just ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’, I found myself saying ‘Fair thee well’ or “Greetings’ to everyone by the end of the day!  It was like being on holiday in Tudor England, but without the plague 🙂

The whole place is really magical, very quite and you can’t hear the outside world not even traffic/road noise which is pretty unusual these days. It made it seem really peaceful and tranquil and quite soothing.  The house itself is an ongoing renovation project and is pretty much fully open to the public. Unlike National Trust properties where you feel like you should hover and never ever touch anything. This is someone’s home and if you touch a table or chair you won’t get yelled at and that gives it a lot of charm.

As you can see the gardens were beautiful, and I’m utterly inspired by the vegetable garden which was just stunning. Put my two raised beds to shame! The herb garden was stunning too, and to my shame I didn’t know what half of them were.

It’s funny though, if you’d asked me before I went ‘Would you like a Tudor manor house?’ I would have said ‘Yes!!’ and jumped up and down a bit. Now I don’t. A house like that needs people and a lot of them. The people made the house, a dairy, bakery, alehouse, forge are just empty old buildings waiting to fall down if they don’t have people working in them and being part of the community that makes up an estate like that.  It makes me sad now to think of all the houses in the UK who are missing their ‘people’.

Kentwell is a truly marvellous experience and I look forward to going back to the ‘Dickensian Christmas’ later this year.

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{Bathroom Makeover} Bye, Bye Bathroom

My recent blogging silence has been because we’ve been putting in a new bathroom. We’d been putting it off since we moved in 9 years ago, but when the shower broke and the loo was about to follow it.  We decided to break into the savings account and finally get it done.

This is the first renovation job either of us had ever done, and we didn’t have a massive budget so didn’t want to waste a penny.  So first we sat down and wrote a list of what we really, really wanted and then we argued and then argued some more want vs what would add value to the house.  I lost out on double sinks and he won on walk in shower – fair enough!

Then I had to find someone to do it.  I was very lucky that I briefly worked for a building company and I knew a plumber through them. He was really reasonable and gave me some great advice about what we could actually get in the room and where it could go.  For example as we were losing the radiator he suggested getting the highest heated towel rail we could, to double as radiator/towel rail.  And then suggested moving it to the other side of the room near the boiler which would be easier/cheaper to install.  I wouldn’t have known that!.

The next question was where to get the bathroom from, I looked at Bathstore – nice but well out of my budget for everything.  Then had a look at Plumbase but nothing jumped out at me that I liked, so ended up settling on Victoria Plum.  They had the type of shower, Mr VP wanted and they had the type of sink and sink storage I wanted so we went with them.  Now buying stuff unseen from online is always a bit scary, but when it’s a lot of your money going on it – it’s positively terrifying!  So with everything crossed I waited for it to turn up, and you know what it was all perfect. They didn’t forget a single thing, nothing was broken and I had the two nicest delivery men who lifted everything in for me (2 pallets!) and even offered to take it upstairs for me.

With that all delivered we then need to get tiles and get them asap because…well lets just say I’d been putting my head in the sand as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed!  I just could not make a decision, I was convinced I’d choose the wrong thing and it’d look crap.   All I had in my head was Metro tiles and I really, really wanted them – even though I knew in my heart of hearts they would be a sod to clean in the shower.  I decided not to get the tiles online because I’d had some samples delivered and they’d all arrived broken, and also if my tiler needed extra I couldn’t just shoot out and get some more – which was exactly what happened.  I needed an extra two boxes of wall tiles in the end.

So we went to the local Tops Tiles, where a very nice lady working there spotted we looked confused about what we could use in the bathroom – natural tiles are a big no no as it turns out! Clueless or what? She pointed us in the direction of what would work, including some large tiles which look like metro tiles and could be laid brick style but were bigger and easier to keep clean – result!

Then work could commence:

Everything was ripped out, sadly when the tiles were taken off the walls the 80 year old plaster came with them, as result the room needed to be re-plastered.

Then the took out the old shower and it was a horror show! The old shower controls had never been fitted properly and had been just mastic’d to the wall. And behind the metal of the control was a LIVE POWER CABLE hanging down where the water and metal were!! I have no idea how we hadn’t been electrocuted – more luck than anything I think.  Thankfully that was the worse thing we found.

Here’s the room taking shape:

And then after a very long seven days of hard work by my plumber and builder, us not using the loo when we needed it and going without baths (oh yeah it was fun here, I wasn’t stressed at all – much!!) this beautiful bathroom rose from the ashes of the leaky, mouldy 1980’s room it had been.

Sorry the photos aren’t better, but it’s amazing hard to take a picture of a whole room – I’ll never be mean about Estate Agent photos again!  But we’re really pleased with it and it’s so much nicer using it, than the room that used to be there.  Many Thanks to my plumber and builder for all their long hours and hard work, they have given us a beautiful new room.

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